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Not far from Chengdu, next to Jiuzhaigou, a new “Daocheng Yading” was dug, but few people know…


▲Aden, Daocheng

/ The land in Sichuan, the more you dig, the more beautiful it is! /

When we are addicted to the beauty of Daochen Yading,

Indulge in the fairy tale of Huanglong in Jiuzhaigou.

But many people don’t know,

There is a seat near 30° north latitude in Sichuan Secret Realm Town ,

it Close to Jiuzhaigou , Depend on Huanglong ,

Hidden multiple low-key wonderland , But few people know.

It is not as famous as Jiuzhai and Huanglong,

But there are:

Asia’s largest world-class ice waterfall, The most protected forests in western China, The largest colorful promenade in Sichuan, The largest plateau lake in Sichuan, The place with the most wild pandas in the country… It is called: “The No. 1 Panda County in the World”, “National Top 100 Breathing Small Towns”, Forgotten in the secrets of the mountains, Photographer’s paradise… As far as I can see, a piece of green, Wherever people go, all the way is stunning. It is embraced by nature, Beloved by God: Pingwu County, Mianyang, Sichuan It forms the “Nine Ring Road” with Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong, Songpan, etc., But many people missed it… Pingwu, forgotten in the secrets of the mountains This is located in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Sichuan Basin The transitional eastern rim, Minshan, Motianling and Longmen meet here, Leaving the most essential temptation here, Half of it was given to Huanglong Jiuzhaigou, The other half was given to Pingwu. People who are obsessed with beautiful scenery, Will encounter countless secret realms here; People who yearn for nature, Embrace the virgin forest and clean air here; People who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, Will find the longing Taoyuan slow life here… Seductive! Keep in good health! Nourish your heart! Nourish the lungs! It can make you fascinated. 01 It’s eye-catching! Snow-capped mountains and lakes, canyons and waterfalls, virgin forests, Wetland meadow, sea of ​​flowers and clouds Wait, Left beautiful photos here, The scenery of different scenery in the four seasons, It is even more eye-catching! There are hundreds of flowers in spring, Entering here is like a sea of ​​flowers. Rape blossoms, Randomly embedded in the mountains, rivers, and villages. ▽ Ten thousand mu of green plum blossoms in the wind! ▽ Plum blossoms, It’s like walking into a pink world. ▽ In summer, there is a sea of ​​clouds surging, flowing water and waterfalls, It’s like a holiday paradise. “Heavenly Garden” Moziping ▽ Huya Grand Canyon Waterfall ▽ In autumn, there are red leaves all over the mountains and forests all over, It’s like walking into a colorful world~ There is white snow in winter, And the biggest ice waterfall in Asia! 02 It nourish the lungs! It is known as “the first county of giant pandas in the world”, Forest coverage reached more than 74.49% , Selected as one of the “National Top 100 Deep Breathing Small Towns” for two consecutive years. The air is always so fresh, No smog, no sandstorm, Every breath of air is negative ions! Everywhere I go is a forest park▽ You may also encounter cute and adorable national treasures, rolling ▽ ▲A real chance encounter 03 It·health! The whole town here is almost surrounded by mountains, It doesn’t heat up into a stove in summer, There will be no severe cold in winter, It is an excellent leisure and summer resort, People who have been to Pingwu say, This is a good place for elderly care. ▲Pingwu early winter 04 It · nourish the heart! Here is less the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, There is more poetry of the secret land of Taoyuan, When you step into here with the impetuousness of the city, You will feel as if you have traveled to another world. Climbing the mountains and watching the sea of ​​clouds, camping in the meadows, Canyon crossing, virgin forest adventure, Drinking dam tea in the county town, turning to the embankment, Go to the ancient Tibetan village for a few days… Too beautiful to be unreal, to leisurely to be unreal, There is no time to worry at all. When I have time, I will come to Pingwu to stay for a few days. Avoid the crowds of Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong, Enjoy the beautiful scenery and cultivate your body and mind with peace of mind! Welcome to Pingwu for a few days! If you come to Pingwu, There are so many beautiful views~ 01 In Pingwu, there is a hidden “Shangri-La”, It’s called White Horse Wanglang! It does not have the turbulent flow of people in Jiuzhaigou, But snow-capped mountains, colorful forests, lakes, and villages correspond, Don’t have to go to Daocheng, “The last piece of pure land on the earth” can also be found here. This is the largest colorful corridor in Sichuan, Across five Baima Tibetan townships, The colorful forest belt with an area of ​​more than 700 square kilometers. Here is the largest plateau lake in Sichuan, Baima Tianmu Lake, It is 2300 meters above sea level and 10 kilometers in length. Here is the most protected forest landscape in western China, Even wild pandas love this place the most, Known as “Panda Paradise”! There is a mysterious and ancient people here —— Baima Tibetan! Their existence adds a touch of mystery. Coordinates: Baima Zang Township, Pingwu County, Mianyang 02 In Pingwu, there is a “Chinese-style Yellowstone Park”, It is called Huya Grand Canyon! Don’t have to go to America, Can also watch” Yellowstone National Park “. Canyon Icefall Asia’s largest world-class ice waterfall, Huya Waterfall Hiding in it, Every place here is a painting, But few people have actually been there! There is, Glacial gravel, deep mountain canyon, Feiliu waterfall, Strange peaks and strange ridges, geological relics, virgin forests, Alpine flowers, meadows and lakes, blue sky and white clouds, A primitive and simple, rich and beautiful secret realm! Feiliu Waterfall▼ Alpine flowers▼ Canyon waterfall▼ While the popularity is not overwhelming Take a trip to explore the pristine canyon Coordinates: Huya Tibetan Township, Pingwu County, Mianyang 03 In Pingwu, there is a place closest to heaven, It’s called Si’er! This is with Huanglong, “the world’s jade pond”, Only separated by a mountain, This is a primitive paradise! it’s here, There is Xuebaoding, the main peak of Minshan Mountain, It is a sacred mountain revered by Tibetans, At an altitude of 5588 meters, surrounded by many peaks, Within an area of ​​about 20 square kilometers, Gather 10 seats above 5000 meters above sea level Peak. Here, there is a source grass pond, Canyons, mountains, grasslands, waterfalls, The trees are lush, the water is gurgling, the strange flowers and weeds… It is called “a place close to heaven” by photographers! Coordinates: Caotang, Source of Tibetan Township, Pingwusier, Mianyang 04 In Pingwu, there is a “Garden of Heaven”, It’s called Moziping! This is an 360° no dead angle natural viewing platform , The stretch of Xuebaoding mountains have a panoramic view! Every May, Thousands of acres of alpine rhododendrons are blooming, Against the backdrop of the snow-capped mountains, it is as beautiful as a dream! If the weather changes, You can also see the sea of ​​clouds and the wonders of cloud waterfalls, I saw large chunks of thick white clouds, Wandering among the mountains, turbulent. You can find some free time to camp here, Watch the starry sky at night, get up early to watch the sunrise, Quiet and magnificent, it makes people linger! Coordinate: Zhankou Village, Huya Tibetan Township, Pingwu County 05 In Pingwu, there is a “Kanas” in Sichuan, It’s called Yao Cong Shan! Autumn here, It’s as colorful as a fairy knocking over a rouge box, You can see the colorful forests in the mountains without going to Xinjiang. From September to November every year, the forests here are all, The rolling mountains are more charming under the clouds and mist, Each frame is like an oil painting that the master has just produced. In the late autumn season, It is the most gorgeous moment of the year here, The clouds and mist are lingering and beautiful. The sunrise here, there is an endless sea of ​​clouds, A scene of nature It’s ecstatic. Coordinate: Yaocong Mountain, Shuitian Qiang Nationality Township, Pingwu County, Mianyang 06 In Pingwu, there is a place as beautiful as a fairy tale, It’s called Baima Paxijiaguzhai! It stands quietly under the snow-capped mountains and beside Baima Lake, Quiet and beautiful as a painting, I’m free, come here for a walk~ 07 In Pingwu, there is a sea of ​​flowers for ten miles, It is called Pingtong Wanmu Meiyuan! Ten thousand acres of green plum blossoms bloom in the mountains! △Pingtong Merlin The ancient and quaint cottages are submerged in a sea of ​​flowers, Hualin farmhouse, dusk and smoke, Become a rich and colorful landscape painting. △Pingtong Merlin Coordinates: Pingtong Town, Pingwu County, Mianyang 08 In Pingwu, there is a place comparable to the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, It is called Fujiang Six Gorges! The cliffs on both sides of the strait, strange peaks and mountains, There are many mountains and long valleys. 9 In Pingwu, there is a palace called “Deep Mountain Palace” Pingwu Baoen Temple! 10 In Pingwu, there is a kind of slow life, Call to drink dam tea and turn to the embankment! 11 In Pingwu, there is a kind of delicacy, It’s called deep mountain game! Good mountains, beautiful rivers and beautiful scenery, Beautiful scenery and good air, And the slow life that avoids the hustle and bustle… It’s worth your time, Look at the blue sky and white clouds here, Walk around the small town villages here, Eat the delicacies here and enjoy life like the locals