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A worthy collection of copywriting and WeChat graphic layout styles in the circle of friends in the graduation season!


Still worrying about the copywriting for the graduation season? No, the copywriting for the circle of friends about the graduation season is here! And there are many beautiful WeChat graphic layout styles! Collect it quickly!

Copywriting for Moments of Graduation Season:

  1. After graduation, I hope we can shine in the years when we can’t see each other.

  2. When parting, others said to cherish, but I want to wish you all the best.

  3. This summer, many years later, it will become that summer!

  4. This is the way a person lives. There will be some people who will get close to you for various reasons and then disappear quickly.

  5. Xia Feng takes away only the unconcealed enthusiasm, and can’t take away the countless memories between us.

  6. Starlight doesn’t ask travellers, time pays off.

  7. Always young, always tears in your eyes.

  8. What worries me recently is that small farewells always make people feel lonely, so I plan to accumulate those short-lived encounters and farewell episodes little by little and cherish it.

  9. The encounter does not necessarily have an ending, but it must be meaningful!

  10. We smiled and said goodbye, but we knew that goodbye was far away.

11. Regardless of whether you are splendid or depraved in the future, whether it is smoke or heavy wine, heavy rain, or sunny weather, wind or cloud, I wish you always happy. 12. Leave with a smile in the corridor of the acquaintance. 13. Since then, the mountains are high and the rivers are long, no longer ask about the return date. 14. I just stood in the sunset for a while, and we graduated. 15. In the WeChat list, there are more people who don’t contact often… 16, I hope the future can be rushed, and there is youth to look back. 17. You are bored and feel reluctant when you lose it. 18. All the beginnings are flowers that bloom from parting. 19. Youth, no matter how long or short, will always end. 20. The youth is in turmoil, and we are separated in scribbles. 21. When you are apart, you must look twice, because the sentence of frequent contact is false. 22. Ewha thanked Chunhong, and the years were too hurried. Suddenly, I have become a passer-by, only wishing to meet each other. 23. I wish the world continue to lively, and I wish you the same look! 24. The sun was shining on graduation day, just like the first time I saw it three years ago. 25. So thank you very poorly, because Japan will be longer. 26. I once thought that school uniforms are a kind of restraint, but later I learned that it was the most carefree day! 27. The bridges are strong and the tunnels are bright. 28. The blue sky of yesterday disappeared into the crowd with the young man waved his hand. 29. I look forward to seeing you after the goodbye, and I miss you sweetly when I separate. 30. This is the most boiling chapter in our hot youth. Graduation season WeChat graphic layout style: