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How long does it take to receive the certificate after the results of the first meeting are announced? Has the area announced the post-exam review and certification notice?


The results of the 2021 Junior Accounting Exam have been released. How are you doing on the exam? Whether it is a high score passing or a low score drifting, please give yourself a thumbs up! And students who have not cleared the exam should not be discouraged, the foundation laid will be a boost for the next elementary exam!

After checking the results of the primary accounting examination, there are related matters such as qualification review (post-examination review) and certification. Let’s find out below!

  1. When will the junior accounting certificate be received?

    The test scores have reached the passing standard. Generally, you will be able to receive the junior accounting certificate about two to three months after the test. However, the collection time varies from region to region. For details, please pay attention to the relevant notice published on the website of the local finance bureau, or you can pay attention to it. The public account “Master of Accounting Research” will provide you with the dynamic information of the preliminary examination in time.

  2. How to get the primary certificate?

    Generally speaking, the junior accountant certificate is for candidates to apply for the regional financial department or examination management agency. In addition, candidates in some areas can also apply for paper certificates online through the official website, and in other areas, electronic certificates are adopted. form. However, the policies vary from place to place, and the specific situation shall be subject to the relevant notice issued by the local official!

  3. Can I get the primary certificate after passing the qualification review?

    Under normal circumstances, there are three types of qualification review: online review, on-site review, and post-examination review. note! After checking the performance, you need to pay special attention to the post-examination review.

    If the primary candidates are in the examination area where the post-examination qualification review is implemented, then the candidates who have passed the examination need to carry relevant materials according to the notice, and within the specified time, go to the accounting examination management agency of the registration place for qualification review, and only after passing the review can they receive the certificate.

  4. What materials are needed to receive the primary accounting certificate?

    Graduation certificate, ID card, photo, exam registration form (may be available in some regions, and specific requirements will be published in the notice of certification), registration information form (may be required in some regions), etc. The materials required for certification are available in various regions The difference, please refer to the local notice!

    At present, some regions have issued notices on matters such as primary accounting performance inquiry and qualification review in 2021, let’s see the relevant situation!


Gansu Accounting Network issued a relevant notice, clarifying that “Persons who have passed the 2021 National Accounting Professional and Technical Elementary Qualification Examination (Gansu Examination Area) should hold the personnel of their own unit from June 16, 2021 to June 30, 2021. (Professional Reform) The original and photocopy of the applicant information form, academic certificate, resident ID card and other relevant certificates stamped by the department. Non-Gansu household registration applicants should provide valid certificates of working, living and going to school in Gansu (e.g. work unit Certificate, residence permit or residence certificate, student card, etc.), go to the registration site selected for on-site audit” “Only after the audit is confirmed, the qualification certificate can be obtained, and the examination results of candidates who fail to pass the audit registration conditions are invalid.”


According to the notice, it is clear that “the time for the post-examination qualification review of the province in 2021 will be from July 1st to July 8th, 2021. The specific review time for each locality shall be determined by the local accounting examination management agency within the above-mentioned time range. Candidates should Candidates who are concerned about the financial bureaus of the districts, cities, and provinces (including Pingtan) where the candidates are registered should follow the post-examination qualification review notice posted on the website of the Accounting Examination Management Center of the Fujian Provincial Department of Finance.” and so on. Also need to pay attention, the review time will be different from place to place.


Audit object: candidates with scores of 60 or above in each subject of the 2021 elementary qualification examination.

Review time: June 17th-July 14th, 2021, the application will no longer be accepted after the expiration date.

Documents to bring: original ID card and graduation certificate (graduated from high school recognized by the national education departmentAnd above). Candidates who entrust others to review on their behalf, in addition to the above required materials, they must also show their ID card during the review.

In Ningxia, you can also review grades, modify incorrect information, etc. You can log on to the Ningxia Accounting Information Network to check it out!


According to the relevant notice, it is clear that the “qualification review (only with ID card, academic qualification or degree certificate) and certificate collection will be carried out simultaneously. The specific time will be announced separately on the “Accounting Website of Jilin Provincial Department of Finance” from October to November. Please obtain the results of all subjects. Qualified personnel pay attention in time. Qualified personnel who meet the registration requirements will receive the certificate on the spot; those who do not meet the registration requirements will have their test results cancelled and no certificate will be issued.

In addition to the above regions, Qinghai, Guangdong, Chongqing, Inner Mongolia and other regions have also issued notices on related matters such as the announcement of the results of the 2021 junior accounting professional and technical qualification examination. The specific content can be checked on the official website!

In recent days, candidates should pay more attention to post-exam qualification review and certification and other related matters. It is recommended to pay attention to the “Accounting Examination Master” on the job_number. We will provide you with more information about accounting studies and accounting exam dynamics in time!

(Note: The information described in the editor is for reference only because the exam policy, content and other information are constantly changing and adjusted!)