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The new Baojun Valli pre-sales 8.28-108.8 thousand yuan, this large flat wagon is a bit fragrant


Easy Car News The new Baojun Valli officially announced the pre-sale price today. There are three models of the new car with pre-sale of 8.28-108.8 million yuan.New Baojun Valli Chinese name Yearn for , Also expresses this car’s understanding of life. The new car not only has a good appearance, but also has a good practicability. The tail compartment has a large flat layout. At the same time, Valli will also be equipped with the new Baojun Internet of Vehicles 2.0 system, which is more advanced in terms of intelligence and human-computer interaction. Valli pre-sale price Valli booking policy Valli (Yearing) Modified Model Valli (Yearing) Modified Model Regarding the new Baojun Valli, I have written a report about the arrival of a new car in the store before. You can click below to find out.At the same time, I have performed a video interpretation of this car today, please pay attention Zhu Tao YC , You will be able to see the latest Valli video interpretation immediately. Further reading New Baojun Valli arrives at the store for real shots to change face and new students, pre-sale on April 15 2021-04-09 Easy Car Officially, the new Baojun Valli is called a recreational vehicle. Previously, this type of vehicle was used to be called a station wagon. Station wagons are very popular in Europe, and they are also crowded in China. With the upgrade and launch of the new Baojun Valli, New Baojun will establish China’s largest crock alliance , To establish a RV culture belonging to China. In terms of design, Valli adopted the family “interstellar geometry” design concept, which is the design concept of the new Baojun family, in which the split headlights are very recognizable.Headlight Standard LED headlights , Mid-to-high matching also comes with Automatic far and near beam function . There are generally two types of station wagon designs, one is mainly curved, and the other is more precise geometric lines.Obviously, the new Baojun Valli belongs to the latter, from the side it has a very perfect geometry structure , The tough lines also make this car look very proportional. In terms of body color, Xinbaojun has given Valli a lot of meaning.New car has Suhangqing, Xuexiang White, Wuyuan Yellow, Erhai Blue and Ancient City Grey 5 body colors. Each color represents the hottest self-driving destination at present, and it also symbolizes that this car was born for travel and can take the owner to “see the world” farther away. In terms of configuration, in addition to the standard LED headlights, the new Baojun Valli Automatic sensor wiper and sunroof are also standard . VALLI also comes standard 17 inch wheels , High-end models also have ACC adaptive cruise, rearview mirror folding And other configurations. The interior of the new Baojun Valli has many highlights, adopting the dual LCD design of LCD instrument +10.25-inch multimedia touch screen. The overall design is mainly concise, and the air-conditioning vent is integrated with the interior. The detailed design of the door armrests and the center console are very characteristic. A characteristic function of the new Baojun model is the new Baojun vehicle linkage system. Since version 1.0 of this mobile phone interconnection system, I have been following reports and have witnessed it becoming better and smarter step by step.What’s coming with Valli this time is New Baojun Internet of Vehicles 2.0 System , Built-in map navigation, online music, voice and other functions. The new car configuration is still very comprehensive and supports Keyless entry/start, multi-function steering wheel, PM2.5 filter, 6 adjustments of the main driver’s seat ; Mid-to-high model also comes with Electric adjustable seats, automatic air conditioning, heating of the main driver’s seat, leather seats and seat memory Wait. You can check the specific configuration in the Bitcar App. In terms of active and passive safety configuration, all new cars come standard with Reversing image + reversing radar, high configuration and 360° panoramic image .Mid-to-high model equipped ACC adaptive cruise system ; The top-mounted car has a comprehensive driving assistance function, which can realize ACC 0-150km/h Adaptive cruise. In terms of space, the conventional volume of the new Baojun Valli has 536 liters , Can be extended to 1620 liters . The new Baojun Valli is called the “big flat floor”. The important feature is that the rear seats can form a flat space when the rear seats are down. Kind of function. In terms of power, the new Baojun Valli is equipped with a 1.5T engine with engine output 108kW/250N・m , Matched with a simulated 8-speed CVT continuously variable transmission, the transmission has been recalibrated and adjusted, Speed ​​ratio range 7.0, Comprehensive transmission efficiency 88.6%. According to official information, the current fuel consumption level is 6.8L/100km. Competitive product analysis: independent one Uneven joint venture levels Judging from the current domestic station wagon market, Valli actually has no direct competitors. Previously, the Skoda Octavia Travel Edition was regarded as the purest station wagon of about 150,000, but the car is currently in a discontinued state. There is no news about whether the new generation Octavia Travel Edition will be introduced.In addition, there are currently Ford Fox Safari Edition, Volkswagen Wei collar When the models are on sale, these two models are not too threatening compared to Valli. If Valli can really drive the wagon culture, I will be very happy as the owner of the Octavia wagon. Edit summary Today, with the Valli pre-sale, New Baojun opened a round of very interesting topics, including the establishment of a clay tanker alliance, encouraging more young people to go out and see the distance, and so on. I think that when a car is sold not only as the car itself, but also as an idea, it is very interesting. Finally, I hope that more people will join the station wagon circle, and at the same time, everyone don’t forget to pay attention to Zhu Tao YC.