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Weifang’s real estate market is two days of ice and fire, what is it?



The Weifang property market has fallen into a rather subtle and embarrassing state.

The Weifang property market continues to be in flames,

The hot ones are still hot,

No one cares about the unpopular ones.

What’s wrong with “destocking”?

On May 22, the second phase of Shangcheng Xifu opened for sales of 120 million yuan, and the next day announced a price increase of 200 yuan/㎡; on May 29, Dayou Shijia started selling 420 million yuan for the first time; Chengtou Aowen Mansion 16#, 18 #Dealization rate is as high as 87.6%. Among them, the unit price of Dayoushijia and Chengtou Aowen Mansion exceeds 11,000 yuan/㎡.

It is worth noting that behind the enthusiasm is the huge contrast between the general coolness of the Weifang property market.

In other words, the popularity of some properties is not representative. If you think that the Weifang property market is about to start a new wave of all-out madness, you are quite wrong.

In 2021, the Weifang property market will be two days of ice and fire, bid farewell to the general rise, and the differentiation will intensify.

The greatest value of real estate comes from the land. Any piece of land has its meaning, but different locations determine their fate and valuation.

In 2021, Weifang City’s available off-plan residential properties will be close to the big mark of 100,000 units. Although there are a lot of new listings entering the market every month, the rate of decentralization in the market is also accelerating.

According to data from the Zhongzhi Research Institute, from January to May 2021, the total sales amount of the TOP10 real estate companies in Weifang was 12.97 billion yuan, and the total sales area of ​​the TOP10 companies was 1.599 million square meters. Hengxin, a local brand real estate company, has performed outstandingly, with a sales performance of RMB 6.78 billion or 867,000 square meters, ranking first in both the sales amount and sales area rankings Shandong Gaochuang ranks first and second in the double list of sales amount and sales area with a sales performance of 1.17 billion yuan / 139,000 square meters ; Country Garden firmly ranks third in the sales value list with 930 million yuan / 124,000 square meters. The market share of branded real estate companies further increased.

From January to May of 2021, the sales value of the top four projects in Weifang’s commercial residential sales ranking list exceeded 500 million. Among them, CIFI Yinshengtai Boguan Tiancheng ranked first with sales of 570 million; the second was Vanke. City, the sales amount is 550 million; Sunshine Garden ranks third, the sales amount is 510 million.

From district counties, In May 2021, the high-tech zone will still be the main area, and the transaction area of ​​commercial residential buildings accounted for up to 32%, with a total of 182,700 square meters/1278 units; followed by Weicheng District, with a total of 96,900 square meters/750 units; again, Kuiwen District , A total of 81,100 square meters/603 sets were sold.

However, with the increase in the number of available houses in the market, buyers bid farewell to the hungry phase. When buying a house, the logic of self-occupation is beginning to overcome the logic of investment.

The current Weifang property market has gradually tended to a similar state: 20% of hot-selling properties and 80% of unsold projects; even 20% of the projects may take up 80% of the market’s sales volume.

It is not difficult for a discerning person to see that after the epidemic, they are still not afraid of the hot and cold real estate in the market. It probably has the following common characteristics: high-tech zone, complete supporting facilities, strong brand, and improved apartment layout.

Buyers in Weifang, start heading east!

Source: Weifang New Property Market