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In the middle of the night, the third watch put this under the bed, the wealth was as plentiful as water


According to feng shui, placing this object under the bed will help absorb good sources of energy, bring prosperity to the family.
Feng shui experts believe that placing miscellaneous items under the bed will cause the body to absorb bad energy sources, harming family members. Feng shui experts believe that having items under the bed will bring luck to the family. However, those are just small objects, not taking up too large an area.

If the owner wants to increase his fortune, he can put an object called a “treasure box” under the bed. According to feng shui, put a box under the bed, all your dreams and wishes will be filled in. Each time you sleep, your body will absorb positive energy from the box, helping you to fulfill your wish soon. Treasure box can be made from many different ingredients. Wooden boxes symbolize fertility and bloom, helping couples who are expecting their children to have good news soon. The clay box will help the road of fame to flourish. Boxes made of gold, silver, and precious stones help bring wealth, wealth and wealth to the homeowner. Homeowners should put precious jewelry, valuable money bills inside the box to stimulate money increase. It is forbidden to put the coin in the box. If your family life is having problems, your love is not going well, you can put aromatherapy essential oils and scented candles in the box. But this object can arouse feelings of love, love feelings of couples more salty. If you want your health, please put pearls with the image of turtles and deer in the box. After 3 months, bring the box clean once to increase the ability to attract fortune, avoid bad luck. According to feng-shui, under the bed must be ventilated to help the air in the room be airy, creating the circulation of air, not affecting the health of family members. However, some bed designers are now thinking like a kind of closet, tightly sealed. As such, air will not be able to circulate. * Information for reference and contemplative nature.