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How expensive is the ticket to the original Tibet scenic spot?The Manla Reservoir on the side of the road is as beautiful as an emerald, so you don’t need any money to enjoy the scenery.


Many tourists have a Tibetan dream, because the high altitude makes some people unable to go and adds a sense of mystery.

There are many routes to Tibet. In addition to flying directly to Lhasa, Nyingchi and other cities, you can also take the Qinghai-Tibet line, Dian-Tibet line and Sichuan-Tibet line.

I have heard several friends say that tickets for Tibet are expensive. Is this really the case?

Frankly speaking, with the exception of Nyingchi Suosong Village, the Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon and other scenic spots, the ticket prices are slightly higher. Tickets for most other places are very cheap. Even in the tourist season, the ticket for Gala Peach Blossom Village is only 30 yuan, but Most of the beautiful attractions along the route are free of charge.

Our car went from Lhasa to Shigatse. The destination was Mount Everest Base Camp. It passed a place called Manla Reservoir along the way. It was about 4,200 meters above sea level. There were almost no plants on the mountain. The lake was under the brown-gray mountain and the lake was pink-green. It is like a beautiful emerald inlaid on a plateau, pure and intoxicating beauty.

Manla Reservoir has a viewing platform, located on a high mountain, next to it is a toilet. Some self-driving travelers choose to park here and enjoy the scenery by the way, and so do we.

Manla Reservoir is located at the upper reaches of Nianchu River in Longma Township, Gyangze County. It mainly provides irrigation water for nearby areas and uses hydroelectric power to deliver electricity to nearby residents.

This reservoir is about 28 kilometers away from Gyangze County and 113 kilometers away from downtown Shigatse. The dam has a length of 287 meters and a height of 76.3 meters. It is called the “First Dam in Tibet.”

The reputation of Manla Reservoir in the tourist circle is very small, but the tourists who pass by here are all impressed, especially when the weather is clear, the blue sky and white clouds reflect the lonely mountains and green water, majestic, atmospheric and beautiful, and it will rise when the wind is strong. Prayer flags from the top of the hill.

It takes less than five minutes to climb a flight of steps from the parking position to the viewing platform. However, because the altitude is more than 4000 meters above sea level, you will feel a little pant if you walk fast, and it feels much better to slow down.

In terms of practical significance, Manla Reservoir is a natural landscape + artificially constructed landscape belt. Although there are many similar mountains in Tibet, their appearances are different. If you have to compare a place with the Manla Reservoir, I personally think that the Yamdrok Yumso has the highest similarity, but in terms of the degree of danger and sense of desolation, the Manla Reservoir seems more obvious.

The beauty of Tibet is not only in the destination, but also along the way. Whether it is the Yunnan-Tibet line, the Qinghai-Tibet line, or the Sichuan-Tibet line, there are many places as beautiful as Manla Reservoir that do not charge tickets. The premise is that you can slowly discover and appreciate it if you are not in a hurry.