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Many attractive dishes from purple sweet potatoes to the rescue, everyone looks at them


Joining hands to rescue purple sweet potatoes in Vinh Long province, many people have created attractive and unique dishes.
Hundreds of tons of Vinh Long purple sweet potatoes are consumed and processed into many dishes by people.

In Can Tho, Ms. Tran Van My Tram (46 years old) said she bought a lot of potatoes to help farmers in Vinh Long. “I bought a few times now, just bought another 5kg today. All week, my family eats potatoes, mainly for breakfast, just hoping to be able to partly help people” – she laughed. Ms. Tram creates many unique dishes such as meatballs with potato sauce, potato donuts filled with cheese, mochi cakes with potatoes, purple sweet potato noodle soup, Doraemon donuts filled with potatoes, … Donuts are created by Ms. Tram from purple sweet potatoes. Photo: NVCC Cake soup with noodles made from purple sweet potatoes. Photo: NVCC Mochi cake filled with purple sweet potato. Photo: NVCC Purple sweet potato soup with minced meat. Photo: NVCC Ms. Tram confided: “The dishes made from potatoes are very diverse, easy to make, but also very delicious. I hope more people know to buy potatoes to help farmers, but see that they work too hard. It’s hard to grow but still not enough. For export, they cannot be sold. Those who have no one to carry them to retail must dump the fruits of their labor.” And in Ho Chi Minh City, Nguyen Thi Kieu Diem (27 years old, district 7) also makes small cakes from glutinous rice flour and purple sweet potatoes. The purple color of the potato helps the familiar cake to become beautiful and attractive. Diem also uses this ingredient to make purple sweet potato rolls. “Purple sweet potato is both good for health and beautifies the food. This roll cake is very simple and quick to make, delicious and easy to eat. Mothers can make babies eat weaning too. I just making cakes, while filming and editing the instructional clip for making cakes so that many people who want to do it can follow, and join hands to rescue purple sweet potatoes to help people in the West,” said Kieu Diem. Two cakes are made by Kieu Diem from purple sweet potatoes. Photo: NVCC The epidemic lasted for a long time, worried that her children would be bored during the summer vacation, so Nguyen Thi Hong Quynh (32 years old, Thu Duc City) and her two daughters made cakes from sweet potatoes. She and her children boiled potatoes, used them to make tea and made fried purple sweet potatoes. These are the children’s favorite dishes, and easy to make, so Quynh let her children cook freely. The happy moment of two children of Hong Quynh’s family when they together knead purple potato flour for their mother to cook tea. Photo: NVCC She recounted: “The baby grew up after learning that farmers were having difficulties because they could not sell potatoes, told me to support buying a lot of potatoes to help them. Cooking is also her hobby. Many of my friends still have a hobby. making yoghurt, pork skin cake from potatoes, very creative”. Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Tuyen (36 years old, Thu Duc City) also bought a lot of “relief” purple sweet potatoes. She learns how to cook online and changes to suit her and her husband’s taste. The dishes she made by steaming potatoes with vegetables, coconut milk and tea. Hong Tuyen’s purple sweet potato soup. Photo: NVCC Steamed purple sweet potato with coconut milk. Photo: NVCC Some unique dishes with purple sweet potato ingredients “rescued” from Henry Nguyen’s family (Phu Nhuan) and friends: Sweet potato vermicelli Pork skin cake from sweet potato Purple and yellow sweet potato Sweet potato cake