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Original Savage Capital intends to repeat capital routines in the charging market, but it is denounced by State Grid


Recently, State Grid (Shandong) Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. issued a document denounced that some charging operators rely on capital advantages to promote low-price promotions and vicious competition such as 1 cent charging, showing that some Internet capital intends to repeat their harvesting routines in other industries in the charging market , But finally hit the iron plate this time.

Internet capital’s routines have always been based on low prices or even free of charge. The widely-familiar online car-hailing and takeaway industries are all like this. They enclose land at low prices. After they have a monopoly market share, they have increased their prices significantly. Now the price of online car-hailing It is already more expensive than taxis, and the takeaway industry has forced catering businesses to go nowhere, leading to the consequences of bad money driving out good money. A considerable proportion of takeaways directly turn factory-supplied food bags into fast food boxes.

After the capital has gradually harvested many industries, now it has begun to target the last outlet of the middle-aged and elderly-the vegetable vendor. The routine is still so familiar, and it grabs the market at a low price, with the intention of killing the vegetable vendor and waits for the vegetable market. All were forced to close and then raise prices drastically, and this process is still in progress.

For public services such as the power grid, there have been similar cases at home and abroad where capital seized the market and then maliciously increased prices. In the 1990s, Britain promoted privatization and the British gas company was privatized. After the privatization, the British gas company increased its expenses year after year. As a result, the British could not consume fuel. In desperation, they could not turn on the heating in the cold. Cold Bird”.

In the domestic market, foreign capital structures such as Veolia and Suez have successively acquired water supply networks in more than 10 cities. Before the acquisition, they painted a beautiful picture. However, after the acquisition, they did not invest heavily in improving the water supply network. Prices have been raised year after year. In 2014, many cities across the country had odor incidents of tap water, and almost all of the water supply networks in these cities were acquired by foreign capital, which made people rethink the pros and cons of privatizing public services.

Today’s charging services that capital intends to intervene will undoubtedly be similar to previous capital stories. They try to seize the market at low prices or even for free. After occupying the market, they will inevitably increase prices. After all, the ultimate goal of capital is to obtain huge profits. .

However, this time the capital is facing the giant State Grid. State Grid has built the largest charging network in the country, comparable to Sinopec and PetroChina in the era of fuel vehicles. State Grid can quickly build a huge charging network and its own National Grid. It is inseparable as a solid foundation, and this has become its confidence.

As the State Grid has issued a warning to some charging operators, it cannot be ruled out that it will take other measures in the future. After all, with the State Grid as the foundation and power resources in its hands, these vicious competitors will face penalties at any time.

The author supports State Grid’s punishment of these vicious competitors, because it has repeatedly proved that private capital has no bottom line for profit after monopolizing an industry, and State Grid, as a non-private entity, is better able to ensure service quality due to more supervision. And provide reasonable prices.

Internet capital has received a lot of praise for a long time, but as they have achieved monopoly status in multiple industries, the people are disgusted by the people. All parties are becoming more familiar with the behavior of these capitals. There are just a few routines back and forth. I don’t believe in the beautiful vision they portray, but I believe that the ultimate purpose of capital is to make money.