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Ly Nha Ky is beautiful and out of the world, showing off her pure beauty, standard of ‘reverse aging’


As expected of being one of the young beauty of Vietnamese showbiz, Ly Nha Ky has become more and more radiant over time.
Right from the day she joined the entertainment industry, Ly Nha Ky has been noticed for her luxurious and classy spirit.

More than a decade has passed with countless projects, large and small that she has attended, fans still feel that Thien Di in her movie investment and starring still has her pristine beauty. Young, full of energy like when she was a luxury lady of “Kieu Nu and rich woman”.

Possessing a natural beauty without cutlery, time cannot seem to overshadow her beauty, but on the contrary, her face is still plump, with a light, flawless white skin, just makeup Very light point is also extremely radiant and fresh.

In the latest set of photos, Ly Nha Ky exudes a spirit of freedom, clear as morning mist. In Dsquared2’s youthful and pristine white outfit, the luxurious diamond-studded Bvlgari watch, a gentle layer of make-up, whether the hair is simply down or indifferent, the honorary consul of Romania is endless. together.

In addition, Ly Nha Ky also owns a perfect 3-round measurement. Sexy and hot features are undeniable factors in the actress for many years.

There is an opinion that Ly Nha Ky is getting younger and younger because she knows how to dress and choose colors for her skin. If the skin and body are the two prerequisites that make the youthfulness hard to deny, there is another feature in Ly Nha Ky that few people pay attention to. Those are the eyes that attract the opposite person.

The eyes of this old beauty are not only hidden by a special brown color, but also have an extremely “powerful” charisma with thick natural eyelids.

When the image was shared online, fans also compared Ly Nha Ky with a famous Chinese beauty, Pham Bang Bang. Netizens commented: “Beautiful as an angel”, “beautiful single is worth my dear sister”, “Both talented and beautiful”, …