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Hidden in a small summer resort in Luoyang, suitable for playing in the water in summer, cost-effective and cost-effective


There are many scenic spots in Henan, such as the Funiu Mountains in Luoyang, the Taihang Mountains in Jiaozuo, Xinxiang, and the famous Laojun Mountain and Yuntai Mountain in the country. Mountain view is suitable for tourism all year round, but the first choice for summer heat escape is definitely not mountain climbing. Places with mountains, water and coolness must be the most popular. There is a scenic spot in Luanchuan County, Luoyang, Henan, known as “Funiu Mountain Forest Resort” “It has the title of “the most beautiful waterfalls in the Central Plains” and was also named “the best summer resort in Luoyang”. It also has a rare bamboo sea landscape in the north. It is cool and comfortable to travel in summer. Solve the anxiety of Henan people about where to play on weekends in summer, where to play during holidays, and where to play around!

This scenic spot is located Wangfu Bamboo Seascape Area in Shizimiao Town, Luanchuan County, Luoyang The average temperature in summer is only 25°C, and the forest coverage rate of the entire scenic area is as high as 95%. The scenic area takes advantage of the natural advantages of “clear water, bamboos, large waterfalls, and coolness”, allowing tourists to enjoy the endless romance and fun of the countryside. At present, the ticket price of the scenic spot is only 20% off, and 42 yuan can be used to visit the national 4A-level scenic spot, which is very cost-effective.

Perhaps because most of the scenic spots around Luanchuan are so famous, such as Laojun Mountain, Chongdu Valley, Baoduzhai, Longyu Bay, Tianhe Grand Canyon, etc., many locals in Luoyang or Luanchuan still don’t know Wangfu Bamboo Seascape. . However, tourists who have visited here all say that the tickets are conscientious. The most suitable summer is to play in the water to escape the heat. The scenery is beautiful, but few people know it, but it happens to be less crowded, so you can enjoy it more easily, unlike other scenic spots. , Watching the scene becomes watching the people!

Wangfu Zhuhai Scenic Area was originally a targeted poverty alleviation project. The Wangfugou Village where it was located was originally a barely-known barren mountain valley. Driven by tourism, the villagers vigorously developed the tourism economy and set up farmhouses one after another. Many, this also enabled this provincial poverty-stricken village to get rid of poverty at the end of 2018, and is now vigorously developing beautiful rural construction, and has also won honors such as provincial forest health care base and rural tourism demonstration village.

In addition to the endless bamboo sea, the mountain spring waterfall in the scenic spot is the most worth visiting. There are a series of lakes and waterfalls, and there are continuous mountain springs everywhere, with three steps in one pool and five steps in one waterfall. From small waterfalls to large lakes, the water quality is crystal clear. In the scorching summer of June in Luoyang, it is most appropriate to bring your family and children here to escape the summer heat and play in the water, and to maintain your health.

Another thing to talk about is the health-care holiday wooden house villa here. It is located in the mountain and surrounded by bamboo forests. The window opens to see the mountain view. It is backed by the mountain and Fengshui. The location is particularly good. There are some frequent guests who live here for half a month and a month. Something good happens! I don’t know the true and false of the good things, but it’s so comfortable.

After talking about play and lodging, we must talk about food. First of all, we have the special bamboo forest walking chicken and the high mountain cold spring water rainbow trout. They are basically must-order specialties. Of course, there are also western Henan specialties, such as Luanchuan tofu and high mountain corn. Grizzly, Funiu Mountain wild products, etc., I think it’s expensive, and there are also ten yuan to take care of the full noodles. That amount is not good enough. A family of three is enough!

The rare bamboo forest landscape, the beautiful Funiu landscape, few beautiful scenery, summer children can play in the water, the elderly can be healthy and young people come to relax and escape the heat, it is very suitable for the whole family to travel, cost-effective.