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Madagui Forest Swing Adventure


Zipline is an adventurous rope swing that forces players to overcome their fear of heights. Therefore, it seems that it is only suitable for young people and is only available in Hue and Madagui Forest KDL (Lam Dong) with this adventure tour.
With about 500,000 VND when coming to the Madagui forest tourist area, you will enjoy the rope swing that originated in Europe. Madagui KDL is part of the famous Nam Cat Tien National Forest. This is an interesting destination for those who love to explore the wild natural landscape with diverse and rich flora and fauna. Madagui Forest Resort is considered an ideal place for adventurous young people.

With an altitude of 150 – 500m above sea level, Madagui KDL is a great destination thanks to its cool climate and natural forest landscape. This tourist resort is located on National Highway 20, about 160km north of Ho Chi Minh City and 148km south of Da Lat. Visitors experience the adventurous rope swing in Madagui forest. Photo: Lam Thanh To get to Madagui KDL from Ho Chi Minh City, it only takes about 4 hours on Long Thanh – Dau Giay highway. When coming to Dau Giay junction, continue to turn left and continue for about 90km to reach Madagui. This tourist resort is located at the foot of Chuoi Pass, very easy to find, with an area of ​​​​588 hectares, stretching a vast green with rich vegetation, with precious trees up to hundreds of years old. Coming here, you will witness many animals such as elephants, squirrels, wild boars… living peacefully together.
The legendary Da Huoai river flowing through Nam Cat Tien primeval forest remains intact, making Madagui Lam Dong Resort really an ideal natural resort for both international and domestic tourists.
The first thing when coming to Madagui KDL is that everyone has the same feeling of peace, extremely fresh and pleasant air, suitable for you to relax in long days. In addition, there are attractive entertainment games that make you fall in love… of course, the Zipline adventure is what we want to mention first.
Zipline is a means of transport used to move in some rugged mountainous areas, usually using a long cable to connect two points together. Initially, you will be equipped with protective equipment by the staff and undergo a short class on safety steps during the game.
There are three options for Zipline routes for you to choose from, including the short route (VND 100,000/pax), the long route (VND 150,000/pax) and the full route (200,000 VND/pax). The total length of the entire cable route is 1,008m with the highest point about 40m above the ground, which is really a challenge not for the faint of heart.
Joining this game is the time when you want to conquer the fear of heights, crossing yourself through the forests of Nam Cat Tien National Forest. As you soar through the treetops, your heart flutters when you cross Crocodile Lake, and you get a panoramic view of Madagui… that’s what the Madagui Zipline game will bring you.
With an altitude of nearly 40m, our “travellers” will have the opportunity to cross the mountains, cross the forest in a few minutes, feel the cool breeze. In addition, visitors can also feel the feeling of adventure and thrill when crossing Thach Lam Lake and Crocodile Lake with many interesting things waiting.
It will take you about 20 – 60 minutes to experience this game depending on the zipline you choose. There will be 2 Madagui staff accompanying you throughout the process to guide the operation as well as ensure the safety of the players.
It is based on the special advantage of terrain surrounded by mountains and lakes, that the Zipline game in Madagui gives players a thrill like never before. This game has been designed by leading Korean experts, constructed by engineers and workers of the Vietnam Institute of Mechanics with strict supervision at all stages, so you can rest assured. when experiencing this game in Madagui.