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A notice issued by the state department: starting from October, the lives of the elderly have undergone major changes!Really coming


This time it really came!
According to the official website of the Chinese government website, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Recently issued the “Notice on Further Strengthening the Implementation of Special Actions for the Ageing of Internet Applications and Accessibility Improvements”, Relevant Internet websites and APPs are required to complete the ageing transformation before September 30 this year.
In other words, starting in October this year, it will be more convenient for our middle-aged and elderly friends to surf the Internet and play on mobile phones.
Most of the mobile phones nowadays are more suitable for young people. They are high-tech, have many and complicated operations, and the characters are still small. Most middle-aged and elderly people don’t understand at all. As a result, they have no mobile phones but generally can only play WeChat. Sometimes WeChat Can’t play.
And this notice is to solve the problem of middle-aged and elderly people.
This policy is aimed at the mobile APP, mainly showing the transformation from four aspects.
1. The font should be large, with color and sound prompts, so that the elderly can see clearly.
Font size adjustment: It is recommended to use a sans-serif font. The font size should be adjustable. The maximum font size is not less than 30dp/pt. The main text information in the old version interface and the separate old version APP is not less than 18dp/pt.
Line spacing: The line spacing of the text in the paragraph is at least 1.3 times, and the paragraph spacing is at least 1.3 times larger than the line spacing.
Color usage: In addition to making the text color, you can also use text or voice to directly prompt the user to make a mistake, and avoid using only color as a means of prompting.
Verification code: If there are non-text verification codes (such as puzzles, image selection verification methods) and other verification methods that are not easy for the elderly to understand in the mobile application, alternative expressions that can be accepted by different types of senses (visual, auditory, etc.) should be provided, such as Text or voice format to meet the needs of the elderly.
2. Leave more operating time for the elderly, don’t limit the time, simplify the operation.
Gesture operation: In mobile applications, avoid complex gesture operations that require 3 or more fingers to complete.

Sufficient operating time: In mobile applications, if the time limit is not a necessary part or key element of the activity, and does not cause the user to have a legal commitment or financial transaction, sufficient time should be left for the user’s operation, and the interface will not change before the user’s operation is completed. 3. Provide obvious prompt operation for the elderly. When users install mobile applications, they should provide significant guidance prompts for age-appropriate settings and common functions for the elderly. The homepage of the mobile application embedded with the old version interface must have a prominent entry, support switching to the old version, or give a noticeable switching prompt when entering it for the first time, and provide the “elder version” entry in the “Settings”. Mobile applications with search functions should use “elderly version” as the standard function name, and users can directly access it through the search function, and set aliases such as “family version”, “care version”, and “care version” as search keywords. 4. To improve the security of mobile phones, it will no longer be possible to insert advertisements and induce clicks on buttons. Prohibit ad plugins: Advertising content and plug-ins are strictly prohibited in the old version interface and the separate old version APP, and advertisements or temporary advertisement pop-up windows are not allowed to appear randomly. Prohibition of induced keys: There are no inducement buttons such as inducement downloading and inducement payment in the mobile application. To ensure the security of personal information of elderly users: No personal information processing that has nothing to do with the purpose of processing to protect the personal information security of elderly users. The above is part of the content of the policy. It can be said that it is closely related to our middle-aged and elderly people, and it is very beneficial. How do you feel about this? Welcome to vote. Wechat rules have been changed, only focusing on easy to lose contact with Beijing Auntie, you have to click watching and like, thank you. ComeSource: Economic Daily, Information and Communication Administration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology guess Why does Nie Haisheng, 57, insist on doing this despite the opposition of his relatives and friends?The truth was exposed and moved the Chinese you Retired people across the country must watch it! These 2 stories will let you see the truth about pensions! miss you 63-year-old Feng Gong’s private life exposed! Never thought that he was such a person! Look The Beijing pension plan is announced, the low-key is high-key, the high is low-key, and there is one point that retirees across the country envy! ↓↓↓ Click here for retired people to listen to thousands of lessons for free!