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Kimchi-flavored soft drinks are making Korean young people “fascinated”, have you tried them yet?


In Korea, kimchi is considered a ‘national dish’, being ‘carried’ and ‘bewitched’ by the people of this country on a large scale. Therefore, this dish has been researched and created to make kimchi taste delicious and strange with a variety of dishes and different ways to enjoy. The most typical is kimchi-flavored beverage.
Soft drinks and kimchi? A combination that must be said… confusing.

A carbonated beverage and a dish that is both spicy and sour, often served with rice, bacon, instant noodles, but also made by a fermentation method like kimchi, how can it be combined with can each other? But in Korea, yes! Even this kimchi energy drink is very popular and is enthusiastically welcomed by young Koreans. Because when you eat greasy food, carbonated drinks will make you feel less bored, combined with the taste of kimchi will be more delicious. Kimchi-flavored soft drinks are being enthusiastically welcomed by young Koreans The water can is designed in white with a very eye-catching cabbage kimchi pattern, feeling both cool and sweet. When not trying it, many young people think this is a strawberry-flavored carbonated water because it has a beautiful peach-like color. When enjoying, it does have a strawberry taste, the gas concentration is not too strong, but later on, the taste of kimchi can be felt, but not very strong, just spreading in the mouth and then melting. The content of kimchi accounts for 0.001%, only creating a feeling for the drinker. Kimchi-flavored soft drinks are also energy drinks, helping users feel more alert and energetic. A 240ml can of water is sold for 3000 won (VND 63,000) in Korea.