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Inside the Chinese space station, what are the three astronauts up to? Do you know how dangerous a spacewalk is?


Calculating the time, the three astronauts of Shenzhou 12 have been staying in the Chinese space station for a week. During this time, their every move has become the focus of the world. The space station camera recorded their “warm” shots in the space station and signed for it. The “space express” from the ground ate the “space meal” from the ground, while working while drying the food. During this period, they also made video calls with the most important people in their lives via wireless WiFi, and reported to their families the first safety after entering the space station. What are the three astronauts up to?The lens screen shows Although the internal space of the China Space Station is not large, only 110 square meters, the three astronauts Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming, and Tang Hongbo can be said to be very busy. The installation and start-up of scientific instruments, the conduct of space scientific experiments, and the external manipulators of the space station Use, and more importantly, shortly after, two astronauts will leave the capsule for the first spacewalk. Recently, the camera of the space station returned a picture showing that Nie Haisheng in the core module of Tianhe is using simulation software on the computer to simulate the astronaut’s exit activity process and the cooperation of the space station manipulator. Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo are installing and Testing out the space suit gloves, which means that they are not far from the day of carrying out the mission. “Spacewalk” is a test of astronauts’ hand strength I believe you have paid attention to the daily life of the three astronauts in the capsule through the lens of the Chinese Space Station, eating, moving, disassembling express delivery, surfing the Internet, etc., have you found that they are inconvenient to walk, moving from one location to another? , Similar to underwater swimming, stretch out your hands in front and put your feet behind, and then you need to control the direction, speed and strength. Moving in a microgravity environment does not require much effort, but it is very troublesome to stop the body suddenly, and it may cause unnecessary rotation of the body, hitting the bulkhead and scientific instruments, so how to get in the cabin Moving and controlling the body can be regarded as a “technical activity”, just like swimming, it is technical. But when exiting the capsule, astronauts must wear space suits weighing tens of kilograms, because there are vital life support systems, suitable air pressure and breathing oxygen, and more importantly, The outside of the cabin is the real outer space, so no one dared to be like inside the cabin: aim at the target point and fly over, but grab the handrail and move step by step. Hands are the most used part of walking out of the cabin. Not only do they need to move and fix the body, they also need to be used for work. The whole process is inseparable from hand activities. On the contrary, they are strong feet, whether in the cabin or in the cabin. In addition, there is basically no amount of activity, and the feet have almost become “furnishings”, so every time the spacewalk is over, the astronauts will feel soreness in the muscles of their hands. Do you know how dangerous a spacewalk is? Ensuring sufficient light is the first condition to ensure spacewalking. Astronauts cannot act in the dark. This is the first issue that astronauts should consider and choose a suitable time to exit the capsule. Of course, the most terrifying thing in a spacewalk is space debris. Even though the extravehicular spacesuit is very heavy, it is still afraid of the impact of space debris. Do you know how terrible space debris is? The speed of each piece of space debris is almost 7.9 kilometers per second. If you open your eyes to see clearly, it will fly 7.9 kilometers per second, which is several times faster than the speed of a bullet just out of the muzzle. It can be regarded as a super bullet. Encounter, let alone a few millimeters of steel, even a few centimeters of steel may break down. Spacewalks should also take into account the temperature difference outside the cabin. The sun should be moderately illuminated and the temperature difference should be minimized, because the temperature facing the sun can be as high as 120°C, but the temperature facing the sun may drop to minus 100°C. This is the cruel outer space environment. Without the protection of a space suit, no one can survive in such an environment. In addition, there are two other aspects that need to be considered. Solar storms and the South Atlantic radiation anomaly zone. During solar storms, the sun produces a large number of charged particles, which can break through the earth’s protective magnetic field and not only affect the electronic equipment in the spacecraft. It will also affect the health of the astronauts, which is a type of space radiation. Many people may not have heard of the “South Atlantic Radiation Anomaly Zone”. What is going on and what it has to do with the space station, but astronauts must know it. The South Atlantic Radiation Anomaly Zone means that a large area of ​​the South Atlantic has an anomaly in the Earth’s magnetic field, which is 50% weaker than normal, and weakens 10 times faster. The earth’s magnetic field is used to resist solar storms and protect the living environment of the earth. When the magnetic field in this area is weakened, charged particles will naturally increase, and space radiation will naturally increase, which is not conducive to the health of astronauts. Therefore, astronauts avoid passing through space stations. Spacewalk during the time over the South Atlantic. to sum up Although astronauts floating in space seem to be very enjoyable and enviable, but in fact it is physically exhausting and there is a great risk. This is really a tiring and dangerous “drought job”, but there is no way. For the development of my country’s aerospace industry, they are willing to suffer no matter how hard it is. Chinese astronauts on Shenzhou 12 will take two spacewalks in three months. The latter group of astronauts may have more space activities, and foreign astronauts are also working hard to learn Chinese and prepare to join China. Come from the space station, because the Chinese space station will soon be the only space station.For interesting scientific content, please pay attention to the only WeChat public account: interesting exploration