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Original iPhone 12 protective case: magnetic + slide cover with Magsafe wireless charging experience sharing


The content of this article comes from the creator of the ZEALER community: AnU Andosan.

With the iPhone 12, it is only a year away from a quarter. At this node, I was lucky to receive the Nelkin magnetic suction and lens painting protective case from ZEALER. Especially in the form of the Guangzhou epidemic, it is very happy to be able to sit quietly in the residence and experience the product slowly. Next, I will share the experience of the whole set of products under the shell film + wireless charging.

iPhone 12 magnetic + lens sliding cover protective shell & film:


  1. The skin-friendly is particularly strong, the patented sliding cover lens protection design is easy to use, and the lens ring has a unique heightening to prevent the lens from scratching and dusting.

  2. The official display shows that there are 38 built-in magnets, which is convenient for magnetic charging, and the Magsafe is stable when it is sucked in.

3. The inner lining is soft fiber, which can better protect the body. The back is also very simple. 4. The body is surrounded in place, and a relatively protective layer can be felt almost all over the body. However, the same skin-friendly soft glue as the surface is used directly at the interface position and button position of the mobile phone, which is very good for the protection of the product. Will affect the use. 5. It feels a little tight to use. Black Mirror Pro sliding cover goggles: 1. The design is really steel. Looking at the business, it feels like a military industry when holding it. The gap between the sliding cover and the shell is tight, and there is a hidden buckle designed to prevent the lens cover from loosening. 2. The hand feeling is naturally a protective hand feeling. When I put it on my hand, the strong scratching feeling of the original iPhone 12 is gone, but the overall feeling is the kind of friction that is protected in place. It does not increase the friction of the hand and it is durable. Carefully on the ground, nothing happened when I picked it up. This picture was taken after I fell, and there is no trace of falling. 3. Looking at the material, the original side is TPU soft glue, which is very friendly to the button interface, etc., while the back is the PC back shell, which is still very good for product protection. 4. Magnetic attraction is also very powerful. Correspondingly, it will naturally be a little heavier if the material is full. Full screen privacy protection film 1. The packaging is very different. In addition to the film itself, it also brings a small thing similar to paper towels. More importantly, it is the gospel of a handicapped party-the film applicator, which can be applied directly, and it can be applied without too much effort. . 2. 28-degree side anti-peep, anti-fingerprint, full coverage, with dust-proof net, 0.33 slim, sensitive to the touch, very friendly to use, but face recognition occasionally affects. 3. Anti-peeping is really useful, you don’t have to worry about being peeked anymore in daily use 4. Tempering treatment adds another layer of protection for daily use. The official display is composed of oleophobic coating, explosion-proof film layer, Japanese AGC material, and silicone coating, which once again enhances the protection of mobile phones.

Magnetic wireless charger:

1. The casual black Magsafe magnetic charging, smooth arc edge, round and smooth, feels good to use, will not scratch your hands, is also very friendly to mobile phones, will not scratch the mobile phone. 2. It’s easy to stick in place, suck it up immediately, charge it up immediately, and quickly replenish energy. Supports up to 15W, which is very convenient for charging mobile phones. 3. The compact body is close to the original thickness, only 5.2mm. The front is a mirrored minimalist design, and there is only a NIILKIN LOGO on the back. Just simple and capable. 4. Over-temperature, over-voltage, short-circuit and over-current protection, as well as metal foreign body detection, which is particularly friendly when charging mobile phones. 5. Compatibility is particularly good. The mobile phone can be charged, and another interesting thing is that it comes out of the main body, it has a C port, and then another C2C cable, and at the same time I gave a small adapter from the C port to the A port. I like this very much. . to sum up: After a whole set, I found that Nelkin’s product idea is really good. It protects mobile phones in place, and then takes into account all aspects, and meticulously solves all aspects of mobile phone use. I personally recommend it