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Give full “gold” to congratulate my daughter on “Scenic Wedding”——Bank of China launches wedding precious metals


Parents with daughters hope

When my daughter got married

Can have a generous dowry

Get married in a beautiful way


What kind of dowry for my daughter

Makes many people worry

Give money too tacky

I don’t know what to give a gift

Bank of China specially launched

“Scenic Wedding. Bright and Colorful” Precious Metal Suit

Zhang lanterns and colorful series

With festive and auspicious red lanterns as design elements

Blended with enamel craftsmanship

After engraving, inlay and other traditional crafts, it is meticulously polished

Highlights the oriental elegance of gold jewelry

Bank of China also launched

“Scenic Wedding. Golden Dragon and Phoenix” Precious Metal Suit

Wealth Management Manager, Bank of China Huayuan Road Sub-branch / Wang Sisi

The set includes imperial phoenix hairpin, imperial phoenix bracelet, golden dragon imperial phoenix happy ring, they are all made of 999 thousand pure gold with filigree hollowing process combined with enamel process.

Jinlong Yufeng Series Gold Mining for Silk


Combined with enamel craftsmanship, embellished with emerald and red

Beautiful, just like heavenly work

Golden dragon, because of its golden scales

So called Golden Dragon

Royal phoenix, implying the appearance of colorful phoenix, showing elegant temperament

So called Yufeng

The dragon and the phoenix and the ming symbolize happiness

From now until June 30th, all customers who purchase the precious metal set of “Landing with Lanterns” or “Golden Dragon and Imperial Phoenix” will receive a pair of exquisite earrings!

Bank of China’s “Daughter’s Gold” Permits Your Daughter’s Love

Bank of China has prepared especially for everyone

The gold bar with parent-child theme-“Daughter’s Gold”

Nursing Gold is a long-term gold product with parent-child theme jointly issued by China Banknote Guoding and Bank of China. There are 12 models in six issues, one issue is issued every year, and there are two models in each issue. The specifications are 30g, 50g, 100g, 200g, 500 grams, 1000 grams.

Wealth Management Manager, Bank of China Huayuan Road Sub-branch / Wang Sisi

The back of the daughter gold series products take the lotus flower from the bud to the blooming process as the main line, which represents a girl’s growth cycle from babbling to the most beautiful years. The back of the lotus is the main image of the lotus, which means that the lotus is silt and not stained. meaning.

Every daughter gold bar

Both represent a wish of parents for their daughter

Daughter gold products issued from 2017 to 2021

They are lively, kind, peaceful,

Healthy, happy, smart, playful, elegant

Newest products this year

It’s pinned the parents’ ardent expectations for their daughters

It is understood that from now until June 30

Single purchase of daughter gold bullion over 200g

Get a free swatch watch

Single pen full 400g

Receive a free little prince bracelet

Single pen full of 1000 grams

Give away a set of apple watch or earphone

The woman jumped suddenly!Online car-hailing company issued a statement

Sudden spontaneous combustion, a 4-year-old girl was severely burned!

From next month, production will be discontinued and sales will be banned!

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