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I put a new day on my lips


The poem ‘The cup with time’ is printed in the book ‘Dream of Dandelion’ by Ngo Thi Y Nhi. It is a very unique way of feeling time and life.
Green hair is no longer green

The sound of old garden birds is far away There’s a person who doesn’t come back I sat on the side of the road. *** How many green trees lộc Turn your back to me Only time left Give a sunrise every day. *** I pour the morning into a cup Pink finger spread time That’s it, an old appointment Has turned into mossy sediment… *** Thanks for the stay The hand that opens and closes the Sun The cup is full of sunshine I put a new day on my lips. Comments Ngo Thi Y Nhi’s poem has a unique feature in the four poems because of its different feelings about time. Normally, linear time, always passing, never comes back. Everything changes in the footsteps of time. Yet here, time stops with me, when everything passes. That sense of time is clearly contrary to the natural laws of the universe. Why so? As it turned out, the girl’s mood had determined the existence of time, changing the laws of nature. The hair is no longer green, the garden is old, the old people are far away, the oath has become mossy sediment… Who said time stops in those movements? Time still goes by! It’s just, I stay with my own great-grandchildren and comfort. The sun is still fragrant with the new day, the morning light still shines on each pink finger, why do you have to wither because of the old day? The poem ends with a beautiful picture: I put a new day on my lips . Life still gives us miracles, in every moment of time.