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Lightning repair: Microsoft’s latest notice: the new win11 system will be announced soon!


Prior to this, Microsoft had announced that it would hold a “What’s next for Windows” event on June 24, at which time the brand new Windows 11 system and related application content would be announced. As a result, today (June 23), Windows official Twitter released a new preview of Windows 11.

From the Windows official push, it is found that the avatar and background image are replaced with blue elements, which can roughly be seen to be the same as the default wallpaper of Win11, which further verifies that the “next generation of Windows” is Win11. The brand-new Win11 gives people a brand-new UI visual experience, whether it is rounded corners or floating, or brand-new animation, start menu design, will bring users a refreshing feeling.

According to Microsoft, it is planning to “innovate and develop exciting sensor technology” for future versions of Windows. As part of Windows 11 or the upcoming Windows update, popular features such as “user presence detection”, gesture detection, and ambient light will be improved to “achieve a dazzling user experience on Windows.”

Some important Windows 11 changes include rounded corners in Start, Windows Search, menus, and other windows. Microsoft has also updated traditional functions such as the control panel and device manager, using rounded corners, and adding the shadow effect of the Fluent Design design language.

What kind of changes will be made to Windows 11? Welcome to continue to pay attention to the editor. We will continue to release the latest news about Windows 11