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Original photo by Zhou Haimei, the wrinkles are smoothed, but the bags under the eyes are still prominent. At first glance, it looks like an elderly aunt


Zhou Haimei really unreservedly exposed her age, this time she didn’t pretend to be tender anymore! It’s a pity that I still get the bags under the eyes on my face when I’m confident in my photos, which attracts everyone’s attention. You can see Zhou Haimei not having the same beauty as when she was young. You can see Zhou Haimei’s recent photos, using beauty to smooth out wrinkled bags under the eyes, but it is still very prominent. At first glance, she looks like an elderly aunt.

When a person gets older, many places on his face are likely to reveal the true age of the chef. For example, this time Zhou Haimei shows the eye bags in the picture. In the photo below, Zhou Haimei wears a printed dress. Zhou Haimei takes photos and smoothes the wrinkled eye bags. But it is very prominent, at first glance it is an elderly aunt.
Now Zhou Haimei’s dressing out of the street doesn’t look like it did in previous years. Taking the route of showing tenderness, the proper dress is still suitable for Zhou Haimei at her current age. In the photo below, Zhou Haimei wears a black pajama suit to go out on the street, which looks very expensive. Feminine!

Zhou Haimei is more strict in managing her figure. Although Zhou Haimei had been blessed for a while, but fortunately, the control of her diet later gradually lost the blessed appearance of the year, and she looks better than the figure of a middle-aged aunt. much better! But no matter how good, the wrinkles on her face still reveal her age. In the airport photo below, Zhou Haimei wears a bottoming shirt with a white skirt and a dark brown baseball uniform, looking casual but old-fashioned! Now, Zhou Haimei is 54 years old. She is already a grandmother at her age, but her mentality is still like 30 years old. She looks lively and cheerful, not at all like a person in her 50s. In the photo below, Zhou Haimei wears one. The printed dress looks gentle and generous! And Zhou Haimei also slowly improved from the back when she was wearing herself. When she was young, because of her age, perhaps she would wear it carefully at all. At the airport in the picture below, Zhou Haimei wore a rose-red knit. The top is matched with dark blue denim trousers, it looks old-fashioned and not fashionable! Zhou Haimei’s changing curve in her dressing is from top to bottom, and there is no uniformity at all, but this time she puts on it, it is quite satisfactory, there is no extra modification, but she ignores the eye bags on her face!