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Feel the adjustment skills in small details, Honor 50 Pro operation fluency experience


If it is said that the hottest model in the mobile phone circle recently, the just released Honor 50 Pro must be on the list.
As the first model of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G mobile platform, the Honor 50 Pro has received a lot of attention before it was released.

This new machine is the result of the team’s hard work, introduced by Honor CEO Zhao Ming, In less than 6 months, the team of Glory engineers solved countless problems, The team did not even take a break during the entire Spring Festival, just to launch the Honor 50 series products as quickly as possible when the Snapdragon 778G was released. Today, the Honor 50 series started pre-sale at the time of the big promotion in 618, and finally met with consumers. As the first masterpiece after Honor’s “Nirvana Rebirth”, how the mobile phone experience is a hot topic for many users, let’s see how the Honor 50 Pro can be mass-produced and launched in such a short period of time, and the Snapdragon 778G has been optimized. how is it. Let’s take the NetEase news client as an example, There are a lot of graphic content in the NetEase news client, which is a test of the overall quality of the mobile phone. If the optimization is not in place, even if you have a strong hardware foundation, it will be “a castle in the sky.” As shown in the Gif picture, when the author browses the NetEase news client, Whether it is with chirality or mobile phone touch sensitivity, it is silky smooth. PS: Following handiness means that when you slide the screen, the screen content can respond in time according to your sliding gestures. The faster the response, the better the follow handiness. Touch sensitivity means that the screen can accurately give feedback in a shorter time after receiving your click signal. Not only did the application achieve silky smoothness, the Honor 50 Pro started from the moment the screen was unlocked, and the silky smoothness had already begun. This phone has an ultra-high refresh rate of 120Hz. We know that 60Hz means that 60 pictures can be refreshed in one second, and the 90Hz refresh rate screen means that 90 pictures can be refreshed in one second. At 120Hz, the picture displayed in one second is twice that of 60Hz. More pictures can be used for transition, It can bring a smoother and more consistent picture display effect, which is also the most direct visual change that a high refresh rate screen can bring us . When sliding on the desktop and other usage scenarios, the content of the Honor 50 Pro moves more smoothly, with good continuity, and looks comfortable and natural. In contrast, a certain Snapdragon 888 model has a visible delay when sliding the desktop, icons and content are loaded, and the experience is not as good as the Honor 50 Pro. After testing, the smooth experience of Honor 50 Pro will run through most of the daily use scenarios, and the actual experience is also related to system tuning. On the one hand, this silky smooth operation benefits from the powerful hardware foundation of the Snapdragon 778G, and on the other hand, the GPU Turbo X technology created by the Honor team with great efforts is indispensable. Speaking of “GPU Turbo”, I believe that friends who follow the mobile phone circle will not be unfamiliar. Honor has taken the lead in introducing GPU Turbo technology in the industry to perform reasonable scheduling on the performance of mobile phones, thereby greatly increasing the speed. Specifically, GPU Turbo can use AI to pre-judge and pre-process graphics rendering. With the pre-judgment, you can determine which areas can be optimized and which can be pre-processed, and reasonably schedule GPU resources to reduce GPU performance bottlenecks. Frequency, thereby increasing speed. After the release of this technology, Honor adapted it to more of its own mobile phones. At that time, the thousand yuan machine was able to play large-scale games with the blessing of GPU Turbo technology. Now Honor brings GPU Turbo to the Snapdragon platform, And upgraded to the new GPU Turbo X. On GPU Turbo X, Honor 50 Pro introduced smart preloading technology. In daily use, the smart preload function of Honor 50 Pro is that Honor improves the application information loading mechanism through deep optimization, optimizes the refresh efficiency of content in sliding, and reduces the problem of white block jams. At the same time, the smart perception function of Honor 50 Pro improves the flickering, lack of dynamic effects, and probabilistic freezes during application startup and operation, and the operation is smoother. This is also a manifestation of Honor’s years of accumulated technical strength. The Honor team had previous experience in designing with the chip R&D team. In the past, Honor used to go deep into the bottom of the chip and design together with the chip R&D team. Now when Honor uses chips from other manufacturers in the industry, Glory’s original ability and experience have been translated. Only by deeply understanding the various scheduling and algorithms at the bottom of the chip can we accurately control and achieve in-depth optimization. In the words of Honor CEO Zhao Ming, “ Using the same chip, we will do better scheduling of performance and power consumption “. This inevitably makes people look forward to the new Honor Magic series Magic 3 equipped with a full blood version of the Snapdragon 888 chip. Because although there are already many Snapdragon 888 models on the market, the experience is not as good as expected. Honor CEO Zhao Ming also feels deeply about this: “The current Snapdragon 888 flagship mobile phone experience on the market is a mess.” We look forward to using the Honor Magic 3 with Snapdragon 8 series chips to give different surprises, and we will wait and see.