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Original and most beautiful desert trip! Count the stars, listen to the concert, and be fascinated by Van Cleef & Arpels high-end jewelry…


Fan said: admire jewelry under the stars

To talk about the recent major events in the jewelry industry, Van Cleef & Arpels Held in Ningxia “Sous les étoiles Themed High Jewelry Collection under the Stars”

The conference must be counted as one.

More than 150 pieces of high-end jewellery inspired by the vast starry sky and the dazzling galaxy are exhibited at one time. Various precious gems and exquisite designs are dazzling.

The location of this jewelry exhibition is also refreshing- Desert Star Hotel in Zhongwei, Ningxia . It can be said that this is one of the most popular tourist destinations in China since last year. Fan has many friends who want to check in. Zhongwei is located in the transition zone from the Ningxia Plain to the Loess Plateau. The vast desert and the rushing Yellow River form a wonderful collision with the Van Cleef & Arpels Gaozhu, which perfectly fits the theme of “under the stars”. The combination of fantasy and coolness is very good. It’s wonderful~ Fan Zhu also watched the exhibition at the scene last week. The quantity and quality of the exhibits were shocking. Each of them made people want to take home and had to admire Van Cleef & Arpels’ creativity and skills. This time I specially wore the newly acquired Van Cleef & Arpels four-leaf clover necklace, bracelet, and Perlee Sweet Clovers series bracelet. Yellow K gold necklaces and bracelets are gleaming, carnelian is elegant and charming, and diamonds also bloom gorgeously on the four-leaf clover. In order to match the theme of “Under the Stars”, I chose a silver suspender dress. All imported fabrics are used, and the silver thread is used pure hand to drill the bottom of the lace on the lace, like slices of fish scales. The skirt itself is a waist-retracting design, sparkling under the blessing of the sun. Wearing jewels and dresses in the desert, don’t mention too many pieces (but it’s colder in the desert, so you still have to bring warm windbreakers) In addition to the shocking jewelry, the fan also experienced a dinner under the stars, a concert under the stars, watching the stars in the desert and other links that fit the theme. The whole process was in the “starry sky”… Only serve Van Cleef & Arpels~ Next, let Fan take you a “cloud experience” at this Van Cleef & Arpels “Under the Stars” Gaozhu Exhibition~ Where is the beautiful “under the stars” high-end jewelry? A high-end jewelry exhibition almost dazzled Fan Zhu, because each piece has an unforgettable magic. Many jewels are not only brilliant, beautifully designed, and expensive, but also full of endless imagination inspired by the universe. The entire Gaozhu Exhibition’s installation site is based on black as the main background, and the light and shadow change, there is a feeling of being in the starry sky, romantic and poetic~ △150 pieces of beautiful jewelry, full of endless imagination There were so many great works that day, and many of them used sapphires as their main stones. Due to different cutting methods, sapphire can highlight the magnificent attributes of the universe and the starry sky, which is closely connected with this theme. Of which TRÉSOR ASTRAL necklace It is the most attractive and most expensive work in the audience. Two sapphires deeper than the night sky caught everyone’s gaze. Its design is inspired by the “open sun double stars” of Ursa Major. The unclosed design happens to echo perfectly at both ends of the necklace, as if two “gemini stars” are looking far away in the starry sky, harmonious but different~ Even though the two purple-toned sapphires are cut exactly the same, they are not actually from the same origin, but are made from a 31.17 carat Sri Lankan sapphire and a slightly smaller 22.82 carat Burmese sapphire~ Carefully selected and polished by craftsmen-coupled with elegant and atmospheric octagonal cutting, it further demonstrates its rich and bright attributes, and finally blooms a harmonious color~ Gorgeous works abound.Such as this BOUCLE COSMIQUE diamond necklace The spiral knot shape composed of sapphires and white diamonds resembles the “Thor Helmet” nebula composed of cosmic dust, filling the necklace itself with a thick mythical mood. Van Cleef & Arpels’ unique Mystery Set concealed inlay technology is reflected in this necklace-the metal setting is perfectly hidden to bring out the brilliance and purity of the gem. Fan’s eyes are full of imagination of nebula surrounding stars, meteors and fog overlapping and flowing. This is also considered to be “one of the most collectible necklaces”, whether it is a link or a chain link, it looks vast and surging from every angle, so beautiful that it makes people unable to breathe~ This EXPLOSION STELLAIRE convertible necklace It is also very recognizable. The gorgeous necklace + large pendant design is full of a strong exotic style and a strong sense of existence. A 13.4 carat cushion-cut sapphire is embedded in the center of the pendant, and the roulette design is used around it to highlight the balance and harmony. It complements the other 7.56 carat sapphire embellished on the necklace~ Look carefully, there is a 5.09 carat emerald cut diamond in the middle of the layered three-color gradient necklace, and it is a high-quality DVVS1 grade, adding a bright and expensive touch to the entire necklace. The necklace can be disassembled into two pieces, and the pendant can also be worn separately as a brooch. One treasure and three wears are quite gimmicky~ The one that the master fan is very fond of, and this one ANTENNAE Convertible Necklace . It is covered with 417 carats, a total of 154 pink and purple sapphires, each of which is a “center stone”, overlapping to create a visual wonder of “two whirlpool galaxies collide”~ This necklace actually “has the world on its back”, gradually transitioning from purple to pink, and the back is completely different. The magnificent gradient colors can also be worn as two different styles of necklaces, giving full play to its design attributes. So from different angles, this necklace looks like a harmonious variation, shining in the light~ You know, it takes more than 2 years for gem experts to collect gems that are purple and pink, and have to meet the gradual change in tone. After careful design, the gems of different cuts are accurately matched. In the end, it fully embodies the infinite creativity of Van Cleef & Arpels. Saturn, one of the most beautiful planets in the solar system, has always been the creative source of designers.Van Cleef & Arpels this one SATURNE brooch , It can be said that the appearance and texture of Saturn have been expressed perceptually and concretely. Although the color is simple, it is extremely delicate~ The faint golden yellow from under the diamond is like the mist rising from Saturn. Van Cleef & Arpels specially uses the brand’s unique crepe pattern metalworking process to show the magnificence of this ochre planet through the contrast of the unevenness and smoothness of the material~ Whether it’s the sphere in the middle or a few huge loops, the 360-degree blingbling design with no dead ends looks three-dimensional and realistic. It’s like really floating between the solar system~ △Inspired by the vast starry sky, poetic and moving The precious gems that we see with the naked eye are all condensed over hundreds of millions of years. They have always been hidden between the stars, and they are treasures for people in different fields to explore and chase. Van Cleef & Arpels had many works closely related to the universe and the starry sky long ago. For example, a star-shaped brooch made of pearls and diamonds in 1907, a lucky pendant created in the 1960s with lapis lazuli and Tianhe against the buildings… all inspired by the vast wonders of the universe. This “under the stars” high-end jewelry is not only an uninterrupted “interstellar journey”, it is more like another tribute to the beauty of adventure, science, and literature. For many works, you can not only visually recognize its inspiration expression, but also feel the poetic romance of the magnificent starry sky. Like this LUMIÈRES DU NORD necklace , Is made of 25 green tourmalines with a total weight of 173.49 carats. The cabochon-shaped cut further enhances the beauty of the gemstone, so clear that it only exists in an alien planet. The necklace is inspired by the northern lights. In addition to the green tourmaline, there are small pendants with sapphires, turquoise, and diamonds that are unique in shape. When worn, the necklace will follow the sway of the body, blooming the ever-changing dreamy light on the chest~ In the endless inspiration of the vast universe, grasping a moment can often achieve eternity. The following two necklaces depict the fleeting interstellar moment~ ETOILES MYST on the left É RIEUSES necklace, inlaid with a 3.01 carat DIF grade oval cut diamond, the unique invisible setting process, like opening a star door, accurately presents the beauty of gems and the shape of the universe; the one on the right NUÉE D’ÉMERAUDES necklace , Inspired by the bright moment when a comet crosses the sky. A touch of blue and green combined with 96 emeralds and sapphires light up the night sky. The geometric shape presents a unique beauty, and it is as gorgeous as a waterfall tilting~ The poetic vortex formed by the intertwined nebula is also dazzling.For example, the following GALAXIE SECRÈTE High Jewelry Watch , Adopted a very tense expression technique to show the intertwined scene of the universe and time and space. The hollow design bracelet is inlaid with a purple sapphire of 8.05 carats. The lines are like the trail of a nebula, which maximizes the transparency of the gem itself. And the simple dial full of diamonds is willing to be green leaves, quietly blooming, so that the overall dazzling degree is doubled, converging into the brightest star in the night sky. Van Cleef & Arpels is particularly good at hiding watches between gorgeous jewels, complementing each other and contrasting each other~ The two rings with full three-dimensional pictures are also made of large carat sapphires and diamonds respectively, highlighting the magnificent beauty of the universe. as well as DOUBLES GALAXIES SAPHIR MAUVE and ROSE brooch , 7.24 carats of purple sapphires and 6.06 carats of pink sapphires, respectively, reflect the enchantment of falling into the nebula vortex. Interestingly, Van Cleef & Arpels’ fairies and ballerinas, who symbolize joy and hope, also traveled in the starry sky this time. They danced among the stars to light up the night sky, their elegant and smart figures come alive, three-dimensional and delicate. Experience everything under the stars, check in the internet celebrity hotel in the desert In this Gaozhu Exhibition, Fan not only saw the beautiful “Starry Sky Jewels” up close, but also had a great experience throughout. Dinner under the starry sky, concert under the starry sky, staying in an Internet celebrity hotel…Every link is a proper enjoyment. △Being “under the stars”, having a dinner and listening to a concert “Dinner under the stars” is specially arranged by Van Cleef & Arpels. The projection effect is used to create a beautiful view of the Milky Way above the head, as if you are under the starry sky, very hurrying~ The right lighting creates a romantic atmosphere, and the photos taken here also have a hazy beauty~ At the dinner, the model also showed off the jewelry that everyone had just seen, which once again attracted everyone’s attention. Through the interpretation of the model, the jewelry is more vivid and gorgeous, demonstrating the perfect wearing attribute. Another link after the dinner made Fan Zhu very unforgettable-stargazing. The desert is not only a great place for stargazing, but it also fits well with this high-end jewelry series with the theme of “Under the Stars”. It is very exciting before starting~ In order to better highlight the experience of stargazing, Van Cleef & Arpels also invited an orchestra and soprano accompaniment. Started with the melodious soundtrack of “Interstellar” and ended with David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”, making this stargazing journey unique and extremely romantic~ Although the temperature difference in the desert is huge, I have to wrap up blankets to watch stars and listen to concerts, but the whole process is very unforgettable, and it can be regarded as a perfect end to the exhibition of the day. △Two-day trip to Zhongwei to experience the desert style Van Cleef & Arpels is hosting the Gaozhu Exhibition Desert Star Hotel , Is a “hotel built on the desert”. Looking down from the sky is a star shape, highly recognizable, and fashionable and avant-garde at the same time. This is regarded as the hottest hotel in Zhongwei, with the white main building + desert + stargazing. It also matches the theme of Van Cleef & Arpels this time. It has a special style~ Although the main fan does not live here, it is indispensable to shoot a group of desert movies. My friend and I can’t help but stay in the shape that has been recessed for a long time, and I feel that each one is very popular~ Not to mention that at sunset, we also enjoyed the beautiful sunset. Seeing a red halo connected to the horizon, coupled with buildings full of space, seems to have a visual sense of living in a foreign star. The homestay stayed this time also has local cultural characteristics, giving people a feeling of “pretending to be in Morocco”. Fan master brought different “desert equipment” here to take pictures and punch cards. Wearing evening gowns and Van Cleef & Arpels jewellery, against the unique background, there is a sense of sight. Well, today’s Van Cleef & Arpels “Under the Stars” theme high-end jewelry series cloud viewing exhibition, Fan will take you around here, which one do you like the most? 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