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Originality has been laughed at for so many years, Liu Qiangdong showed Wang Zhan this time


Text | Chinese Business Taolue Mumu

It was ridiculed by its peers, but today it has become the pillar of China’s consumer market infrastructure.

From the “no postage zone” to the same-day delivery, why did Tibet change?

More than one hundred robots shuttle back and forth between countless shelves without interfering with each other, and work in an orderly manner. This scene did not take place in a science fiction drama, but actually appeared in the western highlands of China-Tibet.

These robots are called “Land Wolf” and they are the new “employees” of JD Logistics. Relying on these “brothers”, the hard bones of Tibet’s logistics were finally gnawed down by Liu Qiangdong.

It is not surprising that this happened on JD.com, because Liu Qiangdong has not played cards according to common sense.

Back then, he was a high-achieving student who graduated from the National People’s Congress and went to Zhongguancun to work as a small trader. His mother opposed, and his girlfriend’s father persuaded him… Liu Qiangdong survived. Seeing that JD.com has a little bit of color, he plans to deploy JD.com logistics.

The ridicule came like a tide, and Li Guoqing bluntly said: “JD.com will not last long.” Even in JD.com’s own senior management team, some people clearly opposed it. Liu Qiangdong only replied one sentence, this is a notice, not a discussion. But it’s easier said than done. The 2008 financial crisis screamed, and JD.com had only 10 million left on its account. This means that the company’s income in recent years has to go all in, and it has to get a huge amount of financing within a limited time. If it fails It may be overwhelming. Liu Qiangdong gritted his teeth and desperately found investors. When he was most anxious, he saw 42 people a week. When he heard that he didn’t know when he could make money, they all retreated. It was not until the end of the year that Liang Botao, a life-saving straw, finally appeared. Why is it focused on logistics? The “10-section sugarcane theory” is his “confidence.” Liu Qiangdong divides the value chain of the retail and consumer goods industry into ten links including creativity, design, R&D, manufacturing, pricing, marketing, trading, warehousing, distribution, and after-sales. “The length of a sugarcane section can be changed in the short term, but it is fixed in the long run. When there are too many brands coming in, competition becomes fierce and profits decrease, then this section of sugarcane becomes shorter.” In his view, logistics It was a big sugarcane that no one dared to chew at that time. However, it is JD.com doing logistics that can realize products with the charm, safety and fidelity of “Same Day”. This has also become an important reason for consumers to choose JD.com online shopping. It is also because of trust that “cash on delivery” has changed from mainstream to marginal and historical. Afterwards, everyone knows that JD Logistics has not only been strong for 17 years, it has also been successfully listed, becoming the second in China. Behind this company stood Sun Zhengyi, who voted for Tesla’s female version of Buffett’s “Cathie Wood” (Cathie Wood). After gnawing on this big sugarcane and sending JD Logistics to the market, all the ridicule at the beginning was turned off. No one expected Liu Qiangdong to play the card again according to common sense. Jingdong “logistics” has become a “consulting company”. Not only provide supply chain solutions, but also analyze and match supply chain planning. Specifically, JD Logistics began to intervene in the early sales forecasting of corporate customers, and based on sales forecasts, it carried out category distribution and inventory arrangements; after sales began, it timely met the demand for return and replacement, and replenished goods quickly when selling well, and quickly when sales were slow. Dealing with inventory, in this way, helps companies achieve revenue growth. At present, this idea has begun to bear fruit. After the cooperation between sports brand Skechers and JD Logistics, the weighted average delivery time of all e-commerce orders has been reduced by about 5 hours, and JD Logistics has helped Amway Group’s inventory turnover days to be reduced by approximately 30%, which means that under the circumstance of unchanged sales, Amway needs to reserve funds in inventory drastically reduced. Liu Qiangdong, who played cards in an unreasonable manner, always showed Wang Zhan at the end. Perhaps Liu Qiangdong’s brilliance lies in the fact that he knows that the real winner will never let people guess what his cards are. Li Guoqing, who laughed at him, was swept out by his wife, Zhang Jindong also became Lao Lai, but Liu Qiangdong’s Jingdong became a retail behemoth. ——END—— Welcome to pay attention to 【Chinese Business Strategies】, learn about the heroes, and read the legends of the strategies. All rights reserved, unauthorized reprinting is prohibited! Some pictures come from the Internet If it involves infringement, please contact to delete