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Originality breaks marketing routines and promotes high-quality services, Suning Tesco 618, empathizes with young people


Suning Tesco’s 618 empathizes with young people and refuses all routines.

After years of development, “618” has become one of the best shopping festivals on China’s e-commerce platforms. During this period, major platforms have made great efforts, hoping to exchange more affordable prices for higher transaction volume. However, with the continuous increase of promotional activities, the attractiveness of centralized shopping festivals such as 618 to consumers is gradually diminishing, and some users have also experienced aesthetic fatigue, and the complicated calculation methods of discounts and endless marketing routines are even more difficult. Simply let some users give up their enthusiasm for participation.

It can be said that in the current age of consumption dominated by young people, it is difficult to retain consumers with simple routine discounts. In the face of this situation, Suning.com breaks the tradition and through considerate services and novel and diverse live broadcast activities, Stand out from the fiercely competitive 618.

Aiming at the youth market and creating empathic consumption

A few years ago, e-commerce platforms would hold a grand party on the day of the “Shopping Festival”. Although this method is lively, it is far away from consumers. Therefore, the greater role of this type of party is the atmosphere group, which makes the event more It is known, rather than directly driving the growth of trading volume.

With the rise of short video, its strong interaction and high sinking characteristics have made live delivery of goods an important sales method. In this year’s 618, major platforms have also shifted their focus to live delivery of goods.

For example, in this year’s 618, Suning.com focused its attention on young people and created an “e-commerce variety show” that young people prefer.

This year, Suning.com has stretched the front of the 618, setting up two rounds of pre-sale periods from May 24 to 31 and June 12 to 17. In addition to pre-heating for the 618, it is also used by young people. In the June 1st wave, the “Children’s Day” was newly added to the two rounds of pre-sales. Hundreds of stars including Zhang Xinzhe, Zhang Yixing, Guan Xiaotong, etc. were invited to live broadcast the goods in twelve different vertical fields. Let the audience choose the live broadcast room according to their hobbies. For audiences who don’t have a clear target, Suning.com has also created a “blind box live broadcast” method, where you can watch whoever you visit.

“Children’s Day” grasped the theme of Children’s Day and divided the live broadcast rooms into “childhood delicacy” and “night study room” to meet the needs of all kinds of consumers more vertically, and at the same time awakened The childhood memories of users. Suning refers to this approach as “empathy consumption”, which enhances the audience’s sense of substitution by recreating various life scenes. Suning.com believes: “The consumption method of frantically chopping hands to relieve stress is not worth promoting. What really resolves anxiety is the improvement of mood. This is also the heart of the Children’s Day.” In addition to the rich live broadcast content at the variety show level, the benefits of “Children’s Day on June 1st” are also full of sincerity, and the promotion is not lost on the day of June 18. There are also activities such as fast zero-yuan purchase and 1 yuan blind box opening. OPPO mobile phones , Weilai Automobile, Moutai, Nintendo game console and other products have been included in the list of prizes. At 8 o’clock on the night of 618, Suning.com and the Xiaoguo team jointly created the 618 talk show graduation meeting of “Graduation Wild Must Be Together”, inviting stars such as Xiao Jingteng and Zhang Meng to prepare 10,000 graduations based on the hot topics of the graduation season. Gifts and 500 million red envelopes, once again launched promotional activities that directly hit the hearts of young people. The total number of views and interactions on the “Children’s Day” and the graduation talk show on the whole network exceeded 300 million. During the 618 period, it gained a high degree of attention, and the high attention was transformed into a strong consumer power. It is a brand that participated in the Suning. And partners have brought rapid growth. It can be seen that in addition to meeting traditional user product needs, Suning.com began to pay attention to satisfying users’ emotional needs in this year’s 618 event. The innovative “variety + e-commerce + live broadcast” scene consumption model covers a variety of usage scenarios. It provides a window to resolve anxiety for young people whose lives are increasing day by day, so as to narrow the distance between the two parties and win a broader market for themselves.

One-stop trade-in, making 618 more worry-free

The annual 618 is the time when home appliance products are intensively promoted. Behind the continuous influx of new orders is the burnout of a large number of users when dealing with old products. For small products such as mobile phones and computers, the process of trade-in is basically the same as sending an ordinary courier, but for large household appliances, every step of valuation, recycling, delivery, and installation is a lot of trouble. In the past, consumers had to purchase new appliances and contact old appliances for recycling, and arrange the time for recycling and delivery. Some products even had to be distributed and installed in stages. In addition, if you are not contacting a regular recycling agency, you may need to wrestle with the recycling price. After several rounds of tossing, the good mood of saving money in 618 has been wiped out. Suning.com has observed this user’s pain point. In April this year, it launched a new trade-in service, increased subsidies, and at the same time provided one-stop trade-in services for refrigerators, washing machines and other products to nearly 50 cities across the country. In order to achieve this, Suning has integrated more than 700 partners and 7,270 certified engineers. At present, the maximum number of operations in a single day can reach 50,000. The result of these efforts is an improvement in the quality of consumer experience. Now, consumers can complete the evaluation of old products directly on the Suning.com app. After selecting the new product, they can see the deducted price. After the order is completed, the old and new delivery will also be completed at one time, eliminating the need for cutting Worry about price, coordination time and other aspects, worry-free and convenient. This year’s 618 has become a big test to verify the effect of service improvement, and Suning.com’s transcript is also excellent: a total of 180,000 people participated in the exchange of old during 618, of which the air conditioner’s renewal accounted for 35%, and 3C The number of product renewal orders increased by 145%, saving an average of more than 500 yuan per user. Driven by the trade-in, the number of buyers of Suning Tesco’s new products during the 618 period also increased by 154%. Suning.com leveraged its years of offline service experience, combined with big data, smart marketing and other methods to build a standardized exchange-for-new platform, so that users have no worries when renewing at 618.

Turn the shopping festival into an IP, tailor-made activities for different people

At 1 am on June 18, Suning.com released a battle report showing that in the first hour of 618, Suning.com’s whole-house home improvement and smart home products continued to sell hot, with sales increasing 135% year-on-year. During the same period, the sales of Suning Outlet luxury products increased by 176% year-on-year. Driven by the European Cup, sales of beverages increased by 79% year-on-year. In addition, the 618 exclusive red envelopes launched by Suning.com Super members also contributed to a 68% year-on-year increase in member consumption. All these achievements prove that Suning’s innovative methods and caring services in this 618 have achieved excellent results. Suning’s vision does not stop at 618. Fan Chunyan, vice president of Suning.com’s platform operation group, said: “618 and Double 11 are the two largest consumer festivals in China. Now that the traffic is peaking and the market does not undergo fundamental changes, they will continue to be in the foreseeable future. It will be synonymous with the Consumer Festival.” It can be seen that Suning is exploring ways to integrate e-commerce and entertainment content, and build the Shopping Festival as an IP. This year’s “Children’s Day” is just the beginning. In the future, Suning.com will also create exclusive consumer activities for different groups of people. Such “festivals” may appear more frequently