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Flowers should not be offered to the God of Wealth lest they lose their fortune


‘Worrying is easy, keeping the ceremony is difficult’, how to make offerings to the altar in a way that is correct, in accordance with feng shui, helping to bring fortune and luck is not known to all homeowners.

According to Feng Shui Chinh Phai, the following are 4 types of flowers that are “difficult to attract fortune”, some even attract negative energy, which should not be worshiped at the altar of the God of Fortune. The incense flower offering is one of the essential items to offer to the altar to show respect and sincerity of the owner. However, for each type of altar, homeowners also need to pay attention to choosing the right flowers, both to increase the fulfillment when praying and to avoid breaking the rules and breaking the spiritual place. According to feng shui feng shui, here are 4 types of flowers that are “difficult to attract fortune”, some even lead to negative energy that should not be worshiped at the altar of God of Fortune: Chrysanthemum flower Chrysanthemum is a very popular flower, meaning auspicious longevity, very popular with Vietnamese people for spiritual worship. However, chrysanthemums also have the meaning of nostalgia for the past, so they are more suitable for worshiping ancestors. Besides, chrysanthemum is also used in many different events, so it is not suitable to place it in the altar of the God of Wealth, which is a place for the owner to ask for fortune and peace. Jasmine Jasmine flowers are also used for sound and burial purposes, so they are absolutely not used to burn incense to the God of Fortune. It means unlucky, fortune fortune goes down markedly. Moreover, jasmine has an attractive scent to snakes, when these species come to the altar, it also makes the family insecure. Fake plastic flowers Flowers in worship also mean offering good and good things and expressing gratitude and respect of the owner to the god. Using fake plastic flowers makes no sense and even disturbs the air field at the place of worship. Feng shui expert Phung Phuong has emphasized many times that the use of plastic items on the altar not only does not bring positive energy or any effect on feng shui, but also causes the accumulation of negative energy, attracting evil spirits to the family. more insecure, encounter many bad things. Withered flowers for a long time do not change If you leave the flowers for too long, the flowers will wither, wither, become ugly and have an unpleasant odor. This will lose the solemnity, offend the spiritual level. In feng shui, things that are not good are no longer alive and do not bring good energy, which directly affects the fortune of the altar. Besides, homeowners also need to avoid worshiping flowers such as hibiscus, buttons, etc., because they inherently have unsightly names and inappropriate meanings for worshiping in dignified places. At the altar of the God of Fortune, you can refer to offering flowers with cheerful and lucky colors and meanings such as gerbera, roses, lilies, tulips, heather… * Information for reference and contemplation.