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Hon Thom: ‘Beauty’ is sexier than Boracay, Philippines


Phu Quoc district government determined that Hon Thom – the largest island in An Thoi island cluster will develop in the direction of entertainment and resort tourism.
If you are still skeptical about the comparison of Hon Thom with Boracay, you need to know that Hon Thom is completely capable of causing “nostalgia” for a stranger even though they have never set foot in it, or even miss it more. Boracay by its famous beauty blends wild rustic features with experiences only available in paradise island.

From the abode of the poor fisherman Hon Thom is a beautiful island located in the South of Phu Quoc island with an area of ​​about 6km2. With an equivalent area and favored by nature with wild, poetic beauty and beautiful scenery, this “emerging” tropical paradise is likened to Boracay of Vietnam. Hon Thom used to be a poor fishing village, a resting place for ships from all over the world. 10 years ago, Hon Thom was literally a “fish market” filled with all kinds of fishing boats of all sizes anchored to exchange and trade after the trip to sea. The coast is gently sloping, small cruise ships cannot dock close to the shore, so it is rare for a group of tourists to visit for a while. Tourists go to the island early in the morning, swim in the sea, watch the sky and see the mountains, then quickly get on the canoe and board the ship back to the mainland before the afternoon has passed. Hon Thom then looked like a beautiful girl still hiding in the middle of the ocean. On the white sandy shore are small but quite bustling markets, all mainly serving strangers from fishing boats in Ca Mau, Phu Quoc, Rach Gia… anchored outside. The temporary shops set up almost exclusively sell to people taking the train to stop by. Follow the small sandy road lined with coconut trees, about a kilometer long running from the south to the north of the main island where the island’s inhabitants live. Due to the peculiarities of custom, fishing boats often pull together to change places, so the rows of shops or houses are just thatched roofs, sagging wooden houses, it is difficult to find a spacious walled house on the island. This island is about 6km2 wide. The awakening of Hon Thom In 2015, the Phu Quoc district government determined that Hon Thom – the largest island in the An Thoi island cluster would develop in the direction of entertainment and resort tourism. And very quickly, after only a few years, the small island infrastructure completely changed with “terrible” projects invested by Sun Group. If before, the island commune still did not have electricity to the grid, the phone wave was also very unstable, and it was inconvenient to travel to the island, now, thanks to the world’s longest three-wire cable car system, it is less than 15 years old. minutes, visitors will be at the island. Not only the grid is ready to light up day and night, but the wifi is also covered to the cable car cabin. At the end of the cable car in Hon Thom, a vibrant four-season Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park entertainment complex has also been formed, turning the once sleazy “fish market” into a top-class entertainment center on the island. Ngoc Phu Quoc. The performances and festivals are jubilant everywhere, plus the most modern water park in Southeast Asia Aquatopia makes the visitor’s experience seem to be endless. The beaches of Nom, Bai Nam, Bai Chuong, Bai Trao, which were somewhat “wild” and quietly beside the leaning coconut shadows, have now really “awakened” by a series of sea experiences such as jet skiing, paragliding, kayak,… attract tourists to have fun and forget the way home. To the future of luxury residence of the rich The rapid “makeover” of Hon Thom has led to a change in the tourism landscape on the island, tourists no longer focus on the North and Central islands but focus on the South, An Thoi archipelago area, which attracts Number 1 is Hon Thom island. In 2019, Phu Quoc welcomed more than 5.1 million visitors, making the main contribution to Kien Giang’s revenue of nearly 19,000 billion VND, of which the southern island area, notably Hon Thom, also contributed to the number of visitors. small. Along with receiving a huge capital poured into transport and tourism infrastructure, in the near future Hon Thom promises to become the new tourism capital of Phu Quoc. Currently, the rich have begun to “hunt” for the opportunity to find a second home on this paradise island. The attraction of an ideal, fresh and affluent life on a rich tourist island in the middle of the ocean is always the desire of many people, so experts predict that a wave of migration will soon appear. to Hon Thom. It is believed that soon this place will be as busy as Boracay of the Philippines with a busy chain of business shops, high-class resorts by the beaches with potential. The strengths of Hon Thom will be “activated” with unprecedented strength. And the South island in general, Hon Thom in particular will be a lively destination, representing the development of Phu Quoc. Therefore, this is the golden time to own a second home in Hon Thom with a small amount of capital at the early stages of development, before it becomes a highly sought-after property just a few years later on the island. tourist island “earn money”. Thus, you can both enjoy the vacation of your dreams, and at the same time can “pocket” a large profit from rental or self-service travel business. Seize the opportunity soon, creating a prosperous life. Prosperity and prosperity in this place will not take too much time.