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Manufacturers deliver fewer vaccination campaigns could stall In Germany, fewer BioNTech cans will be available next month. Johnson & Johnson is also delivering less than planned. The German vaccination campaign could suffer a setback as a result.


A healthcare worker prepares a syringe with Pfizer / BioNTech's corona vaccine at Severo Ochoa hospital in Madrid. | dpa

Manufacturers deliver less Vaccination campaign could stall

Status: 16.06.2021 2:47 p.m. In Germany there will be fewer BioNTech cans available next month. Johnson & Johnson is also delivering less than planned. The German vaccination campaign could suffer a setback as a result. The vaccine manufacturer BioNTech will deliver significantly less vaccine to Germany in July than in June. Instead of 5.7 million cans for the last week of June, only 3.2 million cans are planned for the first week of July (KW 27). But there could be no question of a surprising cut, said a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Health. Rather, BioNTech preferred deliveries in June that were actually intended for later. It was always clear that the delivery volume of the Mainz manufacturer in the third quarter would be around 40.2 million vaccination doses lower than the around 50 million in the second quarter. So far there has only been a clear delivery promise for the first week of July with 3.235 million cans. After that, around 3.3 million doses per week can be expected. That was also communicated to the federal states. SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach therefore warns of a setback for the vaccination campaign: “If the BioNTech deliveries fall so sharply, it will be difficult to demonstrate herd immunity before mid-September,” he told the “Spiegel”. At the same time, it is shown that the delta variant is highly infectious and sometimes causes severe disease. “That’s scary,” said Lauterbach.

Company doctors wait in a hall of the Liebherr company for employees willing to vaccinate | dpa 06/02/2021

Before starting in the company Company doctors complain about too little vaccine The company doctors have been waiting for months to be allowed to vaccinate against corona.

6.5 million fewer doses from Johnson & Johnson

The US pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson (J&J) will also deliver significantly fewer vaccine doses than planned. The European Commission expects that J&J will not be able to meet its delivery targets to the EU for the second quarter. The reason for this is a decision by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), according to which 17 million doses of the vaccine cannot be used in the EU for safety reasons after cases of contamination have occurred in a US plant. The group will therefore probably not reach its delivery target of 55 million cans by the end of June, says a commission spokesman. So far, only around twelve million cans have been delivered. The Federal Ministry of Health estimates that J&J will be able to deliver around 6.5 million fewer doses to Germany than planned by the end of June because of the breakdown. “That is unfortunate, because every vaccine counts,” said a spokeswoman. The ministry expects the missing quantity to be replenished in July.

Several people are waiting for their vaccination in the vaccination center in Potsdam. | dpa June 16, 2021

Spread of the delta variant Lauterbach fears an outbreak in autumn The SPD politician Lauterbach warns that the contagion could increase significantly in autumn.

Waiting for Sputnik and Curevac

The Germans will probably have to wait even longer for the Russian vaccine Sputnik V, because, according to government circles, approval will be postponed “probably to September, maybe even to the end of the year”. The reason is that the Russian manufacturer has not yet submitted the necessary clinical trial data to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the news agency Reuters learned from government circles. The clinical dossier was supposed to be available by June 10th. The Russian state fund RDIF, which sells Sputnik V, described the information as incorrect. All the necessary data on the clinical studies have been submitted and received positive comments. Initially, no comments were received from the EMA. The vaccine from Curevac is also not yet available. The vaccine from the Tübingen company, once praised as a bearer of hope, is still not approved. The Federal Ministry of Health has therefore canceled the delivery of 1.4 million vaccine doses originally planned for the current second quarter. According to health expert Lauterbach, the delay in approval could indicate that the effectiveness of the Curevac vaccine is not looking good.

Vaccine from Moderna | AP 06/07/2021

Corona vaccine Moderna applies for admission for young people Studies have shown that the vaccine is “highly effective” in adolescents.

Moderna delivers a little more

Meanwhile, there are increasing complaints about the shortage of vaccines – from company doctors, general practitioners and some vaccination centers. The calls from some prime ministers for more vaccine also persist – while millions of Germans are still waiting for an initial vaccination. There is positive news from Moderna: The US manufacturer will increase its delivery volume compared to June, from 622,000 to 733,000 cans per week. In addition, Schleswig-Holstein is giving part of the AstraZeneca vaccine provided by Denmark to Hamburg. Thanks to the delivery, at least 8,000 new appointments can be made in the vaccination center in the megacity since today. The neighboring state does not manage to use the cans from Danish stock in time before the expiry date at the end of June.

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