Home Cuisine Looking at Lan Khue’s ‘full topping’ rice in hand, I was shocked!

Looking at Lan Khue’s ‘full topping’ rice in hand, I was shocked!


Lan Khue’s hand-held rice dish looks very eye-catching. Besides, she also shows off a lot of delicious homemade dishes.

During the holidays, Lan Khue worked hard in the kitchen to make many delicious dishes for her family. “Miss Khue’s kitchen” entertains the whole family with many dishes from simple to sophisticated, even a taste of paint that makes people look and stunned. She once witty said that : “Posting food is afraid that people will misunderstand me as a food blogger” nice “Mrs Khue’s kitchen is open to cook during the pandemic. Cook 3 meals a day, take a bath 4 times a day.” Among those dishes, Lan Khue showed off her homemade hand rice. Hand-held rice is a typical Chinese steamed dish that not only has a unique flavor but is also easy and quick to make. It usually includes ingredients such as pork, sausages, shiitake mushrooms … or chicken hand rice with chicken, shiitake mushrooms, fresh bamboo shoots. But Lan Khue’s hand-held rice is different, it’s really “expensive” rich rice with abalone, scallops, and crab meat. Lan Khue and his rich husband. This time, the female model worked hard in the kitchen to cook for her husband and children with countless unique dishes. Here’s the hand rice dish of the beauty queen! This is abalone, scallops, crab meat / crabs. Also comes with beautiful green vegetables. Many people were surprised that they thought they bought it, but it turned out that Lan Khue cooked it herself. Friends wittily said “I thought I was watching Master Chef” or humorously “please” the beauty “Please give me 3 abalone”. Midu also admired Lan Khue’s “full topping” hand-held rice. Someone asked “Is there any dish Khue can’t cook? Dew must know how to make 1001 dishes”, the female model confessed that she did not know how to make sweets, “fruit cake is a loser”. Lan Khue’s latest dish is a European dish: Salmon with orange sauce and Minetrones soup (Italian vegetable soup). It was delicious and beautiful enough to look at, delicate, the dishes came to the dishes that she used. Looking at this attractive dish, Miss Le Au Ngan Anh had to say: “Mrs Khue’s kitchen makes a quality menu every day”. Many people also think that with this level of cooking, Lan Khue is about to open a restaurant. In addition to high-class and aristocratic dishes, Lan Khue also makes many traditional and simple dishes, but she puts a lot of effort into it. When showing off braised meat, she said it was “fat man’s favorite dish” – her husband Tuan John. The mother of one wittily expressed: “If you eat like that, why don’t you get fat. Let’s make him eat, but I eat only 1 piece. Because one person’s family is fat enough.” Bao Thy looked at Lan Khue’s braised meat, which was broken: “The color looks delicious, baby.” Lan Khue also enthusiastically passed on the secret to cooking delicious braised meat. “For delicious braised meat, everyone try marinating 600gr of meat with 4 tablespoons of fish sauce, 2 tablespoons of sugar, salt, pepper, chili and minced garlic. After making the color, put the marinated meat in the pot for a few minutes, then add coconut water/ Let’s filter it into storage. The result is not bad”, she shared. Lan Khue’s noodle dish was praised by friends: “The soup in the cooked meat is so attractive and soft”. Many people also witty asking for “ship”. Other dishes are showcased by the mother of one, including homeade rolls made from rice paper instead of flour. Broken rice. The ribs are marinated with honey until tender. Beef stew with colorful vegetables. Simple but delicious soy sauce vermicelli. Seabass coated with flour is deep fried and then fried. Stir-fried clams with cinnamon leaves. Lan Khue’s secret to making this dish delicious is to add a little chili sauce when seasoning and then add cinnamon leaves. Tofu, fried bean sprouts. Salmon head sour soup. Vegetable soup. Seaweed soup. Kimchi soup. “Fried noodles in the fridge. The fridge has grilled meat and tomatoes,” Lan Khue said. Refer to how to cook salmon head sour soup – a dish on the menu of Lan Khue’s house. This is a dish that is both nutritious and cool, and it’s not difficult to cook: Resources – 3 pieces of salmon (you can use fish heads) – 3 mint sprigs – 3 tomatoes; 1 horny chili – 1 cup of sour bamboo shoots – 2 branches of green onions; 1/3 pineapple – Spice: 2 tablespoons fish sauce; 1 tablespoon sugar; 1 teaspoon seasoning powder; 1/2 teaspoon salt – 1 purple onion; 2 cloves of garlic – 1 small bunch of coriander – Juice of 1 lemon – 1 cup of washed racks to keep in a bowl or pot to keep warm. Note c salmon selection: Choose the meat or salmon head of the fish with a bluish silvery color, the fish meat still retains its natural pink-orange color, if the eyes are still there, the fish’s eyes are clear, not opaque. Doing: Step 1: Prepare salmon With salmon, you can use fish heads, fish fins, fish bones or fish meat. When you buy salmon, you wash it with salt and a little white wine to remove the fishy smell of the fish, then rinse with clean water, drain. If it is a salmon head, then pat dry and split the fish head into 4 small pieces, this will make the broth sweeter. Then, marinate the fish with a little salt and fish sauce. Step 2: Prepare other ingredients – Tomato cut in half – Sliced ​​scallions – Pineapple peeled and cut into pieces. – Wash and squeeze bamboo shoots – Diced cilantro – Mint sliced – Minced garlic; thinly sliced ​​purple onion. Step 3: Proceed to cook salmon sour soup – Put the pot on the stove, add 1 tablespoon of oil, wait until the oil is hot, add the red onion and garlic and fry until fragrant. – Then add pineapple, bamboo shoots, 1/3 of tomatoes and 1 tablespoon of fish sauce and stir-fry for 3-4 minutes. – Next, add about 3 bowls of boiling water and cook for 5-7 minutes, then add the fish and cook for another 4 minutes. Finally, add the remaining tomatoes with mint and spices to boil, season to taste, when the fish is cooked, turn off the stove. Step 4: Complete the salmon sour soup pot Add lemon juice and add green onions and chili peppers. Finally, scoop the salmon sour soup into a bowl or a built-in warming pot. Sprinkle with pepper and cilantro, coriander and enjoy. This soup is very delicious with rice or vermicelli. Because it is fish soup, it is delicious to eat hot. With the way to cook sour soup as above, the whole family will praise non-stop. Finished Product Requirements: – Hot salmon sour soup, fragrant with sour, mild taste, the bar of pineapple, the aroma of spices. – Particularly, salmon is soft and fragrant, not fishy, ​​meat is not dry and friable.