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Just being a brand ambassador for a luxury jewelry company, Yangzi received ‘bitter fruit’


Not happy in time because the luxury jewelry company ‘chose to send gold’, Yangzi was sinking in disparaging comments for just one reason.
Despite the growing reputation, the popular movie is not lacking, always being a noticeable character on the red carpet, but in terms of “fashion resources”, Yangtze has not been compared to many other C-Biz beauties.

Yangzi has just become the brand ambassador of Chopard According to netizens, the reason is that Yangzi’s charisma and temperament still lack the arrogance and elegance that high-end brands look for in brand ambassadors. For example, although they both wear the gentle prom dress like a princess, but in Yangtze, there is a lack of glamorous glamor like Angelababy or Trieu Le Dinh. Netizens believe that Yangtze lacks a luxurious temperament That is why the audience was very surprised to hear that Yangtze became the representative face in China for Chopard luxury jewelry company. The Yangtze series promoting luxury items quickly received many negative comments. Many audiences believe that Yangtze is not beautiful enough, his temperament is not luxurious enough to be the ambassador for a famous brand like Chopard. Yangtze’s new identity received mixed opinions Many people even compare Yangtze with the two previous “muses” of the company, Chuong Tu Di and Pham Bang Bang, to see how different the charisma is. While the two noble and splendid seniors, looking at Yangzi is somewhat simpler and closer. Netizens believe that Yangtze is not as impressive as the two seniors However, there are many people who have defended Yangtze, claiming that she has blown a new breath into Chopard’s work. She is not inferior when standing next to her seniors but brings a different style: Very young, friendly and pure.