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The original British Prime Minister’s 1-year-old son is handsome as a star! “Golden Retriever” hairstyle is super cool, steals the limelight of the royal family’s three treasures


At the G7 summit, the first lady’s fashion is more than beautiful enough. The youngest British first lady brought a girlish “lady diplomacy” to everyone, and the experienced French first lady Brigitte maintained a super High clothing, showing affection and figure. As a professor, the first lady of the United States has gradually entered the fashion industry, and she is more and more able to wear it.

British Prime Minister Boris rarely shows affection. On June 14th local time, he released a back photo with his newlyweds Kelly on the beach. The new British first lady Kelly, this time mixed the sense of maturity with the sense of girlhood. Her fashion potential has surpassed Princess Kate of the British royal family.

Britain’s new first lady rents clothes

Kelly spent thousands of dollars to get all her looks at the G7 summit. Yes, her clothes are rented from the website. Such an alternative fashion presentation is admirable.

And Kelly also passed this sense of fashion to her more than one-year-old son. The sons of Boris and Kelly became the most eye-catching celebrities at the G7 summit.

The 1-year-old son appeared twice at the G7 summit and became the focus of everyone’s attention. Kelly put on a blue floral dress, which fully demonstrated her new motherhood, but she was still very girlish. The look of the son is cool. The style of shirt and shorts is actually very similar to that of the little princes of the British royal family. Iconic outfits like Prince George or Prince Louis are the most common.

The best “single product” for his 1-year-old son Chengwa

The “golden hair” hairstyle of Kelly’s son is really the same style as Boris, so the ladies’ fashion competition, in front of Boris’s son’s unruly hairstyle, instantly inferior.

Although he appeared twice, he still protected the children and did not show his face. But such a naive look really steals the limelight of the royal family’s Three Treasures.

Whether it is Brigitte, the first lady of France or the first lady of the United States, they are all at the age of being a grandmother. Seeing such a child, I can’t help but like it! The appearance of the son is exactly the trick of the new British first lady, and the image of the hot mom is instantly revealed.

Kelly’s red dress is her first look at the G7 summit, and the appearance of this style makes people feel the monotony of professional wear. When his 1-year-old son appeared, the most eye-catching thing was still his blond hair. For the little princes of the British royal family, hair is really an inevitable disaster. Princes cannot escape baldness when they reach a certain age. And Boris and his son’s hair volume is really enviable!

After Kelly became a mother, the pictures of her son were profile or back, but since participating in this G7 summit, she has instantly become a little star. Originally, everyone’s attention was still on the three treasures of the royal family, especially the cutest Prince Louis.

Three treasures of the royal family were robbed of the limelight

Prince Louis usually wears simple clothes, a shirt with shorts, and the little prince’s hairstyle is not as cool as that of Boris’ son. He can only admire the importance of genetics.

The new British first lady’s fashion sense is obvious to all

Boris’ son has participated in the G7 summit since he was a child and has been liked by so many first ladies. And Kelly also made her image fuller through such an alternative way, which made people ignore her 33-year-old age.

Kelly’s dressing style is no longer limited to floral skirts. Although floral skirts are her favorite, a complete set of professional suits has gradually become her favorite.

British Prime Minister’s 1-year-old son is handsome as a star! “Golden Retriever” hairstyle is super cool, steals the limelight of the royal family’s three treasures

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