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Why did Rihanna tattoo a gun, an Egyptian goddess on her body?


Tattoos are a way of expressing personality and are no longer strange in the world of artists. Rihanna is a follower of this art when there are at least 25 times marking on the skin.
Rihanna’s tattoos all have their own meanings. Some pictures show her love for music. Others are related to the star’s broken love story.

Here are some of Rihanna’s standout tattoos and what they mean. First tattoo Rihanna’s first tattoo was a Pisces sign behind her right ear. It is made by famous Brazilian artist. Customers usually have to book three years in advance to wait for a tattoo appointment. However, Rihanna was lucky to be in Japan at the same time as this person, so she didn’t have to wait long. Some tattoos on Rihanna’s body. Photo: INF. “The first time I got a tattoo was when I was 17. They asked me to get permission from my guardian. I called my mom and she was surprised. Now, that tattoo is right behind my ear.” she shared. Music note tattoo Rihanna’s right foot once appeared two musical notes. Many believe this is the American singer’s way of expressing her love and inspiration for music. At the time of the tattoo, Rihanna was just starting to enter the music industry. The musical note tattoo has been replaced by an Egyptian falcon. Photo: Diycrafts. The first time the public saw this tattoo was around 2006. By 2012, Rihanna had a new pattern on it. Falcon tattoo About a decade ago, Rihanna went to a tattoo parlor on 6th Avenue in Manhattan, USA. She wanted to get a Sanskrit tattoo on her leg and cover up the old musical note. It was Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy who marked her with the falcon and the number 1988 (Rihanna’s birth year) on her ankle. The eagle tattoo is designed to look like a gun. Photo: Eonline. According to the The List , at the time of the tattoo, McCurdy had no idea who Rihanna was. However, now, this tattooist has become her “hard fan”. On the introduction pages, he often writes more about the fact that he used to tattoo the female singer. “Super painful” tattoo Rihanna has a hobby of tattooing while traveling. In 2013, she had a memorable experience with the method of tattooing Maori Ta Moko on her hand. This is an ancient tattoo, using sticks to poke the skin in New Zealand. Henna tattoos cover old marks. Photo: Tattoo and Beauty. According to the The List , this tattoo method is “extremely painful”. However, it did not follow her for too long. Some time later, Rihanna invited her favorite tattooist McCurdy to the Dominican Republic to do the replacement. A new henna tattoo has covered Rihanna’s right hand. The old pattern still has small traces that people can easily see. Star strip tattoo This is one of Rihanna’s most prominent tattoos with a star strip extending from the neck to the back. Rihanna’s conspicuous star stripe tattoo. Photo: CR Fashion Book. Initially, it was just a few black and white stars on the neck. She got it tattooed while in Los Angeles, USA. After that, McCurdy transformed many other stars, forming an impressive range. Letter tattoos The series of words on Rihanna’s body all have their own meanings. On her neck is the French inscription “Rebelle Fleur” (roughly translated: Rebellious flower). In the chest part is a sentence that means never fail. Rihanna has meaningful tattoo words. Photo: The List. In the photo, people can see the cross, a symbol of Rihanna’s faith. Tattoo under chest In 2012, Rihanna got a tattoo under her chest in memory of her grandmother who passed away from cancer. Rihanna’s goddess tattoo was done after her grandmother died. Photo: Ny Daily. This is an image of the Egyptian goddess Isis. The goddess represents the mission of mother, wife, protector of nature and magic. Isis was also seen as a friend of slaves, sinners and the underdog in society. Some more tattoos A total of 25 tattoos were seen on Rihanna’s body (including deleted, over-tattooed ones). In addition to the images with profound meanings, the American singer also has some cute motifs such as a skull tied with a pink bow, the word love on the finger… A total of 25 tattoos have been placed on her body by Rihanna. Photo: The Blast. Some of the tattoos were done after her life had an upheaval. For example, the picture of the gun on the side is said to be related to the case of ex-boyfriend Chris Brown hitting Riri…

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