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Intel may build a chip factory in Germany and is negotiating with Bavaria


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News on June 19th, according to Reuters, the state of Bavaria in southern Germany is negotiating with the American chip manufacturer Intel on the establishment of a chip factory.

Currently, Intel has a chip factory in Ireland. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger once said that he hopes to receive 8 billion euros (about 9.5 billion US dollars) of financial subsidies from the European Union to build a new chip factory in Europe.

▲The construction process of Intel’s chip factory in Ireland

For Intel’s construction of a chip factory in Bavaria, Bavarian Minister of Economy Hubert Aiwanger (Hubert Aiwanger) strongly supports this.

He mentioned that Intel’s construction of a large-scale semiconductor factory in the local area is a good business opportunity for Bavaria.

Evanger said that Bavaria proposed to use an abandoned air force base between the two cities of Penzing-Landsberg in the west of Munich as a possible location for the chip factory. It is reported that this plan is supported by the Penzing and Landsberg councils. ▲Hubert Evanger, Minister of Economy of Bavaria Bavaria is located in the southeastern part of Germany and is a relatively developed area in Germany. The headquarters of many companies such as BMW, Audi, Siemens and Infineon are located there. In addition, the Leibniz Supercomputing Center is also located in Bavaria. Its SuperMUC-NG supercomputer uses Intel’s Xeon scalable processor and ranks 15th in the global supercomputing rankings. Conclusion: The subsidy policy may determine whether the chip factory will land in Bavaria Bavaria is a relatively developed region in Germany, and its infrastructure is relatively complete, which is conducive to the operation of Intel’s chip factory. Intel previously stated that it will open its existing factories to automotive chip companies and has already contacted some component manufacturers. If Intel builds a factory locally, it may strengthen its ties with automakers such as BMW and Audi. But on the other hand, chip factories cost a lot of money, so Intel has been seeking financial subsidies from the European government. Ultimately, whether the Intel factory will land in Bavaria is largely determined by what policy conditions Germany and Bavaria provide to Intel. Source: Reuters, SwordsToday.ie