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Mazda has gone so far, not to blame Liang Jiahui, if you want to blame, blame yourself for the bad name


Mazda has not performed well in China in recent years. Some netizens joked that Leung Ka-fai bears the main responsibility for Mazda to this day. The reason for this is because of the movie “Black Gold”. Netizens who have watched Black Gold understand that there is a dialogue in the play. We drove Pingzhi, Rolls-Royce, and you drove Mazda. No wonder you were in a traffic jam. Of course, netizens said this was a joke. No wonder others. Can blame yourself. A person who often changes his mobile phone number, few people can remember his new phone number, and a car that changes his name frequently, and not many people can remember it. Mazda is like that. Mazda has had many twists and turns in China, and many netizens are curious about a question, what’s wrong with Mazda? There are many reasons why Mazda has come to this day. Not much else. The name alone violates the laws of the market. People give a name, lest everyone can’t remember it. Mazda would be better. I’m afraid you remember it and give it a name, which will also test your language performance. Mazda Artz did not call this name at all in the early years. Artz was Mazda 6 Ruiyi before, and Ruiyi was Mazda 6. To put it bluntly, it is the replacement model of Mazda 6. Others do not change the name of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and Honda. For example: The Honda Accord has always been called the Accord, the fifth generation is called the 6th Accord, and the 6th generation is called the 7th Accord. No matter how the generation is changed, it is still called the Accord. This is called accumulation. What about the Mazda 6? What has accumulated? Mazda 6, formerly the true 6, was once a best-selling car. The advertisements of that year were also quite bullish. Meili Technology, Mazda 6, Mazda is the brand, 6 represents the model, easy to remember, and this car is more avant-garde and fashionable. Looking at this streamlined body from today’s perspective, it still feels outdated, and the safety configuration was also high at the time, with ABS/EBD/CBC all available, not to mention leather seats, electric sunroofs, reversing radar, and aluminum alloy wheels. The starting price is more than 210,000. After being listed in 2003, it has been well received by everyone. At that time, the Mazda 6 was one of the most popular B-class cars in the country. Since everyone has accepted the Mazda 6, it has proved that they have accepted its advantages and disadvantages, including its name. In order to express their love for this car, Mazda 6, referred to as Ma 6 by netizens, is such an easy-to-remember name. Horse has the meaning of success. The number 6 is one of the most favorite numbers in China. Good, easy to remember, why should such a good name change? After Mazda 6, it is called Mazda 6 Ruiyi. Why do we have to use rare words? The word “Rui” can be investigated on the street, but many people can’t call it out. Is this a test of everyone’s language performance? The name is very important for a car. In China, brands with long names usually sell poorly. You can summarize them, such as: Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, Cadillac, Koenigsegg, Maserati, Infiniti, Rolls-Royce, etc., compared with two-character brands, their sales are not good. 2-3 words are easy to remember. Chinese names are basically 2-3 words, of course, four-character names. There are also names, but they are rare. Don’t worry if you have more brand words. After all, some brands come from the founders, but the name can be shorter. To do business in China, you have to go to the countryside and do what you like. Don’t challenge everyone’s memory. The name should be localized. Atez is too verbal. A name that is easy to remember is a good name. Mazda has three characters. It is easy to remember. Add a number 6, how good it is. It must be the entire Mazda Atez, a whole 6 characters, and the middle generation also plays with rare characters, three I can’t remember it over and over again, even if I remember it, I might forget it again in a few days. What is the difference between this and the monkey breaking the corn? A good name does not mean good sales. If you want to sell well, start with a good name.