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Netizens were stunned with a ‘giant’ lotus vase the size of a piano, until the flowers bloom, they are really overwhelmed


The housewives’ passion for arranging lotus flowers seems to never end, so when the lotus season comes, they are always very excited.
Every year, around the time of May and June, the association of flower lovers is sobbing because of the lotus – a fragrant and noble flower. But playing lotus is not easy, because flower arrangement is difficult, to have a beautiful flower vase, players will have to put a lot of effort into it.

Thuy Tran (Hanoi) almost every lotus season arranges flowers. Her vases are impressive because they are very large and full of flowers, so when they bloom, they make an unforgettable impression. Recently, she showed off a vase that is taller than a piano and spreads very wide. But the overwhelming scene only really happens when the flowers bloom, how enchanting to see. Thuy Tran’s large lotus flower vase posted in the Facebook group quickly attracted the attention of many women. When the flowers bloom is really a masterpiece. Looking at the blooming petals that no one can ignore. Another view of the lotus vase. In addition to Ms. Thuy Tran, in the fresh flower group, there are many other sisters who are also very passionate about flowers. In which, Ms. Ngoc Phuong is also a genuine lotus player. She tried many different types of lotus plugs and each one gave her an indescribable feeling. An extremely strange lotus flower named Anh Duong was recently planted by Phuong. Lotus Pink Lady Hai Phong single white lotus Ancient lotus of Hue Pink lotus of Hue Beautiful white lotus flower vase. Photo: Thao Pham. The white lotus color shows off its pure form in the summer day. Photo: Do ​​Thu Huyen Image source: Synthesis