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There are six scenic spots in Ili, Xinjiang, one is more beautiful than the other, and you must not miss it when you drive in Xinjiang


This is Xiaoshu’s travel wandering house, watch the world with me. It is said that Xinjiang’s scenery is picturesque, and there are so many beautiful scenery in Xinjiang that are intoxicating, and Yili, known as the south of the Yangtze River, is a fascinating place for many people. Ili is very big, and it’s not enough to play for half a month, but this time I came to Gongliu County in Ili and found that there are also many unknown niche check-in sites hidden here, in Ili Gongliu six must check-in attractions, Hurry up and collect it! 1. Kurdish Ninh Kurdish Ning is arguably the most representative scenic spot in Gongliu, Ili, and it is also the first impression that many people have of Gongliu. Kurdish Ning is a treasure of Xinjiang. As a natural wonderland, it not only has spruce trees, snow-capped mountains, forests and other natural attractions. Beautiful scenery, there is also an endless pasture. Kurdish Ning has endless peaks and endless valleys, with an average elevation of 1,500 meters, and the snow-capped mountains that can be seen everywhere do not change all the year round. Where forests and grasslands intersect each other, shepherds have lived here for generations, making it a national nature reserve. 2. Chaxi Scenic Area I think Chaxi is the most beautiful scenery in Gongliu. The southern part of the Great Wall is in Ili, and the most beautiful one is Chaxi. It really makes me feel the boundlessness of Xinjiang. The Chaxi Scenic Area is located in the Tianshan Gorge Basin. It is not only backed by snowy mountains, but also with gurgling streams and scattered grasslands and mountains. In Chaxi, you can not only see natural pastures, but also simple Kazakh children waving at us in front of the yurt. This picture is simply too pure, living the most primitive life where there is no signal. 3. Tarim Forest The Tarim Scenic Area is 68 kilometers away from Gongliu County. It is a 3A-level national-level scenic area with rich landscapes, such as Tarim Silver Line Waterfall, spruce trees and other landscapes. The grassland here is vast, with clouds and mist, forest and grassland intertwined, deep gorges and broad valleys are scattered, snow-capped mountains and blue sky are accompanied by white clouds and green. The Tarim Forest is also a summer resort in Ili. The snow-capped mountains in the distance and the nearby forests make the temperature between the mountains and forests more pleasant. Summer is the most suitable season to come to the Tarim Forest. Four, Chapuqihai Qiafuqihai is a high gorge lake in Ili, with a water depth of more than 90 meters and a water area of ​​58 square kilometers. The Tianshan Mountains are dotted with it, forming a magnificent and magnificent landscape. Qiafuqihaiqi is a comprehensive large-scale water conservancy project and a very important water conservancy project in Xinjiang. As a large hydropower station in the Tekes River Basin, it not only benefits the daily necessities of fishery and power generation, but also allows tourism in the Ili River Valley. The industry can develop. V. Butterfly Lake If there is anything interesting in Gongliu County, it must be a local iconic attraction, Butterfly Lake Park. Gongliu is called the Butterfly City because of the Butterfly Lake. The most peculiar landscape of this lake is not a head-up view, but a bird’s eye view to see its most beautiful appearance. Looking down from the air, the lake surface presents the appearance of a butterfly, which is lifelike. The Butterfly Lake Park is actually a stepped grassland, rich in aquatic resources, with more than 20 species of fish, gulls, egrets, and more than 10 species of plants. The natural landscape is beautiful and the water quality is excellent. In summer, the green grass and wild flowers are in full bloom, and the environment is very simple. There are lotus ponds, butterfly lakes, 20,000 steamed willows, weeping willows, wolfberries and other plants in the garden, as well as newly planted ash, golden trees, apple trees, large and small trees, shrubs, etc. It is worthy of being called Jiangnan outside the Great Wall. The green trees are shaded, the lawn is like weaving, and the butterfly lake is rippling with blue waves. The locals like to come here for leisure and vacation, so the butterfly lake also enjoys the reputation of the “kidney” of the county. Six, wild walnut ditch Yehugugou Scenic Area is the closest scenic area to Gongliu County, but it is difficult to find walnuts here in summer. The real harvest season is in autumn. In autumn, walnuts can be picked everywhere. The spring flowers in Yehuoligou Scenic Area are like brocades, and the fruit flowers and mountain flowers are in full bloom, dotted with the scenery in the valley. Friends who like to see the fruit flowers and mountain flowers can choose to play when they bloom in spring or when they bear fruit in autumn. So which of these six must-see spots in Yili Gongliu do you like best? Which is the first place you want to go to? Welcome to leave a message and express your opinion.