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One article to understand whether hyaluronic acid food is “IQ tax”


2021yearThe first half of the year,Fancy hyaluronic acid foods have become the new top-tier, attracting attention from food companies, consumers and other sectors. Not only hyaluronic acid gums, hyaluronic acid drinking water, etc. have entered the market, new tea drinks, Lele tea, have also cooperated with Huaxi Biotech to launch With the addition of hyaluronic acid in the “pink coconut water light jelly”, hyaluronic acid food has become a new track for major food companies to wait and see.

Actually,Hyaluronic acid is added as a raw materialordinaryFood is not the first in the domestic market,Hyaluronic acid foods abroad have become popular30for many years,inconsumerThe current health consciousness is getting stronger,Like collagen drinks, hyaluronic acid foods are very popular.once,Domestic consumersCan onlyPurchasing hyaluronic acid food through overseas shopping or purchasing agents,butthis yearAt the beginning of the year, the National Health Commission approvedAfter taking the hyaluronic acid,Policy restrictions have been broken, and domestic consumers can finally eat cost-effective hyaluronic acid foods that do not require imports.

However, there are questions about whether the consumption of hyaluronic acid is good for health, whether it can be absorbed and used by the body, and whether it is an “IQ tax”. In fact, many innovative products have to face doubts when they first appear. This is due to the fact that the public has little understanding of new products, and on the other hand, it shows that the market is paying attention to this product. Let’s take a look at the knowledge of hyaluronic acid food presented in the information.

Does our body really need to supplement hyaluronic acid??

in the past,Hyaluronic acid is often known as a skin care ingredient and medical beauty products. The public has alreadyAgainstFormed an existing impression, so when hyaluronic acidAdd inAfter the food is on the market, consumers will regard its safety as a foodQuestion.

The scientific name of hyaluronic acid is hyaluronic acid, which is a self-derived substance of the human body. It is widely present in the joint cavity, skin, vitreous body, cartilage, umbilical cord and other tissues of the human body, and plays a role of lubrication and moisturizing. As we age, the speed at which the human body synthesizes hyaluronic acid will weaken, and the decrease in the hyaluronic acid content in the body will cause a series of problems such as fine lines on the skin, dry eyes, and poor joint movement. Therefore, hyaluronic acid and products based on it are allowed to be added to food or dietary supplements in Japan, South Korea, the United States, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil. All this shows that oral hyaluronic acid is indeed reasonable, at least it has been confirmed by many countries.

Also this year, the National Health Commission officially approved the application of sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid) declared by Huaxi Biotech as a new food raw material, allowing it to be used in ordinary food. Breaking the policy restrictions, domestic consumers can finally eat cost-effective hyaluronic acid. After hyaluronic acid was approved to be added to foodis called”Functional foods” refer to foods that can enhance the body’s anti-epidemic function, regulate the body’s rhythm, prevent diseases and promote health, and other related physiological regulation functions for the human body.Current consumerBest knownFunctionalityfoodIs a probiotic, itsAs active microorganismsCan regulate gastrointestinal digestion and improve immunity,Often usedYogurt, lactic acid bacteria drinks, etc.The feature of functional food is that although it is not a medicine, it canIt can improve immunity and prevent diseases by eating. The deputy director of the National Functional Food Engineering Technology Center and Professor Lu Wenwei from the School of Food Science and Technology of Jiangnan University pointed out at the functional food development trend roundtable forum hosted by the Health Times that functional foods such as hyaluronic acid are the bridge between food and medicine in the industry to meet individual health concerns. Demand, functional foods can be used to improve and improve the level of health, which also confirms that oral hyaluronic acid can bring benefits to the human body. Food-grade hyaluronic acid has a high standard, and its physical value cannot be equal to the product price The “White Paper on Hyaluronic Acid Application Scenarios” released by iResearch shows that2020The global food-grade hyaluronic acid end product market is expected to reach25Billion yuan,2016-2024The annual compound annual growth rate of the global food-grade hyaluronic acid terminal product market is7%.According to Mintel’s global new product database search, as of2020year5In September, the global foods containing hyaluronic acid shared2000Many, of which ordinary food554A. Faced with such a huge market prospect, many players such as food and beverage companies, hyaluronic acid manufacturers, etc. are gearing up to enter this new category. According to the company’s check4month25According to the statistics of Japan, there are currently a total of345Companies related to hyaluronic acid,2020Annual registration volume of relevant companies is17Home. However, not all companies have the technical standards for the production of food-grade hyaluronic acid. Industry insiders pointed out that if hyaluronic acid companies want to prove that the quality of their hyaluronic acid raw materials is the same as the hyaluronic acid raw material standards approved by the National Health and Health Commission, they can apply for “substantial equivalents” to relevant departments to prove that their food-grade hyaluronic acid raw materials meet the standards. Otherwise, you may not be able to immediately become a supplier of a regular food company. The application time will take about six months to more than one year. “Achieving standards” is not an easy task. Hyaluronic acid foods carry many years of research and development, technology, etc., and also contain many “black technologies”. Therefore, the value of hyaluronic acid foods far exceeds ordinary foods both at home and abroad. With the opening of the policy this year, the National Health Commission officially approved the application of sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid) as a new food raw material declared by Huaxi Biotech. Domestic consumers have finally ended their history of purchasing high-priced hyaluronic acid food from overseas. , The prosperity and rise of domestic hyaluronic acid foods will become an important new trend in public health consumption