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The creation team ‘Chuck Khanh Hao’ deserves 10 points with the heart: Vien Bang Nghien is beautiful and sparkling!


Fan Vien Bang Nghien is ready to rate 10 quality for the creation team of ‘Chu Khanh Hao’. Not only the costumes are rich, the makeup is also very delicate, bringing a beautiful sparkling Vien Bang Yan that “Luu Ly” cannot bring.
Wish Khanh Hao is Yuan Bingyan’s most anticipated project since then Lapis ( Luu Ly My Nhan Sat ). From some of the revealed images, it is possible to see Yuan Bingyan’s appearance in Wish Khanh Hao extremely beautiful.

Just the teaser and behind-the-scenes photos, fans have seen that the design team has a heart when preparing quite a few costumes for Vien Bang Nghien. It is worth mentioning that every set is beautiful with elegant colors and delicate patterns. The creation team of Wish Khanh Hao too deserving of 10 quality points! The “Chu Khanh Hao” shaping team prepared a lot of beautiful costumes for Vien Bang Nghien. The pink outfit gives Vien Bang Nghien a sweet and bright look, both youthful and gentle, both sly and feminine. Combined with accessories such as small butterfly earrings, it adds a lovely look to Vien Bang Yan. Beautiful sweet pink. Young and feminine. The beautiful princess in pink brings rice to her Cam ywei guy? Small butterfly earrings make Vien Bang Yan more cute. The overall look is so beautiful! The beauty lifted the curtain to step out of the car, making people’s hearts flutter. Quality 10 point pink outfit! The golden outfit helps Vien Bang Yan to be bright, lively and radiant. Yuan Bingyan looks like a bright ray of sunshine. There are some scenes in yellow dress, Vien Bang Nghien paired with Trinh Nghiep Thanh in a blue shirt, very eye-catching. The yellow color is so pretty too! Fresh, radiant, cheerful. Combined with hair accessories is also very beautiful and suitable. Yuan Bingyan is like a ray of sunshine. “Sunshine” goes hand in hand with “raindrops”. Also a golden outfit, but this outfit has a slightly more luxurious look, giving Yuan Bingyan the aura of a noble princess. This yellow color is a bit more luxurious and noble. An image of Yuan Bingyan wearing a blue outfit was also leaked. This green color brings a feeling of coolness and elegance. Soft, elegant blue color. The bright red outfit that appeared briefly in the behind-the-scenes video also showed off Yuan Bingyan’s overwhelming sharpness. The red color makes her look more powerful and luxurious. A beautiful and memorable moment of Yuan Bingyan. The vibrant red color is seductive and powerful. Yuan Bingyan turned up and was loved for her role as Chu Toan Co in Lapis . Although her image in the film is not too beautiful, even criticized for being poor, but Vien Bang Nghien’s acting has conquered the audience. Although after the film ended, Vien Bang Nghien and Thanh Nghi had a suspicion of “face-to-face” but it cannot be denied chemistry of both on the film is too great, contributing significantly to the success of the film. Toan Co of “Luu Ly” is cute, but the shape is quite “dumb” by Vien Bang Nghien. After Lapis , the audience is looking forward to Wish Khanh Hao . Yuan Bingyan’s image is more beautiful than when she was acting Save y so many, so much. Co-star Trinh Nghiep Thanh has both beauty and acting, chemistry It’s also pretty good with co-stars. Both promise to make a quality movie. Yuan Bingyan and Trinh Nghiep Thanh seem to get along very well on set. Who is looking forward to the love story of the princess and the Camyur? Wish Khanh Hao Adapted from the original novel My Great Man Cam Yi Wei , tells about the beautiful princess Lu Linh, one-sidedly, the man of the guard, Shen Yen. She actively pursued, finally “captured” the heart of Cam Y Ve as her own.