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The original 42-year-old Japanese sister has a big exposure in daily wear, simple, high-quality and texture. It turns out to be so simple!


A woman who has passed the age of 40 will show her taste and temperament through her own appearance, her speech and manners, her life preferences, and even her clothes collocation. Today, I will tell everyone about a 42-year-old Japanese sister, Kaneko Sanki, usually Life is very low-key but full of taste. The items that I like to wear are simple and durable, but they are stylish and high-end, comfortable and textured.

Sisters who are over 40 years old can come and learn.

1. High waist shows temperament

Choosing high-waisted trousers can not only show the height, but for the 42-year-old sister, the high-waisted trousers are very upright and energetic, especially showing the temperament. This 42-year-old Japanese sister likes to wear a variety of high-waisted bottoms or clothes with high-waisted lines. The army green high-waisted wide-leg pants are tall and thin, casual and fashionable. The upper body is matched with a white shirt. , The loose version is comfortable and generous. Tuck the hem of the shirt into the pants to avoid the cumbersome feeling of wearing, adding a sense of fashion and elegance.

The mocha-colored high-waisted wide-leg trousers modify the shape of the legs, appearing tall and thin, with a sense of nature and full of advanced sense. The upper body is matched with a light-colored stand-up collar shirt, which is simple and neat and full of temperament. The neckline is open to reveal a beautiful neckline, exquisite and temperamental. The whole set is simple and generous, comfortable and temperamental.

Light-colored slim-fit sweaters are paired with black bibs, reducing age and temperament. The bibs are high-waisted styles, which makes the match more neat. The high-waist design of bibs shows high temperament, and the loose version is comfortable and breathable. Leg type. One dark and one light collocation is classic and stylish. Wear a pair of light-colored thick-heeled sandals on your feet, which is simple and temperament.

2. Simplicity is not simple

The dressing of women after 40 years old is no longer eye-catching attention to style, but will embellish and match small details to make dressing simple and not easy, and high-end shows taste.

The black and white striped basic T-shirt is paired with navy blue high-waist straight-leg pants, which is tall and thin, simple, stylish and classic. Wearing a beret on the head adds a sense of fashion to the whole outfit. The temperament shows taste and is full of high-level sense.

The white simple basic top is matched with army green high-waisted wide-leg pants, which is tall and thin, simple and fashionable. A silk scarf with polka dots around the neck brightens the whole set of collocation, exquisite and tasteful, and adds a bit of cuteness and playfulness, full of temperament.

The basic T-shirt with black and white horizontal stripes is matched with light gray high-waisted tapered jeans, which is tall and thin, simple and neat, casual and fashionable. With a pair of red shoes on the feet, it adds a bright spot to the outfit. It is fashionable and eye-catching, full of temperament, simple but not simple.

3. The fashion sense of the skirt

Dresses are not only the label of gentleness, elegance and romance. For a 42-year-old woman, matching a pair of cropped trousers adds a handsome and neat attitude, showing the confidence and self-confidence of the years, and it is a tasteful sense of fashion.

The white shirt dress is clean, elegant, intellectual and generous. The lower body is matched with a pair of black nine-point pencil pants, adding a sense of fashion and showing a neat aura, both casual and confident, and full of temperament.

This light-colored high-waisted dress is tall and thin, romantic and elegant, and the high-waist line is tall and thin. The V-neckline design is elegant and stylish, with a black vest inside, which is full of layers and adds a sense of fashion. The lower body is matched with a pair of black slim-fitting trousers, which adds a sense of temperament to the romance of the skirt and shows the high-level taste.

The white shirt skirt is clean, simple and intellectual. The lower body is matched with a pair of khaki nine-point tapered trousers, which adds a sense of fashion, reduces age, and is full of fashion.