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Original artificial intelligence + learning machine, has long been a game machine for fooling adults


In the hearts of our 80/90 generation, when it comes to learning machines, most people will think of childhood playmates-Xiaobawang learning machines. Although it is called a learning machine, we all know in our hearts that it is a game machine with typing function.

Nowadays, many 80/90s are already parents, and their children have reached the age when they start to use learning machines. Some parents may be more reluctant to such products because of their own experience.

However, there are still many people around who have bought learning machines for their children. Among them, iFLYTEK’s smart learning machine has become the first choice of most parents. This makes people start to wonder, is the current learning machine really helpful for children’s learning?

Only by rejecting games can you learn efficiently

When I learned that everyone was using the learning machine, I didn’t believe it too much. After all, I myself grew up playing with the learning machine. But after I had a deep understanding of this product type, my views on it have changed a lot.

Take X2 Pro’s intelligent learning machine X2 Pro as an example. Parents can actually grasp the student’s usage, what knowledge points they have learned, and what weaknesses they encounter, they can check it at any time, and understand their children’s learning status anytime, anywhere. Parents are most worried about using the learning machine to play games. In the iFLYTEK smart learning machine, there is no game available in the application market. The installation of third-party apps also requires parental authorization, and the available time period can be set to prevent children from using it for a long time. .

In this way, the worries of using the learning machine to play games are completely eliminated, and the learning machine returns to its original function-as a companion and tutor. Because of this, learning machines are getting more and more attention from parents. In order for their children to learn better and more effectively, the number of families buying learning machines is increasing by multiples in recent years. During the 618 period of this year, this kind of products also ushered in a sales peak. As the intelligent hardware of Xunfei, which has won the championship for many years, the sales of AI+ learning products have increased by 706% year-on-year! A variety of products such as iFLYTEK’s smart learning machine and iFLYTEK’s scanning dictionary pen have become hottest models in the smart learning category, and have been widely favored by parents and students. As we all know, both domestically and globally, iFLYTEK’s voice technology and artificial intelligence are among the best. In recent years, iFLYTEK is working hard to transform these invisible technologies into products that users can use every day. Just as Zhao Xiang, Executive Vice President of the Consumer Business Group of iFLYTEK, said at the iFLYTEK Consumer Business Media Salon in May: “From technology to products, we can make AI products with warmth and let the whole Consumers all over the world share the value of AI.” During the 618 period, iFLYTEK was undoubtedly a success to achieve such results. Of course, it is obviously not enough to simply refuse the learning machine of the game. The intelligent learning function of iFLYTEK has won the favor of parents. There is a more important reason: teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. Artificial intelligence and teaching students in accordance with their aptitude Teaching students in accordance with their aptitude is a generally recognized teaching principle in the field of education, which is to formulate targeted teaching methods according to each student’s learning situation and their own characteristics. As Xunfei’s leading C-end hardware product in the education field, X2 Pro’s smart learning machine X2 Pro is the product that best reflects this. Looking at the learning machines of other brands on the market, most of them use a massive question bank according to the age of the students to allow students to repeat the questions. Although they also provide ways to understand the questions and related knowledge points, they are still mechanical learning, for a long time. “Fuck duck”, students naturally lose their subjective initiative, and the learning effect is greatly reduced. The X2 Pro intelligent learning machine X2 Pro not only provides all the courses from elementary school to high school, its essence lies in its built-in personalized precision learning system, through the use of iFLYTEK’s accumulated experience in the field of artificial intelligence for many years, the use of AI intelligent high-tech With the education big data technology to analyze the dynamic data of the teaching process, students can know which knowledge points they have already mastered and which knowledge points need to be strengthened during the use process, so as to carry out targeted improvement. By constructing a knowledge map, accurately hitting the students’ bonus points, it not only meets the needs of burden reduction, but also does not allow students to miss knowledge points, provides differentiated teaching programs, and truly realizes teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. The iFLYTEK Scan Dictionary Pen is a product for English learning. It can not only quickly check the pronunciation and interpretation of new words, but also voice translation, follow-up evaluation, and induction of new words, so that students can effectively memorize new words in listening, speaking, reading, Remember the whole process can provide help, is a good partner for learning. Recently, it has been reported that the state will strictly control off-campus training institutions during winter and summer vacations. Training institutions such as New Oriental and Xueersi have also been named by the Board of Education many times. These are all because learning has become a burden for many students, and this set of teaching programs in accordance with their aptitude by Xunfei avoids the tactics of questioning, by cultivating interest in learning, and accurately targeting students’ weaknesses in (knowledge), so that students can guarantee more Efficient learning process will naturally have better results. As mentioned in the internal letter issued by Chairman Liu Qingfeng on the 22nd anniversary of iFLYTEK’s establishment earlier this month: “Whether our system can meet the essence of value creation depends on whether we can truly teach students in accordance with their aptitude in the main campus. Reduce the burden on teachers and students”. “Our teaching in accordance with their aptitude is to strengthen the value of the main position of school education, assist teachers and students to return to school, do a good job in teaching within a limited time, free up children’s time, and allow children to learn independently with the help of intelligent learning machines.” And teaching students in accordance with their aptitude through artificial intelligence technology is very beneficial to students. According to the data released by Xunfei, in the first half of this year, Xunfei’s education business C-end products have been in the leading position in the industry, with a business growth of about 70%, of which the learning machine category has reached an increase of 200%. This is all thanks to the strong product strength and the educational philosophy of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, allowing students to learn more efficiently and parents more at ease. Xunfei can achieve such success, not only relying on these consumer-oriented C-end products, in order to better serve teachers and students, Xunfei has also established a big data personalized teaching system-Zhixuewang, plus IFLYTEK’s smart education products are currently used in more than 38,000 schools across the country, serving more than 100 million teachers and students. Through in-depth mining of these data, iFLYTEK can help teachers in these schools provide more accurate lesson preparation and education programs, and students can also obtain a learning method that is more suitable for them. Continue to lead the office track Although iFLYTEK’s achievements in the education field are impressive enough, in the office field, it can be said to be steady and steady. After all, iFLYTEK’s product lines such as smart recorders, office notebooks, and translators have repeatedly won the sales champions. It is very rare to maintain such results. For example, the voice recorder series include entry-level voice recorders H1 and SR302, and flagship large-screen smart voice recorders SR502/SR702, plus the tape-shaped A1 and the full business range B1. From different price points, Covering the needs of different users, the seemingly simple function of recording to the extreme. Coupled with iFLYTEK’s own powerful voice recognition capabilities, it can directly output text, which is convenient for post-processing and editing, and it will naturally be able to win the title of Tmall and Jingdong dual platform for many years. The smart office notebook has many functions such as voice recognition and handwriting recognition. Backed by iFLYTEK’s powerful artificial intelligence technology, it is more important for professionals, especially leaders and executives who need to frequently conduct business meetings and other formal occasions. The iFLYTEK smart mouse series can well solve the text input requirements. It not only can accurately input Mandarin, but also supports English and 23 Chinese dialects. The voice input can reach 400 words per minute, and the accuracy rate exceeds 98%. For daily needs, a large amount of input For people with text, it can greatly improve office efficiency. The iFLYTEK translator, which has been “out of the circle” repeatedly, also became a hot product during the 618 period, because it jumped out of the limitations of the office field and can also provide a great help in life. It has appeared in variety shows and hit dramas such as “Chinese Restaurant” and “Take Dad to Study Abroad”. It can be used in many life scenes such as foreign trade, travel, cross-border exchanges, and online shopping. At last month’s Consumer Expo, the new generation of products-Xunfei dual-screen translator is even more popular, integrating speech recognition, machine translation, OCR text recognition, multi-microphone noise reduction, etc. With many technologies in one, while improving the accuracy of translation, it also pioneered the use of front and rear dual-screen designs to make the translation more elegant and efficient. These achievements are also the results of iFLYTEK’s persistence in technological innovation for many years and the transformation of technology into products. AI empowers, creating smart products with temperature In fact, during the 618 period, iFLYTEK’s sales data was just a microcosm. Since its establishment in 1999, iFLYTEK has been committed to core technologies such as speech technology and machine learning, and actively promoted the development and implementation of artificial intelligence products. It has obtained good results in many international evaluations such as machine translation, graphics recognition, and knowledge graphs. The achievements of the company, especially in the current environment, the AI+ education field is a blue ocean, and iFLYTEK’s years of technology precipitation will now be the best opportunity. Under the core concept of “teaching in accordance with their aptitude”, iFLYTEK has built a full-scenario smart education product system of “teaching assessment management”. Through artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, combined with the massive data accumulated by Zhixue.com and smart education products, it provides teachers, students and The school administrator provides accurate and convenient services. HKUST IFLYTEK has also conducted in-depth cooperation with the Examination Center of the Ministry of Education, Northeast Normal University, the High School Attached to the National People’s University, Beijing No. 12 Middle Schools, and schools, and has made systematic efforts in technological innovation and product implementation. “It’s not technology, but products that change the world.” Xunfei has also gradually transformed the technological strength accumulated over the past 20 years into products that consumers can really see and touch, and that really makes consumers convenient. It is what iFLYTEK has been doing. It is precisely because of this that Xunfei’s consumer business can maintain a rapid annual growth rate of 30%, and most of the main purchasers come from individual consumers rather than large-scale purchases by institutions. It can be seen that Xunfei’s products are truly impressive. To consumers, it really brings convenience to people’s life and work. Artificial intelligence hardware such as translators and learning machines are still emerging categories at present, unlike traditional products such as mobile phones and computers, users also need to cultivate user habits. However, many of Xunfei’s products have received very good market feedback in recent years. Consumers are willing to try new things, and the actual use of these products is the best result. “Through technology, customers can perceive the existence of artificial intelligence more intuitively and three-dimensionally, thereby making smart products more warm.” As Zhao Xiang said, iFLYTEK has integrated artificial intelligence into these smart hardware instead of staying at it. The superior technology brings products that users can really perceive, which is different from traditional hardware products. Perhaps this is the biggest change of the “technical” iFLYTEK in recent years