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Marvel at the unique landscape in the ‘wet desert’ that has 1-0-2 in the world


The ‘mini beaches’ nestled between the undulating sand dunes are the unique landscape that nature has bestowed here.
When it comes to the desert, people often think of a dry land all year round, surrounded by only sun, wind and sand. In fact, on the world travel map, there is a place where the desert mixes with the water in an amazingly beautiful and perfect way. It is one of the most unique and attractive places in Brazil but little known is the Lencois Maranhenses National Park.

This land is large with winding white sand dunes interspersed with turquoise rainwater lagoons. Lencois Maranhenses has an area of ​​about 1,500 square kilometers, made up of many large, deep white sand dunes. So at first glance, it looks like a desert. (Photo: Whenoneearth) Because it is located just outside the Amazon basin, this area often receives huge rainfall around the beginning of the year. Rain created a unique scene. Because of the low, flat terrain, when the rainy season lasts, clean water gathers in the valleys between the dunes, and at the same time, a layer of anti-permeation rock under the sand prevents water from seeping into the ground. As a result, blue lagoons between the fine white sand dunes were formed. Because of that uniqueness, this place is often called “the flooded desert”. (Photo: @flymaniacs) The many types of fish that can thrive in freshwater lakes are thought to have come from birds that carried their eggs from the sea. The park also possesses its own unique flora and fauna that have adapted to the periodic drying up of the area. When the dry season comes, the area of ​​the lake decreases, and the creatures inside are also reduced. (Photo: Whenoneearth) (Photo: Whenoneearth) Endless deep turquoise lakes winding through white sand dunes create a natural landscape that is both unique and beautiful. The special thing is that when taking photos, depending on the angle of the shot, visitors can “fool” netizens that they are in the middle of a large, arid desert or sunbathing on a clear blue water beach despite the fact that not so! (Photo: G-switch) “Wetland desert” is most beautiful during the period from July to September when the lakes are at their fullest. From October to November, there are strong winds blowing from the sea continuously, which hinders tourism because of dangerous sand flying. In addition, between January and June, the amount of rain in the national park is quite heavy, leading to longer nights than days, making the beauty of this place no longer show perfectly. Therefore, if you want to fully experience the attraction of Lencois Maranhenses National Park, it is best to come here between June and September because then the lakes are relatively full and it is not too sunny. There is also not much rain, so it is easy to visit and check-in freely. (Photo: @lencoismaranhenses) (Photo: Whenoneearth) (Photo: @lencoismaranhenses) (Photo: @lencoismaranhenses)