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Original Gucci big show actor look: Luhan has a thick foundation, Lai Guanlin’s bangs are like commas, and looks greasy when worn


The male celebrities’ red-carpet styling is frequently overturned, the makeup and hair are greasy, and the figure is strong.

In June, there were wave after wave of red carpet shows, with celebrities wearing dresses from major fashion brands, contributing visual feasts one after another.

In the past, when we mentioned the red carpet catwalks, everyone would always pay attention to the female celebrities, smile and watch them compete with each other, all kinds of fancy tricks and eyeballs.

And the recent Gucci fashion show, so that everyone began to pay attention to the red carpet style of male stars, there are praises and criticisms.

The most controversial is Lu Han.

Lu Han himself came as the brand spokesperson for Gucci. In addition, it is rare to see Lu Han’s red carpet show recently, so his red carpet show style has attracted much attention.

He wore a dark green suit, low-key and luxurious colors, very textured, with a red shirt on the inside, a bow at the neckline, red and green contrasting colors, the sense of fashion is well grasped.

Several brand LOGO brooches are dotted on the dark green suit, which is exquisite and fashionable. However, Lu Han’s state seems to be greatly reduced by the live photos of the big show. Lu Han’s figure was thin and he couldn’t hold his suit, especially the silver hair, which was really too dissonant. The upper body has too many colors, red, green, and silver, fancy, no focus. What has caused the most controversy among netizens is that Luhan’s makeup-too much foundation, the whole face is pale and pale, the eye makeup is too thick, and a pair of ear studs makes him more silky and feminine. Some people say that Lu Han walks in the “Korean style”, but some people say that he is “too mother”. He is obviously a boy, but he has no masculinity or spirit. Many netizens say that he can’t appreciate it. Lu Han’s facial features are very delicate, even more delicate than a girl. If you don’t pay attention, you can’t hide the “softness” on his body. But it is not without a solution. The same is a suit, Lu Han’s black suit looks much more comfortable, and his big back looks a lot more mature and a bit more masculine. Hair style is really important for this stylish show. Another controversial person is Liu Yaowen in the Times Youth League. Liu Yaowen wore a khaki leather suit, full of retro style, with an off-white vest inside, casual and lazy, and his side face looked like Wu Zun. But what I didn’t expect was that Liu Yaowen was only 15 years old. Where can I tell? Look closely at his eye makeup, it is slightly smoky, and it is really mature. Some netizens questioned: Is it so mature at the age of 15 that you don’t need to learn? As an idol of the new generation after 00, Liu Yaowen has a great influence on minors. Will this style of dressing not harm the children? It is also Gucci, Liu Yaowen’s other set is very pleasing to the eye. It has both the tension of a teenager and the sense of the lens. It is a blockbuster in minutes. The best suit for Liu Yaowen is to wear a style that suits his age. The male celebrity show is not one or two overturned. For example, Lai Guanlin, some netizens may not have any impression of him. He is a guest in “Fifty Kilometer Taohuawu”, and it is surprising that he can come to the Gucci show. The facial features are good, but the aesthetics is not good. Lai Guanlin’s fashion show dress really makes people wonder where to start complaining. This warm yellow flowery suit is like wearing a garden on the body. The more fancy, the more subtraction is required, but the more complicated-looking lace shirt is chosen for the inner model, which is too expensive. Lai Guanlin’s bangs are even more helpless, like a comma, which is not refreshing. The trousers are coffee-colored trousers, which seems to be of velvet texture. The upper body is cumbersome enough, and the lower body is bloated, which makes the whole person look very strong and without beauty. Please note that the complaints here are only for celebrities, hoping to let them find their own style in a more intuitive way. The same suit, Lai Guanlin is very suitable for this style, the color is the same retro, the thin suit is light, the interior is refreshing, and it has a summer feel. The golden glasses make people feel different when they are worn. There is a popular term now called “Inijuan”. Let’s use the analogy of “inward curling”-A star 100 pounds, B wants to lose weight to 95 pounds, C sees that B is even thinner, so he wants to lose weight to 90 pounds, and this kind of “inward curling” is often imposed In female stars. Female celebrities have become thin and thin, and there are often netizens who comment on certain female celebrities-fat face, small belly, thick arms, thick legs, etc., with words such as “body anxiety”. The public seems to rarely care about the male celebrities’ figures, and seems to be very tolerant of them, and will not comment on them, but fortunately, the times are progressing, so is fashion, and everyone is slowly paying attention to the body management of male celebrities. From the perspective of some big-name new fashion trends, this is exactly the case. If male stars still do not pay attention to body management as before, they can only be abandoned by fashion. Male stars, roll it up!