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There are internet celebrities and niche audiences!Recommended graduation destination for 2-3k per capita


It’s another year of graduation season. Those students who have just passed the college entrance examination may be thinking about where to go during the long summer vacation.There is plenty of time for this holiday, and there is no employment pressure of college graduates, enough for you to learn a skill,Such as swimming, diving, surfing;You can also travel on a staggered peak to avoid the crowds in the peak season and hold your student IDEnjoy the super high cost performance of the same scene and different prices; you can also plan your first long-distance trip in your life independently!



Exam preparation is too stressful, I want to find a destination to relax, listen to the breeze, watch the clouds and clouds in the sky, and want to spend a few days in a place where the sun is just right and the breeze is not dry, then the northern coastal city is the first choice.When the whole country is steadily advancing to 30 degrees, Qingdao still maintains a refreshing 20+ level, and even friends from other places who are watching the music festival crying after the rain.

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It’s half the mountains and the sea and half the city.Walking in the old city of Qingdao, you often have the illusion of walking in a European city;

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Picture/Qianyou er Xiaotiaoren、 Or just follow the TV series and movies on the streets of Qingdao, and experience the music and food at the Qingdao Beer Festival.In addition, the cherries in Qingdao are also ripe at this time… 📍 Weihai Weihai isA surprising seaside city, it has also been The United Nations rated it as the most suitable place for human habitation.HereYesThe first place where the sun rises on the coast of mainland China, you can trace the rising sun on the coast of mainland China at Chengshantou. Stone stele at the end of the sky/Qianyou er Yixiejun On one side is the endless sea, on the other side is the lush pine forest. On the long sea road of Highway 10, listening to the waves and looking at the mountains and seas, it is better to let go of your thoughts. Picture / Wenlu Weihai And such a mountain and sea line, there are many more in Weihai, which is surrounded by the sea at 270 degrees, passing through 46 towns and streets in Weihai, 400+ characteristic villages, 194 homestays, and gathering over 90% of the scenery of Weihai as the “Thousand Miles of Mountains and Seas Weihai Self-driving Tour Highway” It has also been recommended by CCTV recently. Picture / Wenlu Weihai 📍 Taiyuan & Datong Shanxi is the place with the most dense legacy of ancient Chinese architecture, and it is also a treasured destination that has been delayed!Those who like history and ancient architecture can first go to Shanxi to feel the atmosphere. Picture / poor traveler XIANG_ elder brother “If you don’t reach Jinci, you will come to Taiyuan in vain.” Taiyuan Ancient City of Jinyang, Yongzuo Temple, Lingxiao Twin Pagodas and Longshan Grottoes, Tianlong Mountain Grottoes and other places of interest. Picture / poor traveler XIANG_ elder brother The Huayan Temple in Datong is a relatively well-preserved group of Liao-jin buildings. In the Shanhua Temple around the ancient city, three temples and four Liao-jin buildings are preserved in one temple. The wooden pagoda in Yingxian County surrounding Datong is the tallest existing wooden pagoda-style building in China. The Yungang Grottoes, a 5A-level scenic spot, is known as one of the treasure houses of Chinese stone carving art. The Hanging Temple is a three-in-one temple of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. Figure / poor travel er nwpu 📍 Xishuangbanna Located in the south of the colorful clouds, Xishuangbanna is connected with the mountains and rivers of Laos and Myanmar. The Hinayana Buddhism is deeply rooted here, and Southeast Asian style buildings can be seen everywhere under the phoenix tail bamboo.You can feel multinational customs without going abroad, as well as a paradise for plant lovers—— Xishuangbanna Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Picture/Qianyou er Sir Xiaohuya In the starry night market full of exotic features, There are various kinds of special Southeast Asian commodities and delicacies, and it is still full of lively until one or two o’clock in the night. The most important thing is”Human fireworks color” from Xishuangbanna. Picture / poor travel biu master Miss Cat 📍 Xinjiang Xinjiang is so big that one jet lag cannot tolerate! It’s really not enough to play in Xinjiang without more than ten days! In the summer vacation, you can drive yourself with your parents or with a tour group, and you can have a good time in Xinjiang! Picture/PoorTour er ADRIAN_WANG In June and July, Xinjiang is a good time for the flowers to bloom, the grasslands are lush, and the mountains and grasslands are lush! The natural scenery of the mountains and grasslands in the northern Xinjiang, the Gobi desert and the humanities and customs in the southern Xinjiang are not to be missed! Picture / poor travel er uncle life 📍 Shanghai Disney There is nothing better than going to the fairy tale world and having fun for a day! For the fugitive princesses who have finished the exam, the castle park is calling for you. Let’s call your friends to start a happy trip in Disney! Picture/Qianyou er Jianghu Lao Wang Picture/Qianyou er Zhang Xiaoyuan Yuan Figure/ Poor traveler Naughty little penguin 📍 Henan “Pina is astonishing, graceful as a dragon. Rong Yao Qiuju, Huamao Chun pine. It seems as if the moon is covered by light clouds, and it is fluttering as if the wind returns to the snow…” Henan Satellite TV’s underwater dance “Pray” this year People all over the country can’t help but say: It’s so beautiful! From the Spring Festival Gala to the Dragon Boat Festival, Henan can tell stories of traditional Chinese culture, which is naturally inseparable from the cultural heritage here! Look at Shaanxi for three thousand years of history, and Henan for five thousand years of history. Henan has the second largest number of cultural relics in the country and the first in the country! Luoyang, Kaifeng, Dengfeng, Sanmenxia…You can try your own strategy during the summer vacation and go backpacking! Luoyang Longmen Night Scene and Sanmenxia Shanxian County Dikeng Yard Picture/Poor Traveler of the Year Miumiu_C The small but refined Kaifeng Shanshan-Gansu Guild Hall/Qingyouer small wooden board memorial book Qingming Shanghe Garden/Qianyou er Cauliflower Aliang 📍 Xi’an Xi’an, this ancient and lively city, has a different look in everyone’s heart. here it isThe world of Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shihuang is Chang’an in the prosperous Tang Dynasty, Xi’an, an Internet celebrity city, and a paradise for museum lovers! The tourist destinations here are relatively mature, and there are also good-quality youth hostels. It is a destination where you can backpack with classmates. Picture/Qianyou er Morenda Xiaolizha Although I can’t dream of Chang’an, I can eat Chang’an in Xi’an! The famous food and broadcast show “The Twelve Hours in Chang’an” and Bai Zhongyuan’s “Street Food Fighter” are all guides to eating and drinking in Xi’an! Picture/Qianyou er Salted Fish User KKI Picture/Qianyou er Ran Xiaoqi is wandering Picture/Qianyou er_Milkybean 📍 Ulan Qab Speaking of Inner Mongolia, I always think of Gobi, desert, and grassland. Picture/Qianyou Traveler of the Year But in Ulan Qab, not far from Beijing, there is a volcanic geopark that has been low-key for many years. More than 30 volcanoes are distributed on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, which are very spectacular from a distance. You can also take a look at the crater of the No. 3 volcano with trails. Figure / poor travel er after 80 NaNa Volcanoes not only create spectacular geoparks, but also Huitengxile GrasslandHuanghuagou. Every summer, the endless grassland is covered with wild flowers, dotted with seas formed by volcanic activity, and you can also take the grassland train to shuttle between the blue sky and green land. Figure / poor travel er after 80 NaNa 📍 Chengdu Don’t dislike Chengdu too. A popular city with turbulent crowds has not been outstanding for thousands of years before standing in front of you. Besides, there are also Sanxingdui and Jinsha that are covered in mud that can’t cover the true flow of Jinguang and want to meet you. Picture/Qianyou Traveler of the Year AllenL Allen Lun Wangping Binhe Road is a typical old neighborhood with a new look. You will like the small shops and coffee here. Just eat and drink with friends and take good pictures. Figure / poor travelerNobita kyne Picture / poor traveler Bing Xiaozhu Finding those national treasure pandas with wicked milk at the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Base will resolve all the unhappiness in your life and leave only happiness. If you want to communicate with them, you have to come up with a few Sichuan dialects. It is also very happy to be able to enjoy them quietly. Picture / poor traveler Xiao la la la la la Reading thousands of books can break the prejudices of the times, and traveling thousands of miles can eliminate regional prejudices. After going through the long summer vacation of exams, I will continue to settle myself on the journey and become a better new youth! Read more In the summer, it becomes the most beautiful place in Xinjiang. The most inexistent provincial capital in China, this city must be on the list! Everyone is ruthless! “The Twelfth Hours of Chang’an” director’s new work is comparable to a scenic blockbuster!