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Lily Collins wears a deep slit dress, ‘loose’ on the set of Emily In Paris part 2


Lily Collins is both feminine and sexy on the set of ‘Emily In Paris’ part 2.

On Sunday (May 9, local time), Lily Collins and her co-stars were on set in Saint-Tropez, French Riviera (France) to film season 2 of Netflix’s hit movie “Emily In Paris”. Lily wore a lilac layered fishtail dress. She wears a curly hairstyle, wears fashionable glasses, wears an orange sedge bag under her armpits, wears high-heeled sandals, and accessories on her neck and arms. The dress is designed with a back cut, a deep slit chest to reveal a “forgot” underwear. “Snow White” has a slim body, with white skin tone. Although 1m65 tall, she looks quite small when standing next to her female co-stars. The British-American actress looks younger than the age of 32. “Emily in Paris” is an American online comedy-drama television series produced and directed by Darren Star, premiering on Netflix on October 2, 2020. In the film, Lily plays Emily, an American girl who works for a pharmaceutical marketing company in Chicago. Due to unexpected reasons, she had to move to work in Paris (France). In the foreign country, she tries to establish herself professionally, create new relationships, but inevitably encounters difficulties due to cultural conflicts. Season 1 of “Emily In Paris” resonates globally, becoming one of Netflix’s “hottest” movies in 2020. However, “Emily In Paris” was not popular with the French because they thought that the film brought a one-sided view of them. In the film, the French are described as having an instinctive, undisciplined lifestyle and consider adultery as normal. Besides, those who have been to Paris commented that this city is not as shimmering as the scenes in the movie. Despite the controversy, the film not only attracted viewers, but also received high praise from experts. At the Golden Globes 2021, the film received a nomination for “Best Drama” in the comedy/musical genre. Lily Collins was also nominated for “Best Actress” in the comedy/musical category.