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Up to 6 points off! From April 15th, Hainan implements the “study method to reduce points” for driver’s license


New Hainan Client, Nanhai Net, Nanguo Metropolis Daily News on April 15 (Reporter Wang Yanzhen) In order to implement the reform service measures of the Ministry of Public Security’s Traffic Management Bureau, “Receiving Education, Reducing and Exempting Road Traffic Safety Illegal Behavior Scores”, improve the traffic safety of motor vehicle drivers Awareness, the Traffic Police Headquarters of the Public Security Department of Hainan Province has decided to promote the “study method to reduce points” measures throughout the province from April 15th. All drivers who meet the conditions can apply for a reduction or exemption of points for road traffic safety violations by participating in the road safety laws and regulations and related knowledge learning organized by the public security traffic management department and passing the examination. Data map. There are three ways to reduce points for “study method”, namely, taking online learning exams to reduce points, participating in on-site learning exams to reduce points, and participating in traffic safety public welfare activities to reduce points. In view of the actual work, Hainan Province currently only opens the way to reduce scores for online learning exams, and the other two ways will be organized and promoted in a timely manner based on local conditions. The way to learn online is to log in to the mobile App Traffic Control 12123 to enter the “Learning and Education Business-Learning Method to Reduce Points” column, and you can learn by following the prompts. 1. You can participate in the “study method deduction” situation. Traffic Management 12123. Drivers whose user registration place and driver’s license issuance place are both in the opened area, and the accumulated scores in a scoring period are less than 12 points. It does not distinguish between the types of driving licenses and whether they are drivers of operating vehicles. You can apply for “Study Method Deduction” through the “Traffic Management 12123” mobile app. In this scoring cycle, drivers who have more than 2 full score records or the accumulated score has reached 12 points, etc. 7 kinds of situations will not be able to participate in the “study method deduction”. 2. The method and value of points reduction or exemption. After motor vehicle drivers receive traffic safety education and meet the requirements for deduction of points, they will be deducted from the driver’s current accumulated points value, rather than not being scored when dealing with traffic violations. Motor vehicle drivers can apply multiple times within a scoring period, but the accumulated maximum exemption for each scoring period is 6 points. 3. Study content and test questions. The course of study includes 12 aspects of safe driving knowledge, judgment of traffic violations and case analysis. The test questions are judgement questions, single-choice questions, and multiple-choice questions. 20 questions are randomly selected for each exam, and the answer time for each question is 60 seconds. If the number of incorrect or unanswered questions reaches 3 or more, the exam will fail. 4. Blacklist management system. Drivers who practice fraud or impersonation in the course of study and examination will be blacklisted and will not be allowed to conduct traffic management business through the Internet platform or self-service machine within three years; if the circumstances are serious, the relevant personnel will be held accountable. Answers to hot issues related to “Study method deduction”: 1. What are the rules for deducting points from study? Answer: Participate in online learning (a total of 30 minutes in 3 days) and pass the exam, one point will be exempted. Participate in on-site learning (not less than 1 hour each time) and pass the examination, 2 points will be exempted once. (According to the actual situation of Hainan Province, organize the promotion in time) Participating in traffic safety public welfare activities (1 hour each time), one point is exempted once. (According to the actual situation of Hainan Province, organize the promotion in a timely manner) 2. Which motor vehicle drivers can participate in the study method to reduce points? Answer: Motor vehicle drivers with a motor vehicle driving license of the People’s Republic of China, regardless of the type of driving license, or whether they are drivers of commercial vehicles, can participate in the study method to reduce points and participate in accordance with the highest permitted type of driving. Corresponding road traffic safety laws, regulations and related knowledge learning, examinations or public traffic safety activities. However, in one of the following situations, you cannot apply for deduction of points in the study method: first, during the scoring period, the motor vehicle driver has two or more full score records, or the cumulative score reaches twelve points; second, the previous score is scored Cycle, motor vehicle drivers have more than two full score records; third, in the last three scoring cycles, motor vehicle drivers escaped after causing a traffic accident, or drank alcohol while driving a motor vehicle, or used a forged or altered machine Motor vehicle license plates, driving licenses, driving licenses, school bus signs, or using other motor vehicle license plates, driving licenses, or buying and selling points have been punished; fourth, the motor vehicle driving license is within the internship period, or the motor vehicle driving license is overdue Failure to verify, or the motor vehicle driver’s license is detained or temporarily detained during the period; Fifth, the motor vehicle driver has unhandled records of traffic violations; Sixth, the motor vehicle driver’s safety technical inspection exceeds the validity period or fails to comply with the regulations Motor vehicles that have been deregistered; Seventh, motor vehicle drivers participate in traffic safety education to reduce or exempt road traffic safety violation points, or motor vehicle drivers have fraudulent or imposters in the illegal score education and verification education learning exams. 3. Is it possible to save points and save points through the study method? Answer: No. To apply for deductions in the study method, you must have a score within the current scoring cycle, and there is no situation described in Q&A II. If there is no score in the current scoring cycle, the score cannot be saved through the study method. 4. Each scoring period can be reduced by 6 points. Can it be understood that the value of each scoring period has increased to 18 points? Answer: No. The “increasing the score of the driver’s license to 18 points” is a misunderstanding of the reform measures of “receiving traffic safety education to reduce the score of traffic violations”. Deduction points are deducted from the current accumulated scoring value of the motor vehicle driver. It is not a non-scoring treatment when dealing with traffic violations, and it is not possible to reduce the pre-stored point value through the learning method. It is not possible to deduct 6 points per scoring cycle. “Points” is understood as increasing the full score within the scoring cycle to 18 points.