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Geely Smart Technology’s global headquarters settled in Ningbo, actively exploring and practicing Geely’s common prosperity pilot city


As a leading enterprise in Zhejiang Province, Geely Holding Group quickly responded to the policy call. On June 25, Geely officially launched the Geely Common Wealth Plan and announced that it will actively explore and practice Geely Common Wealth Pilot City Demonstration Sites. In addition, a reporter from “China Business News” learned from Geely that Geely Holding Group has also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Ningbo Municipal People’s Government and announced that JiKr Intelligent Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “KryR Intelligent Technology”) global The head office is in Ningbo. He further stated: “Geely Holding Group will continue to give full play to its industrial, educational and talent advantages, bravely assume social responsibilities, and in-depth collaboration with the Ningbo Municipal Government to help build a more complete Ningbo automotive industry ecosystem and drive the entire industry chain. Sustained development to achieve common prosperity in the industry.” Extreme Krypton settled in Ningbo As we all know, the current global automotive industry changes and changes in the application environment, carbon peaking and carbon neutrality have also become the global trend. It is reported that Geely has formed two blue Geely action plans in combination with the above changes and the timetable for carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. The two plans go hand in hand, not only retaining the advantages in the field of intelligent energy-saving and new energy vehicles, but also opening up a new situation for intelligent pure electric vehicles. The reporter noticed that in March this year, Geely launched a new pure electric company Jikrypton Smart Technology. The company is jointly invested by Geely Automobile and Geely Holding Group (including employee co-investment platform and user rights platform), of which Geely Automobile holds 51% of the shares. , Geely Holding Group holds 49% of the shares. Li Shufu became the chairman of Jikrypton Company, and An Conghui became the CEO of Jikrypton Company. Regarding the reason for the birth of Jikrypton Smart Technology, Geely told reporters that the birth of Jikrypton Smart Technology is not to follow the trend of the market and capital operation, but to distinguish it from traditional car manufacturing and new power models, to achieve the rapid evolution and development of smart pure electricity. The “Ultra Krypton Model” of the third track of pure electric development bears Geely’s mission to develop a new situation for pure electric smart cars. The highly anticipated ultra-krypton intelligent technology achieved outstanding results in the first battle. On April 15th, Geek Smart Technology released the new brand Geek R ZEEKR, and launched the first mass-produced vehicle ZEEKR 001 based on SEA’s vast intelligent evolution experience architecture, which is expected to be officially delivered in October. “Since the ZEEKR 001 booking has been opened simultaneously, the ZEEKR 001 order has exceeded expectations, reflecting the attention and recognition of the market and users, and has become the hottest model in the high-end smart pure electric market.” Geely said. On June 15th, Krypton Intelligent Technology announced that all deliverable orders for 2021 had been sold out, and the average order value of ZEEKR 001 large-scale users exceeded 335,000 yuan. At the same time that the market is booming, JiKr Intelligent Technology also locates its global headquarters in Ningbo. “It will focus on the construction of a trillion-level automobile industry cluster, focus on the development of smart cars, new energy vehicles, key automotive parts and other key areas, and jointly invest in the construction of high-end parts industrial parks for electric vehicles and smart cars with Ningbo, and boost the development of Ningbo’s automotive industry. Quality development and transformation and upgrading.” Geely said. The Ningbo Municipal Government also stated that advanced manufacturing clusters are a sign of high-quality economic development in a country and region, and are also a support for stimulating sound and high-quality economic development. “Ningbo City Government supports Geely Holding Group to leverage its comprehensive competitive advantages in both resources and technology, coordinate resources, do a good job of service, and strive to create a number of landmark and leading important achievements, and plan to promote the construction of a number of major projects to drive The sustainable development of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain will help Ningbo’s trillion-level automobile industry cluster construction.” In fact, as the southern wing economic center and advanced manufacturing base of the Yangtze River Delta, Ningbo is the first pilot demonstration city of “Made in China 2025”. Since the reform and opening up, relying on the leading role of Geely and other vehicle companies and the first-mover advantage in the field of auto parts, the auto industry has become a landmark industry in Ningbo. “Geely will give full play to Geely’s long-term accumulation of professional capabilities and systematic advantages, increase R&D investment and organizational construction in the new four modernizations, build intelligent software and hardware full-stack self-research capabilities, and establish industry-leading technology and scale advantages. At the same time, JKr will adhere to the value concept of equality, diversification and sustainability, and use pure user thinking to create the ultimate travel life with users.” said An Conghui, CEO of JKr Intelligent Technology. Helping “Common Wealth” In fact, the fate between Geely and Ningbo began as early as the end of the last century. Ningbo can be regarded as the starting point and accelerator for Geely’s high-quality development. Since it settled in Ningbo in 1999, the “Ningbo Declaration” was issued in 2007 to announce the strategic transformation, the General Research Institute was completed in Ningbo in 2017, and the headquarters of Geely Automobile Group settled in Ningbo. Every transformation and strategic deployment of Geely has been carried out in Ningbo. The reporter noticed that in 2020, Geely Automobile’s annual cumulative sales exceeded 1.32 million units, maintaining the No. 1 sales of Chinese brand passenger vehicles for four consecutive years. Among them, the development of Geely Ningbo area bucked the trend. In 2020, the production and sales of complete vehicles were 444,800, and the total output value of complete vehicles and parts was 79.348 billion yuan, an increase of 8.66% over the same period last year. “Geely is rooted in Ningbo. Over the years, the industries of Geely and Ningbo have been integrated and symbiotic. Ningbo has a highly forward-looking approach to economic transformation and industrial upgrading, which provides high-quality conditions for Geely’s development in Ningbo.” Geely said. Regarding the industrial integration and symbiosis between Geely and Ningbo, Li Shufu once said in an interview with a media reporter: “Geely Automobile started from Taizhou, and the really better development started from Ningbo. So I am very grateful to the Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government and related parties for their support to Geely. Support and assistance for automobile development.” “Geely employs nearly 40,000 employees in Ningbo, involving the entire industry chain. This is also an important reason why Geely chose Ningbo as a pioneering point for the Geely Common Wealth Plan pilot demonstration zone.” Geely said that Geely Common Wealth was launched this time. The plan involves a series of measures such as employee income enhancement stock holding plan, vocational education and development, children’s enrollment in nursery school, family medical insurance, welfare purchase of houses and cars, and construction of cultural and sports facilities. In addition, adhering to the management philosophy of “respect for people, happy people, and achieve people”, Geely Holding Group has continued to promote all-employee family business insurance plans, all-employee stock ownership plans, and all-employee lifelong training plans for many years. Specifically, since 2017, Geely Holding Group has spent nearly 100 million yuan a year to establish life risk protection for employees and their families from across the country-a comprehensive commercial insurance system. The protection items cover accidents, deaths from diseases, major diseases, Hospital allowance, supplementary medical insurance and other items. In addition to the basic protection mentioned above, Geely will also provide higher protection or expand protection items such as million medical care, high-end medical care, and family property insurance in combination with family conditions and contribution value. In addition, Geely also pays special attention to dual employees and strugglers, and gives high insurance benefits and upgrade benefits. The reporter learned that, so far, Geely has established 10 colleges and universities, with more than 50,000 students, and cultivated 150,000 talents for the society. Geely has invested more than 10 billion yuan in education, and there are 10 colleges and universities. , All over the country, Geely College in Chengdu has deep cooperation with Peking University. In addition to the establishment of technical schools and comprehensive universities, Geely is also focusing on the health education of the “Jiji Second Generation”. It is understood that Geely has invested millions of yuan in individual bases to establish Geely kindergartens to solve the problems of employees’ children’s transportation and schooling. Specifically, in terms of kindergarten education, the Hangzhou Bay Jijia project has built a 4500m kindergarten and set up 12 classes to solve the problem of enrolling children of Jijia owners in September 2022, and establish cooperation with high-quality early childhood education institutions to establish bilingual foreign teachers. Kindergarten: In the compulsory education stage, Geely started to cooperate with the government to build a nine-year consistent school to solve the problem of employees’ children going to primary and junior high schools