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From an ordinary female student to the first person to be beautiful in the atmosphere, Ni Ni’s beauty revelation


Here Ni Ni’s second episode-[Mutual Achievement of Atmosphere & Expression Management].

All of the above are created by Ni Mei’s atmosphere

Three Questions for Ni Xueqimen:

  1. Why Ni Ni Particularly attractive to female fans ? The only one for the internal entertainment husband?

  2. What does Ni-style atmosphere depend on? Balanced and colorful but never tire of it ? (Smile? Crescent eyes? Or…)

    3. Ordinary girl How to learn the essence of Ni Ni’s style and atmosphere, Switch freely, confident or abide by the rules?

    Don’t step on, let’s take a look at the old picture of Ni Ni who relieves anxiety: (Analyze objectively, justify the matter~)

    Hairstyle and clothes don’t match, smiles are too restrictive, this is the insurance girl? Learn X to think about the front desk? Or is it a big programmer?

Rose red Chinese clothes with leggings, white and beautiful without using long legs (Guan Xiaotong next door laughed…) The god picture of beautiful passers-by and capped internal entertainment, once you change your posture, the atmosphere “drops points”… Of course, Sister Ni is still that 10-point beauty, but with the help of[Atmosphere Soft Power]to create 12 points, her out-of-circle is the only one in domestic entertainment. And every time she appeared, she gave a completely different aura: goddess, blanket king, husband, meow… Hermaphrodite, internal entertainment wrench So, with these new questions and comparison myths… 🐑From the three aspects of[the most cost-effective and easy-to-handle for ordinary people]hair style, smile management, and atmosphere… Once again, hardcore reveals Ni Ni, who can be attacked and charming, and has great atmosphere. And how to quickly get, refine and enhance the atmosphere and evolve the appearance! Nixue Atmosphere Management|The simplest four-step hairstyle Ni Ni’s high-quality business is to create momentum through details, which makes people feel that she is very simple to be beautiful with her meticulous care. In the earliest days, Ni Ni’s hairstyle system Belongs to the honesty , Natural hair color is fine, but Excessive pile-up makes the hair suppress the delicate facial features. Coupled with the unconfident standing posture that was still immature and tweaked at the time, it was slightly top-heavy and had the special effects of walking with a big head. (I want to say who did it! Good soil! But I dare not say) Until now, Ni Ni’s look is still scared Heavy makeup is not gorgeous, and makeup is more watery. But meow total【 Hairstyle = change head ideas] American businessmen are tall and unpretentious! Very cheap and easy to learn! Key words: hairstyle confident. Reconcile with the face shape + increase the sense of “I don’t care” + ensure the macro shaping of the entire head. How do we do it? How can we learn from ideas? Take out the mirror first, and then look at this list! Change your hairstyle and take care of it in different sections; collect this picture, lazy buff! 👇 Liuhai area|Modify the contour lines of the forehead and temporal area. Top of the head area|The “support” part of the hairstyle, adjust the height of the head ratio. Lateral hair area|is the ear area. Mainly to polish and modify the face, is the simplest point of Ni Xue’s hairstyle. Back hair area | positive look: to create the fullness or lightness of the whole head, and it can also modify the shoulders and neck. OK, let’s look in the mirror and read the data together. Let’s analyze Ni Ni’s “head changing” rank based on the operation of the public. As mentioned in the previous article, the recognition of Ni Ni’s face mainly comes from the light face, square face and the dispersion of the facial features. In the later period, “Ni Xuezhuang” also focuses on long eyebrows and long eyes. Of course, her advantage is in place: the shoulder and neck line is full of beauty, so that the shape of the back hair area can be long or short, and can simultaneously control the etherealness of short hair and the three-dimensionality of long hair. Therefore, the idea of ​​Ni Xue’s hairstyle is[ Smart cover + self-confidence dare to show]. That is, her two ideas with the highest appearance rate. 👇 The details are Emphasizes the whitening of half of the face, weakens the cheekbones, and combines beauty and classicism to make the side look more mysterious . According to the secret observation of 🐑, you will find a very interesting thing: No matter how small the face is, I always hope it is smaller… Hair, the temptation of this blessing atmosphere has really been reduced to a face-shielding artifact. Everyone has decided on an unwritten face value reduction and brain supplement: Straight hair hanging down, ears not exposed = cover the jaw, polish double cheeks, bangs = face-lifting artifact… Comparing carefully, does the picture on the right show more juice-like coolness? But aesthetics often starts from the whole and interacts with each other! I blindly covered my cheeks or square bones with thick hair, but suddenly realized that I had a big head special effect… It also makes the top of the head 👉 lower jaw 👉 out of proportion to the head and shoulders. As for the small face artifact-bangs, isn’t Ni Ni’s long face and light face not enough? Really not, such as 🐑P Ni Ni online:😂 Simply pressing the forehead with bangs to polish the contours, on the contrary, makes the corners of the lower jaw harder, and the face is also contrasted with a slight depression. It’s not cute enough to tie up your hair, but more than delicate. Hard photos are acceptable, but everyday life is really like a pot lid… in conclusion, No matter what the face shape, slightly curled, fluffy, lazy, one-sided face S-curved = yyds. No curling irons (because I can’t get up in the morning)… Then the easiest way is: Keep the lightness on the sides of the ears. Now take out the mirror and try it-hang one-sided hair behind your ears. Secondly, this section of 🐑 focuses more on the cost-effectiveness of beauty!So let’s talk Why doesn’t Ni Ni dye her hair very much? It is undeniable that changing to a brighter hair color = changing style. But there is still a difference between being stunning in an instant and being beautiful. Natural hair color: mostly black, dark brown, brown coffee Ni Ni’s face is more white, and her facial features are not bright. If you blindly go out of the circle to choose shallow hair, The whole head will be too light, although at first glance, she feels amazing, but it reduces her indifferent features. This kind of psychological feeling is what we are most familiar with every day Visual drop experience👇

wow! Under this hair color must be a great beauty…

But if you look closely, whenever there is a gap, you will feel that this hair color is “beautiful and unworthy.”

We have to remember that any ideas and fine-tuning to beautify can not be promoted~ 😏 And for many ordinary girls, changing the lighter hair color is like a sinkhole—— 😂

Tony’s luck for the color change depends on Tony;

Light hair color + plain face without makeup = Today I look tired and lackluster;

No re-dyeing in the later period = Hello, Snow Top Coffee.

Snow top coffee show😂 ✍️The learning rules of Ni Xue atmosphere & hairstyle Tips: Expose one-sided ears to reduce the sense of thickness + don’t get too light hair color, choose to integrate features of the five senses. Reconcile your hairstyle with your mentality, and don’t let your hair become an insecure face-blocking tool. Nixue Atmosphere Management | Favorable Aura and Confidence Mutual Promotion OK, when it comes to Ni Ni’s related words, who can’t think of it-the sense of atmosphere? This term that is sought after by thousands of people can also be called: A person’s likable beauty that volatilizes from the inside out. It sounds profound, but in fact, as long as With confidence and decent style, anyone can be Ni’s “atmospheric beauty”. So, what is the secret recipe for Ni Ni’s kind of American business operation that has a variety of customs and kills men and women but is not dismissed as artificial? 1. Smile infection and emotional linkage: As we all know, Ni Ni’s statute lines are very heavy when maintaining a static expression, so she is very selective about the source of light. But when everyone thinks this is a bug or anxiety, Ni Ni directly chose a different approach-smiling confidently. Probably everyone has a natural smile mark when they laugh (hahahahahaha?)…😅😅 Of course, in addition to smiling confidently, how to convey infectious power with laughter is the advanced trick to win the popularity of passers-by! Observe carefully, Ni Ni’s flattering eyes or sharp heroic looks will not delay every smile. Extremely splendid, sincere, and full of atmosphere. But… In the early days, Ni Ni had a cautious smile on her face (smiling but not smiling). Fortunately, she found a weapon of confidence and the right to release, let Crescent eye + heart-shaped mouth It has become Ni Ni’s signboard, and it has become a very contagious beauty. Even if it is crying, it always makes people want to cry with the fairy. Hey! 🐑There are tissues! Because different people bring different smiles and atmospheres, and they are not all pleasing. Being beautiful and having a beautiful atmosphere really does not mean releasing beauty. Do not explain, look at the picture to experience: 👇 Looking at Liu Shishi’s smile again, I always feel that she is not sincere, but more feelings are: Hello, Dad of Party A!What you requested Today I’m polite and dignified, I’m finished smiling, and make a quick payment… Ni Ni’s smile is more like an interaction from the heart, very emotionally contagious, passers-by will not consciously raise the corners of their mouths when they look at the animated pictures. And Liu Haocun’s smile is another kind of awkward smile performance. The eyebrows and the corners of the mouth are not linked at all, like fake beauties in a wax museum (No derogation, only photo analysis) Compared with Ni Ni, the aura, charm and atmosphere have completely become the restraints of the little sister’s faction. ✍️Ni Xue’s learning rules for smile atmosphere management : Stretch naturally, even if you are unhappy, you must “look stretched”~ 2. Comfortable photo management Smart facial expression management is the focus of Ni Xue’s determination of his style. Humph! Her expression management is not for stability, but for victory. Every exhibition is never hidden, and it also corresponds to an earthy but sensible sentence—— Anyone hates people who pretend to be X. 😂 Many female stars practice semi-permanent eyebrow matching, just to show Average beauty pleases . But after watching it for a long time, it will produce a little disappointment: “She is so beautiful, I’m sorry that I am tired of watching.” and Ni Ni is a relaxed and free swaying beauty. “She is so beautiful and comfortable! This woman will change her face? I can get this person for a lifetime” feeling jio. Alas, 🐑 have seen a lot of selfie tutorials, all of them have small faces: “How to make square faces and big faces look thinner” and “Wow! Shooting from this angle, 180 catties become 80 catties! ! 》🙃 However, I don’t know if you have noticed it. For Ni Ni, who is also “non-officially equipped with a V face”… Looking up and looking down is her favorite camera angle. Compared with the 45-degree shot of the little girl, Ni Ni looks up in a brand new style—— I use American business to polish my appearance, but I can also choose to shoot my bugs upside down. Isn’t it just the law pattern? I still have a gesture of laughter. Isn’t it a square face? I still took pictures with my head up, showing my recognizable jaw. This kind of inner beauty and attractiveness is the central idea of ​​Ni Xue—beauty and self-knowledge, and release beauty into a highly favorable ambition. 3. The stretch of beauty and self-knowledge Ni Ni is a good example of “turning out chaos” for herself. She had also over-controlled her beauty before. Look at this cautious stance: the upper body is tightened, the neck is leaning forward, and there is a sense of good faith. And now the head of Meow always stretches his face and neck in a self-consistent manner, and his flexibility controls his expression. Just one sentence: You don’t care about beauties! So, Ni Ni’s style and style blending is very high: Repeatedly stretch the American businessmen between pleasing to pleasing, charming but not demonizing. For releasing her own advantages, Ni Nilu is not embarrassed and directly shows the S curve. Tube tops and deep Vs can be worn, but some female stars don’t learn the posture of covering their chests with their own burdens. Quickly like and comment! Don’t you talk about this animated picture? ? 👇😍 ✍️Ni Xue’s learning rules for posture management : Don’t hunch and shrink your shoulders, your arms will fall naturally, please be confident when taking pictures! Of course, it is difficult for a beauty to go to the top, but once it reaches the limit, it will be easily swallowed by the opposite-the appearance is visually fatigued, and the atmosphere is tasteless. But Ni Ni never allowed her charming style to be overly repeated. In a society where aesthetics are increasingly being dominated by women, Ni Ni combines the “sharpness of attack, the softness of beauty and the dullness of amateurs” to the fullest. Simply killing the Quartet is great, but knowing how to be grounded, on the contrary shows the teasing of “Ni Xue”. Gucci, high-definition winner, cover slam? Ni Ni can even be an Effortless chic girl. The private server is a Plog of Minglang girl’s travel shot. The smile is hearty, free and indulgent, with a dynamic sense of liveliness, and is tangible. Comparing to the red carpet killer, Ni Xuemei is just to appreciate his beauty Contrast has become a simple and excellent X library ~ 😂 You say I am Gucci on earth? I want to tell you, I am[Ni Ni]! The way Ni Ni chose to reinforce her business card was simple and rude—wearing good-looking clothes and taking confident photos. Even if someone complains about her lack of work, who has not secretly admired or praised her Ni Xue style? Looking at the changes in Ni Ni’s American business, she is very clear about her starting point, beauty and characteristics, and she has chosen the right way to join the world—— Beauty and self-knowledge, both advantages and disadvantages become my essence. Some people will ask: Is Ni Ni tired? Isn’t it creating facial anxiety? In fact, 🐑 has also analyzed many beauties and read the comments of cubs “She’s a face! I’m not worthy!”, “If I grow up like this, I will walk sideways!”, “I’m so anxious, I’m just an ordinary person, maybe I won’t reach this height in my life…” In fact, 🐑 want to say: The value and change brought by beauty are dynamic. When you control style, style is not an untouchable variable, it is just your shadow. ❤️ Face up to the existing bugs, don’t go to extremes in appearance, first of all beauty and self-knowledge, and second beauty and quantification. The world kisses you with looks anxious? You slap! I wrote 4000+ words and a bunch of original pictures, so tired! 🙃