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Cuong Do La makes people “overwhelmed” when showing off Suchin’s beauty collection


Only a few months old, Baby Suchin has a collection of ‘huge’ hairpins like this.
Suchin is the first daughter of Cuong Dollar Dam Thu Trang . Therefore, from the time she was born, her parents were prepared for a luxurious life. Cuong’s father even “strongly” bought branded goods to give to his daughter, decorated cars with Suchin image, …

Suchin’s closet was once revealed as splendid by the businessman as a clothing store. Besides, Suchin is also taken by his parents to travel often, enjoying luxurious services no less than adults. Suchin was loved by his father Cuong and mother Trang like a princess. Recently, on Cuong Do La’s personal page, the mountain town businessman made people “overwhelmed” when showing off Suchin’s daughter’s beauty collection, including ties and hairpins. He also attached a sweet caption: “Princess Suchin Hairpin Types”. Cuong Do La made people “overwhelmed” by showing off Suchin’s daughter’s beauty collection. Just a few months old, baby Suchin already has a collection from brands, cars to “terrible” hairpins like this. After posting, the clip above of Cuong Do La quickly received many likes and comments from everyone. Everyone was admiring the lovely hairpins that little Suchin owns. Through these items, it can be seen that the child is loved by Dam Thu Trang’s mother to the fullest, not only buying branded clothes but also shopping for fashion items. People left comments under Suchin’s clip showing off his costumes. In the previously shared pictures, it can be seen that the “golden nugget” of Cuong Do La’s house is often clipped by his mother’s pretty hair. The little girl was also dressed in the same way by her mother with such cute accessories. Possessing a pretty chubby face and thick black hair, Suchin looks very cute with a hairpin. Besides hairpins, Suchin also has a diverse collection of hats and headbands.