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Bohemian style home decoration


Your living space will become unique and new when it is designed in Bohemian style.

Your living space will become unique and new when it is designed in Bohemian style. If you are a lover of liberal and rustic designs, then Bohemian style will certainly be a reasonable choice for your home. What is Bohemian style? “Bohemian” refers to artistic people who always pursue liberalism and freedom. Bohemian style, or boho, is a style that uses natural materials in interior design, neutral color palettes accompanied by unique patterns and textures. Bohemian design style has bold elements of freedom and irregularity. But when entering the Bohemian room, we still feel familiar and rustic through the arrangement and selection of furniture. Bohemian style home decoration Because of the liberality, few rules, the Bohemian style house easily becomes messy and untidy. The secret lies in the harmonious combination of the interiors with the overall house. And Zing Refresh your home in Bohemian style with the suggestions below. _____ Use unique decorations Instead of using too common items, choose more unique decorations. Try taking a walk at liquidation markets or antique stores to find fancy decorations for your home. Bohemian style often ignores neutral colors and favors striking colors: pink, orange, blue, bright yellow; almost no color is out of bounds. However, to avoid turning the room into a mess, choose a dominant color and rotate all decorating ideas around it. _____ Low furniture Using furniture that is not too tall is a characteristic of Bohemian style. Replacing large, bulky sofas into low-back sofas with ottomans will be the perfect choice for this style. If possible, use carpet instead of chairs. The room will be unique and increase the usable area when there is less bulky furniture. _____ Macrame products Macrame is an Arab technique of creating patterns by tying knots on fabric. These unique patterns are easy to create a visual impression for the room. There are many products to suit your needs such as a planter basket or a curtain. A large rug will make an impression on anyone who has just entered the room. Since they are handmade products, they will not be the same. If you are skillful, you can completely knit these patterns yourself, which makes your home more unique. _____ Plant more trees Approaching nature is one of the prerequisites of Bohemian style. You can choose from some easy-to-grow indoor plants such as cactus, fern, cat’s tongue, … Using plants is a simple and economical way to create a feeling of relaxation and openness in a room. Trees also add a splash of color to the overall design of the room without distracting. ____