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not easy!Astronauts wash their hair with disposable shampoo: rub it and wipe it clean for three months


How do astronauts take a bath on the space station? Huang Weifen, chief designer of the astronaut system of China’s manned space project: “Astronauts cannot take showers in the sky. They can only wipe their bodies with wet towels after heating. Shampoos are also rubbed with disposable shampoo and wiped clean. This insists on three things. The psychological endurance of astronauts in the past few months is a big challenge.”

Netizen: Hard work! Challenged a lot of physical limits! At 9:22 a.m. on June 17, the Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft was ignited and lifted off at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. After the spacecraft entered orbit, it successfully completed its orbital state setup. At 15:54, the spacecraft successfully docked the forward ports of the sky and core cabins using the autonomous rapid rendezvous and docking mode, and formed a three-cabin (ship) combination with the previously docked Tianzhou-2 cargo spacecraft. The entire rendezvous and docking process lasted about 6.5. hour. At 18:48 in the afternoon, the three astronauts entered the Tianhe core module from the Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft. The three astronauts Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo will start a three-month space life. This is also the first time that China’s own space station has ushered in “resident residents”. So how do astronauts spend three months in space? In the “space mansion”, how do they have their own “personal space”? What did the astronauts take to space?There are family videos and sleep aids Wu Ji, chairman of the Chinese Society for Space Science and a researcher at the National Space Science Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told the Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter that this time the astronauts lived in space for a long time, and with the arrival of the cargo spacecraft, there are still some inside the spacecraft. Space allows them to carry personal items, and astronauts can also carry items related to hobbies. The three astronauts also revealed their personal belongings during an exclusive interview with CCTV News. Astronaut Tang Hongbo revealed that he intends to take a secretly recorded video of his son’s life on the spacecraft. Tang Hongbo said: “The son is very humorous and optimistic. To take a look at these videotapes of living with relatives (in space) is also a relaxation of ordinary life.” Astronaut Liu Boming brought a family portrait and a “cow doll”, and one Small bags of sleep aids, he revealed that some of these items are in the core compartment, some are in the cargo compartment, and some enter space with the Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft. Astronaut Nie Haisheng left in suspense. He said that he would show the items he brought to everyone in space. What about the astronauts eating? “Space Kitchen” can make fish-flavored pork shreds and Kung Pao chicken, Can also make western food In space, whether astronauts eat well and whether they can enjoy delicious hometown meals are very important to the three-month life of Shenzhou 12 in space. Tang Hui, deputy director designer of the Aerospace Sanjiang Hongfeng Company of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, said in an interview that the food heating device in the “space kitchen” is installed in the spacecraft, which can quantitatively heat and heat the astronauts’ space food and beverages. Both temperature and heating time can be controlled. This food heating device is a white square box with three layers of heating space. Gently press the power switch, and just wait patiently for a while, the astronauts can enjoy warm meals in space. Tang Hui said that the rice, fragrant fish-flavored pork shreds, and Kung Pao chicken from here can make astronauts in space enjoy the taste of “home”. Of course, if you want to change your taste and have a Western meal, the “space kitchen” is also easy to grasp. Astronauts choose manual heating and can choose the heating time by themselves. According to the design, the “space kitchen”-the locking device of the food heater adopts a mechanical device. After the astronaut loads the food to be eaten, the “pot” can be lifted lightly and freely. This device has strong anti-vibration and impact resistance, which can ensure that astronauts can eat hot meals steadily in the spacecraft. What should I do if the astronaut is homesick?After the wireless WiFi is installed, you can make video calls with your family On June 16, at the press conference of the Shenzhou 12 manned mission, Ji Qiming, assistant to the director of the China Manned Space Engineering Office, introduced that astronauts can realize two-way communication between the space station and the ground through the space-to-earth communication link and video call equipment. Video calls and emails. Wu Ji explained that because China currently has three geosynchronous orbit satellites, the space station can first transmit information to a 36,000-kilometer geosynchronous orbit satellite, and then the geosynchronous orbit satellite can send it back to the ground monitoring and control center, realizing real-time information transmission. According to the People’s Daily Weibo news, Sun Jun, Chief of Mission of the Space Station of Beijing Aerospace Flight Control Center, said that wireless WiFi equipment has been taken to space and the astronaut crew installed it on the morning of the 18th. With WiFi, astronauts can communicate smoothly and make video calls with ground personnel and even their family members. So does the astronaut’s every move need to be monitored? Wu Ji said that astronauts have their own private space, each astronaut has a small lounge, and they have a private space for activities. In this regard, Yang Yuguang, vice chairman of the International Astronautical Federation’s Space Transportation Committee and a researcher at the Second Academy of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, also explained: “Astronauts have private spaces. When they talk with their families, they are in private spaces, and they can prevent others from hearing. ” Do astronauts have entertainment in space? Wu Ji said that in addition to working hours, astronauts also have their own rest time. Rest time can arrange their own life, such as watching a movie on a laptop or doing other things. So, why do astronauts need to perform a synchronized work and rest between the sky and the earth? Wu Ji said: “Because ground controllers and astronauts need to rest. Except for some experiments that need to be done day and night, they follow their normal schedules most of the time, and ground monitoring and control service support personnel can also follow their normal schedules. Everyone has a normal schedule. A good work and rest is more conducive to staying on the space station for a long time in the future, and keeping the astronauts on the same work and rest as the ground is also good for their health. (Original title: Not easy! Astronauts wash their hair with disposable shampoo )