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Is it too troublesome to tidy up your hair in summer?Lazy people must have bangs, with these 4 tricks, never worry about it again


Hello everyone, I have not said anything about hair styles, especially Liu Haier, which easily determines the trend of your appearance.

A bangs that can add points to the appearance must be the best match for the face shape, or it can effectively reduce the appearance bug.

If you want to change your look and mood, then don’t miss this[Baohai Guide]~ French bangs Recommended crowd: Long court, square face Its length is from the bottom of the eyebrows to the top of the eyes, and there is no clear boundary. It feels natural and fluffy as if it has just woken up. French bangs are very suitable for angular faces, such as a long court or square face, which can neutralize the heroic spirit displayed by the edges and corners, soften the facial features, and highlight a gentle temperament. Dragon beard bangs Recommended crowd: heart-shaped face, no obvious mandibular angle To say which bangs is the most versatile, I was the first to nominate “Dragon Beard Bangs”! The most important thing is that it is easy to take care of, and the handicapped party can take care of the bangs without much effort. If you are too lazy to want to be lazy, you can also pull it directly behind your ear or clip it with a clip. It will not affect the overall sense of style. It is simply a gospel for patients with advanced lazy cancer! It doesn’t cover the forehead too much, it suits almost all face shapes, regardless of age or temperament. It can be used to modify the shape of the face without being difficult to control. Generally, it can be left under the chin. The degree of curl can be selected according to different situations, which will make people gentle and immortal. Xiuyan eight-character bangs Recommended crowd: round face, square face, long face, oval face, those with sunken temples need to be modified! Perhaps the eight-character bangs are the favorite to appear in Korean dramas, so the temperament it gives is very Korean and gentle, and the overall hairstyle will not affect the home temperament created by the eight-character bangs, whether it is slightly curly or straight. The characteristics of the eight-character bangs make it come with the function of modifying the face shape. It is no exaggeration to say that it is actually very versatile for all face shapes. But a good knife can be used on the blade. For example, if the face is not smooth enough, especially on the diamond-shaped face with high cheekbones, the effect of changing the head will be much more obvious. Not only that, the length of the eight-character bangs can not only cover up face problems, but also comes with a more obvious and smooth mandibular line, and the masseter muscles can also be perfectly hidden. And it can stand the test of the front and the side. But the most feared thing in summer is the hot weather, there are always showers, and it’s wet everywhere and makes people feel breathless. When the weather is dull, it is easy to sweat. In addition to the uncomfortable stickiness on the body, the bangs are easy to get oil and become a “barcode”. The high humidity of the air caused by dampness will make the hair lose the desired shape as if it were dampened with water! The air bangs that had been curled at home for a long time disappeared in minutes, drooping on the forehead, degrading the image. For hairstyles with bangs, even if you take care of them, you will inevitably get out of control, and you will inevitably have laziness to tidy up. Remember the following 3 ways to spend the hot summer refreshing and beautiful. Hair Pin Using linear hairpins to fix the bangs is a simple and cute method, but using a hairpin to clip the bangs to the side is more suitable for people with slightly longer bangs. And instead of pulling the hair to the side to Gu Di directly, it is recommended to twist the hair and then clip it, it will look more lively and have a sense of styling. Hair Clip Not only is it used to fix the ball head, but the small grabbing clip is also very recommended for people who usually have bangs. Grab the bangs on both sides back and fix it with a butterfly-shaped grabbing clip. Because the hair of the bangs does not It’s too thick, so only a small gripping clip can be used to fix it. It’s a delicate and cute approach without being too exaggerated. Wide headband Recently, the retro style has become popular, and the once-popular wide-version headband has returned to the general trend again. However, unlike the bright color blocks that were popular in the past, the current wide-version headband is made of cloth, suede, corduroy and other textures. The more elegant Morandi color system makes the shape more elegant. Apple head There are very popular tying methods in Japan and South Korea. Because the shape is cute, it is also called apple head. There is no other technique. Just tie the bangs up. The only thing to note is that you can leave a little hair. The retouching effect on the face will also be better. In fact, bangs are beautiful, but I believe everyone has a deep understanding that once they are not taken care of, they can easily become flat and greasy, as if they have been exposed to rain. Especially the little fairy whose scalp oil secretion is relatively strong due to bad living habits, weather changes and other reasons. Her bangs are always greasy and she has to wear a hat when going out. It’s really a heartbreak~ So how can you keep your bangs fluffy and cute? In addition to developing good living habits to avoid excessive scalp oil secretion, planting several hair care products for repairing and fluffy hair, and insisting on caring for the hair, is the most direct and effective! Let’s share some good hair care products that I planted recently~ 01bitis dry hair spray Reference price: 50ml/59rmb First of all I want to introduce two dry hair sprays! The first one is Bitis, it should be the first one of my kind, and it is very cheap! ! For the miserable girl who is oily and bald, it usually saves me a lot of time. For example, if you are in a hurry to go out and have no time to wash your hair, you can use it as a rescue. I have bought some other loose powders for de-oiling before. Maybe because my head is oily, the area of ​​the oil field is too big, so it feels that the dry powder is too worn out, and the white powder is not easy to shake off. And this Petisi spray covers a large area and is very efficient to use, and it’s done in a few clicks. I usually like to use the classic flavor, there is no particularly strong flavor, other types may be a bit offensive, everyone chooses it yourself. Summer is about to come, and it’s really not wrong for the oily sisters to prepare this one! 02Living proof daily perfect disposable spray Reference price: 198ml/220rmb Exclusively sold overseas on Sephora Tmall The second one is Living proof. The above mentioned Bitis has a shortcoming, that is, it will be very astringent after spraying, but LP is not at all, and it lasts for a long time, and it is expensive. After spraying and scratching the hair roots, the hair immediately becomes as if washed, the hair is clean and refreshing, exuding a faint fragrance, and I am back with confidence. It sprays out with a fine powder mist texture, basically no graininess, the main ingredients are rice starch and citric acid, and a mild plant formula. The fragrance is also great, it smells fresh and comfortable, unlike some dry hair sprays that have a pungent and cheap fragrance. It is called dry shampoo, so instead of covering up greasy for a short time, it really cleans the scalp and hair to achieve the effect of dry cleaning. The fine powder sprayed out will wrap the grease and dirt on the head into countless white balls. Shake and comb with your hands or comb, and they will all shake off together. Because it is delicate enough, it is almost impossible to see with the naked eye. After using up the hair, it is as fresh and fluffy as it was just washed, all greasy and odor disappeared. Moreover, it not only removes the oil, but also adds the OFPMA factor developed by MIT scientists to form a protective film, just like the “invisible raincoat” of the hair, which keeps the hair out of dust, grease and moisture for a long time. Clean and supple all day long. Disposable hair dryer spray is the main star item of Living Proof all the year round. Many celebrities, supermodels and fashionable bloggers have it on their dressing tables. 03claynal amino acid mineral mud care set Reference price: 450ml/298rmb each This set of shampoo has a good balance between moisturizing and cleansing power. It can take away dirt and grease, and it will not be dry after washing. It can be said to be clean and maintain both. Every time I use it to wash my hair, my scalp is like a general cleaning, the hair is refreshing and refreshing, and it won’t start to be oily after washing in the morning and in the afternoon. The secret of clean and fluffy lies in hot spring water, fulvic acid and French CosWhite white mud. The hot spring water of Izumo Yumura in Japan is weakly alkaline and rich in natural mineral essence; fulvic acid contains a variety of amino acids; French white mud can deep clean, remove oil and decontamination. The smell is also good. It is highly recommended for people who have serious oily hair and are too lazy to wash their hair every day, or for normal hair after exercise or when the weather is hot. 04Oribe Golden Hair Care Essential Oil Reference price: 50ml/310rmb This bottle of hair oil is my true love for daily use. I recommend it to many friends and like it. The design of the bottle looks like a lady, the taste is super good, the fresh and advanced citrus tone, and it can even help sleep when used before going to bed. The texture is light and non-greasy. When the hair is blown to 70-80% dry, apply it to the end of the hair. It is super absorbed, refreshing and moisturizing enough to make frizzy hair softer and more shiny. I have used a lot of cheap hair oils that are said to be easy to use before, but there are no other advantages besides being cheap. This one has a real (not temporary) effect and is worth a try. Have you learned how to take care of your bangs? Even if the sun is scorching, you must be a delicate girl when you go out!